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Invest and Educate Yourself Financially

Invest in a safe trusted company and learn to Administrate your money...

By Jessica Pedraza NicanorPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Invest and Educate Yourself Financially
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I've met so many people that want to start investing and when I let them know that I'm an investor they say:

"Oh, you are a scammer!"

"Oh yeah I know you do those pyramid scams and you grow out of them, that's the only way."

"Oh, I have to pay for that every month and I don't have the money for that"

"Is it safe?"

"Oh, I don't know much about that."

"No sorry that requires a lot of money and time."

The truth is that the company I invest in educates me financially, something we believe in is that every human should have financial peace, and that everyone should make their money work and grow, having their money at the bank staying still won't make your money work.

We have different saving plans, that can make your money grow and the company offers you an education financially and helps you grow, and no you don't pay mothy or need to bring people, you just set a plan you want and see your money grow. Is that easy.

If you have a business idea you submit it to them and they can approve it and help you, or not and give you the advice to make your idea grow more, there are so many opportunities this company gives you.

How does it grow?

Is a Compound Interest Account, there are different amounts you can invest for a certain percentage.

Professional brokers that work for the company are in charge of investing in the market with your money and that is how your money grows

What if they lose my money?

It's impossible, they control the money and percentage they invest, and they have the latest generation of technology to make everything secure.

How do I know if the company is safe?

A company to be secure and safe needs to have more than 10 years to be a stable organization, if anyone ever asks you to invest in a company you need to make sure their company has more than 10 years to be safe.

What if it's not 10 years?

The company is not stable, is not 100% secure, and can not guarantee growth in your money over a long time.

Ask yourself, what do you do when you get more money?



You spend more!

Think about this you grow your money, you have I don't know... 1 million dollars, but you don't save, you don't buy a business, you don't invest, and all you do is spend it, you are not gonna grow it and you won't have financial stability. You Will Be Broke Again! Living paycheck by paycheck.

I am an Independent Executive from Smart+ and my experience financially has been amazing, my whole family invest in this company and we are stable and learning so much more!

I see my money duplicate and listen to the seminars that offer and I've been so blessed that I ask myself...

Where I would be if I said no? If I didn't took a leap of faith?

I am 21, I have never worked in my life, Yeah I know how that sounds...

"Oh, she comes from a rich family..." But no I don't.

My family from my dad's side is rich, but in an extremely bad way, my mom left and we really struggled financially we wouldn't eat sometimes because there was no money... Our situation got better when we came to this country, I found the company did so much research on it and i felt like it was a trusted one.

I gave all my money, risking 10K to this company and now I made a year and I have 26k in another year ill get around 61k, and in 2 years get 150k, I see my daily payments and I have control of my money!

I have my own apartment, looking to buy a car of the year right now, and hopefully open and invest in big companies!

Sometimes you just need to listen and take a leap of faith to change your whole life!

If you have any questions about the company or would like to know more you can contact me through:

IG: @jessinicza

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