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How to Make $2022 on Medium Before 2022 is Out

Clickbait Title? Check! I did it first? Check! Actionable Advice? Check! Now, the only thing missing is your discipline and you!

By Rui CarreiraPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

How about making some extra money while writing on Medium?

If you’re reading this story, then you probably are looking for a way to make money online by writing, and you could use some directions and some tips on making your Medium journey a bit easier or more profitable.

Rest assured, I have your back, and it isn’t only me — Far from it.

There are tons of authors teaching you their own methods, which is awesome if you really think about it:

Read the methods from all of the successful authors;

Analyze the common ground;

Separate the whites from the yolk;

Adapt their methods to your writing;

Give it a little Twist…


You got yourself a successful recipe!

If you’re feeling pumped right now, and ready to start, then keep reading below.

Increase Medium Earnings: Making Money on Medium is Easy!

The good thing is that making money on Medium is insanely easy!

How insane?

Well, if you publish every single day, you’re probably going to start getting paid in a matter of weeks or 1–2 months tops.

In a traditional blog or self-hosted site, a whole 6 months to a year is your timeframe, so notice the difference.

Finally, Medium already has an audience to send to your articles, so it does a big part of the marketing for you.

Off-page SEO isn’t something you need to do either.

It’s easy.

It’s the best way for writers to start earning money with their work from the comfort of their homes…

…the gateway to your first dollar online!

What’s more?

There’s a huge community of people selling their know-how and methods, and even 20x more people giving it away FOR FREE!

If you want to know more than just “post daily”, I’m giving you the ULTIMATE Compilation of successful folks that teach money-making every day to follow on Medium.

…and it’s all FREE.

Plenty of Free Resources to Learn From: Follow These Authors for Good Writing Income Advice!

As I said, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Plus, I gave you a reasonable goal ($2022 by the end of the year).

Sure, this goal is ambitious if you’re just starting out, but if you already have content up it can get substantially easier.

Even if you’re just started, if you’re disciplined and network, you can do it!

Plus, you’ll earn even more if you follow these writers:

Tim Denning

Casey Boticello

Jon Brosio

Dennis De Silva

The Hackwriting Publication

Some of these experts are giving you Medium tips, others give you general knowledge that helps you make more money online.

Finally, you’ll also get a lot of tips on how to maximize writing income and how to get more freelance writing earnings — so, it’s a balanced list oriented for success.

If you’re looking for Medium advice specifically, and you want to hit that $2022 goal, then follow Casey and Hackwriting, as these two are Medium Centric.

But what about paid resources?

Some Paid Help is Available: Buy These Medium Guides to Get a Leg Up!

If you’re willing to invest, then there are a lot of one-time-payment solutions I’m recommending in order to get a great education.

These are several guides, blueprints, and more that you can download in order to be spoonfed methods and make sure you capitalize on the knowledge acquired by others through years of toil and hard work.

First, of course, I have to recommend my own 56+ Pages Guide:

Here’s what I wrote about it on Gumroad:

I have been a Blogger for exactly 10 years now, and while for seven of those years I’ve been living the dream of being able to blog full-time and make it my job, I spent roughly three years dedicating myself to it and getting no results.

If I had to pick one thing to define my success, it would be my failures. Catchphrase apart, if I really had to tell you what unlocks success, I’d tell you it is information — information is key, and the more you get informed on how everything works, the more success you’ll have in your blogging life.

Medium is no different.

I’ve grabbed these 10 years of experience on my own blogs, HubPages, Blogspot, myopera, Behance, Fiverr, WordPress, and virtually every blogging platform to sum up this Magnus Opus of a Guide, the ultimate compendium of blogging success, so you can take the knowledge I fought hard to get and sip it from a silver platter with a golden spoon.

Sounds good?

Pick a category and start reading.

I will NOT make any commission selling you any of these books, they are all regular links.

Finally, if you don’t know anything, don’t follow the authors, don’t read the books… can you still make it?

You Can Succeed Even If You Don’t Know Anything About This: Just Write Every Day!

One of the things that makes Medium so attractive for Writers is the fact that you don’t need to do anything but writing.

The biggest thing about the Internet is that everything you do compounds. So, every article you write adds to your writing portfolio and compounds with the others you did before.

Once you have hundreds of articles published, they be generating thousands in traffic and a lot of read time.

The main thing is consistency.

If you write every single day until the end of 2022, you’ll get around 77 articles up!

Now, those probably won’t get you the $2022 in 2 months if you don’t know a thing and don’t want to learn or network, but even so, they’re going to give you something!

Plus, keep on writing every day and in 1 year you’ll add an extra 365+ articles.

It’s a numbers game!

Ready to get started?

Get to writing!

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