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Best Stock Market Books for Kids

Want to get your child started off right? These stock market books for kids will prepare them to be the next Warren Buffett.

By Sasha KonikovoPublished 5 years ago โ€ข 7 min read

I was in a very rare category of children. I experienced both public and private middle schools firsthand, and I'll be honestโ€”there's a stark difference in the way that people teach kids in each.

My public middle school was more of a babysitting stage. As long as kids passed the class and weren't killing each other in the process, the adults were happy. Most of the people who went to my public school didn't amount to much of anything.

The private school, though, was more about giving kids a holistic approach to education. This included life skills like negotiation, classical languages like Latin, as well as investing. I'm pretty sure the private school kids do better these days.

If it sounds odd that middle schoolers would be introduced to the stock market, you're not alone. I'm pretty sure a lot of public school parents would balk at the idea, even if it was a money management class in nearby high schools.

It's a great idea, though. It paid off hugely, since it helped get a number of kids get into investing. Ever since my class, I'm a huge fan of teaching kids about investing at an early age.

You don't need to have a Wall Street investor come to the school to get kids to care about the stock market. These awesome stock market books for kids can do the very same thing!

Gail Karlitz is one of those people who realizes the importance of teaching kids how to make their money grow. That's why she made one of the most comprehensive stock market books for kids and teens that want to become millionaires.

Growing Money gives a very easy-to-understand tour of the stock market, how to invest like an adult, and why it's important to start investing sooner rather than later. Everything from savings to bonds, to mutual funds is covered.

Most kids who are 7 years old will be able to read this with ease, but it remains relevant for kids who are as old as 13.

The Motley Fool is one of the most popular publications in the world of investing, and rightfully so. This investment site is all about teaching people how to invest, how to mitigate risk, and keeping abreast of the biggest minds on Wall Street.

David and Tom Gardner now have created a Motley Fool product that's designed for kids. The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens is meant for teens and young adults who are tired of feeling hopeless due to bad employment prospects and more.

This guide is super thorough, and yet, still ends up being easy enough for a typical teenager to grasp. If you're serious about turning your teen into a trader, you need to buy this book.

There isn't a kid alive that doesn't want to be a millionaire, right? How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000 shows kids that it's very possible to turn their current savings into something larger through the magic of investing.

This book is simple enough for grade schoolers to enjoy, and considering what the title involves, it also knows how to grab (and keep) a kid's attention fairly quickly.

Kids who are visual learners will find McKenna's offering particularly useful, thanks to all the charts and graphs that illustrate the book's key concepts.

If you have a child who's already very interested in Wall Street and money, then you might want to have a book that gently guides them to a career in finance while also giving them valuable advice to prepare them for a better future.

Finance 101 for Kids helps younger students understand what they can do to gain wealth, avoid debt, and also watch their money grow. Though it's not entirely devoted to teaching children about the stock market, it's still a wonderful book to open up the dialogue and grab their interest.

This book might be a bit retro, but it's still very popular. Go! Stock! Go! is one of the first stock market books for kids ever published, and it's meant to help very young kids understand the basics of the stock market.

By using Dr. Seuss-like rhymes and simple illustrations, Go! Stock! Go! helps explain concepts to very young children that would otherwise be too boring or complex for them to learn. Adults, too, might find this book to be entertaining thanks to the fun writing.

You would be surprised at how much kids pick up on when it comes to the world around them. Many middle schoolers are already aware of how important it is to have a stock portfolio, if only because they know that it's a road to wealth.

A Kid's Guide to Stock Market Investing offers investing advice for younger kids who are ready to plunk down their allowance money into the stock market.

The book itself tells the story of a class of fifth graders who learn about personal finance, and that makes it relatable for most kids out there. Great graphics and interesting facts for kids are what will make this one of the best Money Matters books in your child's library.

This isn't just one of the better stock market books for kids; it's a world class kit that's designed to help kids start investing. Every kit comes with a book that shows the importance of investing, and gives parents a way to help their kids get into the stock market.

Along with being the only kid's book to provide a legit path to investing, kids who get this book also get a nice little bonus. Thanks to a partnership with a major finance firm, every child gets $20 off their first share of stock!

You don't need to be Warren Buffett to see that this is a major investment in your kid's future.

This isn't your average type of children's book. This is one of the more serious stock market books for kids, and is really better geared towards preteens and teenagers.

It may be a more serious book, but don't be fooled. Blue Chip Kids is still designed to be fun and easy to understand compared to adult books on the topic.

This book comes with simple examples that illustrate concepts, and also help kids see the benefits of investing in the stock market. That being said, this is a better pick for preteens and young teens.

Rob Pivnick's book may appear to be plain at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving. This fun book is a tell-all guide to money management for kids, including important surivival skills like budgeting, saving, and investing.

What All Kids Should Know About...Saving and Investing is one of those books parents should offer when kids get curious about money and how people become rich. Its foolproof advice is priceless, especially when you're young and just starting out.

Parents who are ready to see their children off to boarding school or college need to think about the skills they want to teach their kids before they're out on their own. After all, you won't be there to provide all the time.

The Money Savvy Student is a guide that's designed to teach students how to stand on their own two feet earlier than ever before. An excellent pick for preteens and older teens, this book won't let them down when it's time to step up to the plate.

Now, this one's a classic! The Everything Kids' Money Book has been used to teach kids about personal finance for ages, and the newest edition just got even better.

Filled with bright, colorful illustrations on every page, this book covers everything from how money is made, to investing in the stock market, to how credit cards work. It's simply a wealth of information packaged for kids of all ages to enjoy.

The sheer volume of knowledge found in this guide is what makes it one of the best stock market books for kidsโ€”along with one of the best finance books for kids period. This is one book you won't regret buying.

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