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After launching five new satellites, Astrocast eyes Stock Market listing | European Deep Tech Investment Firm Boundary Holding in

by Evan Manuel 2 months ago in stocks

Astrocast, a nanosatellite network is seeking $54 million in a private placement ahead of a direct listing on the stock market. The move comes after the company launched five new satellites on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Rajat Khare Astrocast

Astrocast, a network of nanosatellite networks, is looking for $54 million to be privately listed before it goes public on the stock exchange. This is after five satellites were launched on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Astrocast is a well-known company for creating tiny satellites that provide internet access to all kinds of devices. It is also the first Swiss telecomsat operator.

This company's goal is different than Elon Musk's Star Link Satellite Service, which aims to offer high-speed internet access to users. Astrocast is focused on connecting different devices with tiny satellites. This constellation could be a key to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company has seen a significant increase in the power and performance over time, following the launches of two pilot satellites in 2018 & 2019. Astrocast's nanosatellites are now capable of communicating 100 times faster and have more storage.

Adit Ventures, Airbus SE’s venture arm and European Space Agency are backing Astrocast. After making significant progress over a short period, the company received funding from Boundary Holding, a European Investment Firm in 2021. Astrocast was looking for funding partners at that time and Boundary Holding helped the company realize its potential. Astrocast, which has launched satellites back-to-back and made good progress since then, plans to list 30-40% of its shares directly in the third quarter. The company plans to list on Euronext NV’s exchanges for small- and medium-sized businesses. It also plans to launch approximately 100 satellites in orbit by 2024.

Astrocast Chief Executive stated, "Business is global but connectivity isn't and that's an enormous issue", while speaking about the latest development. He said, "We can expand that coverage, so we are providing IoT companies a way to communicate even in remote locations, regardless of the asset's location, such as the North Pole, middle of a desert, or ocean."

Astrocast offers the best nanosatellite constellations on the market. Its network features include two-way communication, global L-Band spectrum and low latency communications from assets. The company is eager to explore new possibilities and make a significant contribution in the future.

Boundary Holding announces its investment in Astrocast, a company based in Chavannes-pres-Renens and specializing in nanosatellite technology. Astrocast is currently the Swiss company that operates the most robust, end-to-end Nanosatellite IoT Network and is also the largest satellite telecom operator in Switzerland.

This investment will help Astrocast expand its nanosatellite constellation to become a global, low latency and low-cost transmission IoT Network that will allow companies to monitor, manage, and communicate with IoT assets anywhere in the world. This investment will allow Astrocast to expand its operations in diverse industries such as mining, agriculture, and maritime. It will also increase its brand visibility in multiple markets around the globe.

Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding said: "Boundary Holding is committed to enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution by investing in autonomous cars, AI, and IOT that will transform industries and governments. Astrocast's mission to connect the world using a sustainable, state-of the-art network is something we are proud of supporting. This was even more evident now that Astrocast has become a commercial company and participated in SpaceX's groundbreaking first Small Sat rideshare mission. This investment fits perfectly with Boundary Holding’s global tech investment strategy and is a great addition to our portfolio of innovative companies using pioneering technology.

Astrocast participated in SpaceX’s first Small Sat Rideshare mission. Astrocast launched 5 of the 143 satellites that accompanied the Falcon 9 rocket to orbit. Up to two more rocket launches are planned for the end 2021. This will increase the number of satellites that Astrocast has in orbit by 20.

Astrocast CEO Fabien Jordan stated that Astrocast has the first end to end Nanosatellite IoT Network. This network is the most flexible and feature-rich available, thanks to its combination of features such as two-way communication, propulsion, L-Band spectrum, and low-profile antennae. Customers will be able to meet their IoT requirements today and open up new business opportunities. Boundary Holding is a great partner. Their vision of the next-generation advanced technologies as a way for the world go further and do more aligns well with our mission to connect and open access to the world via IoT.


Boundary Holding, a Deep tech investment firm for new-age technology with a presence in France and Luxembourg, invests in Angel capital funds and Venture capital funds in sub-sectors of Artificial Intelligence. Boundary Holding was founded by Rajat Khare, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. It acts primarily as a Bridge Investment for startups or organizations.

The company aims to invest in capital-efficient business models for tech-entrepreneurs and invest in companies leading the AI revolution with their innovations.

Astrocast is a satellite service that connects a variety of devices, rather than Elon Musk's Starlink services which focuses only on providing high-speed internet access to those who are unable to reach it by fiber optic cables.

Astrocast, a Swiss-based nanosatellite company, is looking for 50 million Swiss Francs ($54) in private placement to prepare for a stock market listing. The company plans to list on one Euronext NV's small- and medium-sized business exchanges, much to the delight of investors. It anticipates the direct listing of between 30-40% of its shares during the third quarter. After launching five new satellites, Company eyeing investment by Deep Tech investment company Boundary Holding led by Rajat Khare in Astrocast.

Astrocast is a pioneer in internet access for all devices, delivering innovative solutions to solve challenges in the agricultural, livestock, oil, gas, and mining industries. Adit Ventures was among the early investors in the company. Airbus SE's venture arm, Luxembourg based Boundary Holding among others.

Astrocast invested extensively to improve operational efficiency and expand its business. This resulted in significant growth. Investors who believed in the company's vision, and their ability to move forward with the necessary speed, are pleased by the latest developments. Boundary Holding, headed by Rajat Khare, has seen a 150 percent return on its investment, and has also partially exited shares.

Because Astrocast's goal is different from Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite services. The former is focused on providing high-speed internet access to those who aren't able to use fiber optic cables. Astrocast aims to connect a variety of devices so that the Internet of Things can work.

The company currently has seven satellites in operation, with Musk's SpaceX launching five more. It is the first Swiss telecom satellite operator. The Astrocast nanosatellites offer 100 times greater communication speed and storage. According to its future plans, the company hopes to launch at least 100 satellites in the orbit by 2024.


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