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Razotha1st Is on The Rise!

Written By Chelsea Oliver Of NewTrapMedia

By NT MEDIAPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
New Trap 24/7 Article

Razo Tha 1st has been putting in work since 2016 and has earned a pretty

good following around the Atlanta Area With his Unique Spanish Rap

sound. Razo first got our attention with his single"YDKAGDT" with his fly

melodies and hard rhyme flow he is on his to being one of the next big

artist of Atlanta,Ga.

He has been linked to many other artist like mkgoingup,Cap G, Rx Peso

and many more. He has had a constant following and it does not look like

he is letting up any time soon. His latest mixtape demon gang over my

dead body did wonderful numbers and we can not wait to see what he has

in store for us next with his upcoming content. He has done many shows all over

Georgia and has been seen by many talent record labels and dj's but he is currently\

still unsigned. We believe he building his own place in the music industry so that

he can be a trail blazer. Unlike other artist who have went straight to a record label

with there talent.

He has also worked with many producers like 4point0lehgo and many more

and all of his production is flawless we have never heard a bad sounding

record from this guy. He is not just another soundcloud artist or itunes artist

razo tha 1st is on his way to becoming a big brand in the music industry. We

also do not see him stoping anytime soon he all gas no brakes it looks like.

Everytime we are on his page or watching his lives on via instagram he is

always working in the studio and always previewing fire new music. He has

been featured on new trap media instagram and our other social media many

times. He has been our artist of the day and featured on our artist to watch

promotions and also on our youtube page. Everytime we feature him his fan

base always comes to our pages and shows how much love they have razo

and when you have pure fans like that the only way for to go is up.

For such a young artist razo tha 1st has a large body of work he has dropped

way more music than any other young artist I have seen and he has been doing

this since he was a young teenager.Some of his earlier work was very much a building

stage but if go and listen you can hear even back than he had so much of the potential

to do what he is doing right now. You could also tell he was going to be great from some of

his first youtube videos back in 2016 when he was with a friend with a guitar and acapelle

singing songs he wrote and showing us his god giving gift. But, unlike other artist razo tha 1st

is not afraid to put the work in and also put the years in it takes to be successful in the music

industry he has showed time and time again he is not going to quite and he is not going anywhere.

He is only going to get harder and better as time goes on and there is nothing more to say.

He has also went viral multiple times from in the waffle house standing on

top of tables to rapping in Harts field Jackson airport. This kid is mos

t definitely a face you will remember when you see it and his going make

sure you remember it. Make sure you check out his most recent single

where pours emotion about one of his homies his lost to prison link is located above.


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