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Cov-19 and The Stock Market

T'karius Greenwood

By NT MEDIAPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Corona Virus pandemic has cause stock market volatility in the past month to sky rocket. Many day trades are pulling all funds out of the market until markets recover from the pandemic. With all the reports most believe the crisis is going to get worst before it became's better. With the Market slump similar to the 2008,1987, and even 1929 crashes

Predictions about how the stock market could get because of Cov-19 are very much uncertain. Many forecast show if the virus becomes much worse than of course the dows will fall much more than they already have. Currently the pandemic's effect on the stock prices currently are understood as a series of emotional responses to unique events. The biggest worry of all is the effect that this pandemic will leave on stock traders for decades to come. Many will be left in the same anxious situation that the stock market crash of 1929 left traders.

Also we are seeing the problems that we once were having on the tragic day of 9/11. We are all hoping we never see times like that again much predictions are showing that we might see much worst times than 9/11 which is very scary for all Americans. since this is a pandemic we are all in this together and we can get through this together. So if it does not get any better we will all fall together. From the stock market to just countries in general but as of now all we can do is stay clam stay home and stay relaxed.

With this pandemic we have seen many life changes we might see forever from the way we interact with other humans to the we interact with our families and there are no solutions so far to these problems.

As many small businesses began to close their doors and many lose their jobs it only leaves us in worry of how much more the stock market will really fall. With every one left in the unknown it's only a matter of time before we see many lose faith in the economy as a whole and probably never invest again. As we see a decline in sports we also see a decline in the interest from other countries paying attention to american as a powerhouse country. Sports in american is one thing that keeps the untied states moving and without field of work many workers are left to fall unemployment. Also with closure of all our schools it only makes things worst because american is very much known for its amazing education system and with that interaction gone things can only be going to get worst. But, hopefully with all the precautions we are being forced to take hopefully the virus will get better by April 30 as of today it does not look like that is going to happen with every news station and media website our only reporting more cases and more deaths and more states are becoming epicenters for the virus you can only think for the virus say around much longer than April 30.

As day be day slowly passes it seems as things only get worst many more traders will sell there shares and become risk-adverse, possibly portending lower valuations on the stock market. But, lets hope that the current pandemic does not reach proportions as tragic that will similar blossom into a narrative that is remembered for decades, with the power of depressing stock prices for a long time. We our looking at a potential big risk that could happen, but nine times out of ten it will not.


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