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Meet My $50,000 Penny Stock Investment | Interview w/ Creatd CEO Jeremy Frommer

by RexFinance about a year ago in stocks
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CRTD Stock - What I Believe To Be A "Diamond In The Rough" Of The Penny Stock Market

Being a creator and public figure myself, I was able to see what Vocal already provides, and what it could become. My investment in Creatd, the owner of this platform Vocal, started with a $20,000 investment that you can see here. As time has gone on, this investment has grown to a total amount of ~$50,000 thanks to share price appreciation in addition to me buying additional shares of the company.

Vocal is an absolute growth beast that feeds Creatd's other business segments. In my opinion, Creatd can easily reach a $1B market cap over time depending on how Vocal continues to grow along with Seller's Choice and future acquisitions that have yet to be made. Because of the need for continued growth, I took the liberty of reaching out to Creatd to hopefully set up an interview with CEO Jeremy Frommer. Not only would I have my questions answered, but it would be publicly visible for anybody willing to do the hard work of learning the business model.

This is one of those businesses that if I could own the company outright, I would. Other examples of these types of companies are few and far between, but include SG Blocks and CleanSpark.

The common theme between these 3 companies? Accretive growth.

Please take the liberty of learning more about Vocal and its parent company Creatd by listening to the CEO interview shown above!

*I have never been offered, and never will accept compensation from a company for spotlighting their business and stock. These are my own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This article should not be interpreted as financial advice.


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20 year-old investor, with a small YouTube channel

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