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Make Money on Medium Using Andrew Tate

There’s a variable in the formula of the Contrapreneur Bingo that literally prints money on Medium — It’s Andrew’s Wishful Identification!

By Rui CarreiraPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

The video above is Mike Winnet’s episode on Tate, but he has a lot of these in his Contrapreneur series.

I advise you to press play before continuing it as it really is both hilarious and educational — but it’s optional, you can read the article and you won’t lose much.

The truth is, he has a bingo card with all the psychology tricks gurus use, and “Wishful Identification” is the only one that gets ticked EVERY SINGLE EPISODE because everybody does it.

It’s so powerful, you’d be a fool not to use it to make money on Medium, or in your industry in general.

If you want to learn how then keep on reading.

What is Wishful Identification: Showing People Where They Aim to Be!

Wishful Identification is a Marketing technique that aims to help the audience visualize what they most desperately want.

By making your readers feel like clicking or reading your articles is where they want to be, you need to make them feel like the content is life-changing.

Wishful identification goes a long way in doing that.

This is the reason that leads the How to Make Money on Medium articles to pay out so well — because most Medium writers want to make more and increase their earnings.


Once you show them the screenshots of Medium paying you thousands of dollars and you say:

I now no longer need to worry about money!

You get them to start visualizing themselves enjoying the same success.

Andrew Tate is probably the most trending male personality on the web right now, and he got there through Wishful Identification.

He describes himself as the Top G, he shows you his girls, his outfits, his cigars, his whiskeys, his sports cars, and how he lives his best life, wasting money left and right.

You watch in awe…

…you want more success with the ladies, fast cars, drinks, and quality living!

So, you start identifying with him, more and more.

He also says a lot of common sense stuff that nobody has the guts to say in fear of being canceled and you say:

You know what? This guy says what I’m thinking.

He therefore can attract all of the people who start wistfully identifying themselves with him.

This is a technique so overused in financial scams every single guru does it…

Biggest Wishful Identification Personalities: Not Just Andrew Tate, Many Came Before

This technique is so powerful and works so well that all of the gurus use it, as I said in the last paragraph.

Here are some people who got rich out of wishful identification:

Tai Lopez;

Grant Cardone;

Caleb Maddix;

Dan Lok;

Brian Rose.

They all make you feel like you’re rich already, and that’s the kicker.

With Medium, you can do the same!

Make your readers see themselves right where they want to be already, and they’ll come over and over again to read your stuff and get that dopamine hit…

…that illusion of progress from reading your knowledge.

Now, I post a lot of Medium Guides, and the knowledge is solid, but most readers I have come to read my stuff because of the illusion of progress — they read my content but don’t take action.

Taking action is the hard part!

Sure, my content will help you, but if you just come to read it for the dopamine hit and get back to doing nothing — you’re just doing nothing with it.

What makes you come back isn’t to get more techniques, it’s to get another hit.

So, please, put the techniques I teach you into use, that way you can say that you’re coming back to improve, not to get a dopamine hit.

But… wishful identification is just an ingredient in the formula!

Harness the Power of Greed, Jealousy, and All Negative Emotions:

You can capitalize on a lot of strong and “negative” emotions like greed, jealousy, and envy.

Add in some good old psychology tricks like the Barnum Effect and the Decoy Choice and you’re golden.

But what do I mean by this?

Well, take a look at an article I wrote this week about these topics:

In the article above I wrote how to manipulate your readers into getting into your newsletter, buying your products, and overall just completing your CTAs — all through the power of consumer psychology.

Again, gurus everywhere use this power for evil.

These secret loopholes in your brain can be exploited, so why shouldn’t you use this knowledge to help people read useful content?

Again, Andrew Tate does it often, and so does Tai Lopez — his beta counterpart.

There’s Only One Thing You’re Missing Now: Getting Started!

Now that you read this article on what Wishful Identification is and you saw how powerful it can be, you can also start using it by writing “Make Money Writing” related stories.

Just do me a favor, and make sure you actually have good knowledge to share — don’t be another “guru” using these things for your personal gain.

This works short-term, but people catch up eventually.

Where is Tai Lopez now?

Do you see?

Businessmen and Professionals who give value stick around and keep growing. The “gurus” fade away.

Finally, if you didn’t already, read the article I shared above on how to turn readers into cash cows through the use of psychology.

You won’t regret it.

I hope you took value from this article, and if you did, consider following me here and on Twitter.

I’m publishing new content and delivering value DAILY.

I’ll see you tomorrow then!

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