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9 Websites That Will Pay You As A Freelance Writer In 2023

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By Amanda WashburnPublished about a year ago 4 min read

With so many scams out there, looking for a legitimate freelance writing website that will actually pay you can be a chore. How do you distinguish the bad from the good? You read this article. We will cover the top 10 freelance writing websites that will pay you for your writing.

Crowd Content

Having been around for years, Crowd Content is a solid place to go for freelance writing jobs. They offer opportunities for marketing copy, editing, blog post writing, technical writing, and more. Getting started with Crowd Content takes some work. First, you must apply to the website. Then, you have to apply to the marketplace you wish to work for. After that, you must apply for the specific jobs you are interested in.

The first two applications have an immediate turnaround. The applications for specific jobs can take some time for a response. Crowd Content has a lot of work available with a very wide range of projects. The pay is mediocre for the work you do. Crowd Content pays every Friday via PayPal.

Vocal is a blog-style website that will allow you to post articles on just about any subject. They are pay-per-read however, you can subscribe to Vocal+ for a higher pay rate. Vocal+ also allows you the benefit of monthly subscribers. Readers can tip you, too!

Once submitted, articles are accepted nearly instantaneously. Once posted, you can easily check out your stats and see how much you are making. Vocal.meda pays out using Stripe. Creators just need to meet of a minimum of $35 to pay out.


With a simple enough application process, Boostcontent is a good place to go. Once accepted, you are offered tasks which you can accept. The task will have a deadline you have to meet. If you do not meet the deadline, the task will be offered to other writers.

The good thing about Boostcontent is that there is no payout limit and plenty of work. You can work nearly as much as you want to increase your earnings. Boostcontent pays through PayPal by the end of each month. It is possible you could get paid out a little sooner.


Looking for a highly active site? Partica is the way to go. Though they aren’t always accepting new writers, there is plenty of work available when they are. With Partica you post and sell prewritten articles. Each article can be sold more than once, giving you a nice, passive income.

Partica also gives you the option of promoting your own work and you get paid more for articles sold from your promotions. You will definitely want knowledge of SEO for this website! Buyers are looking for articles that SEO-friendly. Partica pays out using Hyperwallet.


Topcontent offers a simple-enough application process. First, there is an English test which is timed. Then, you have to provide an off-the-cuff writing sample, research sample, and proofreading sample. The whole process takes less than an hour.

The site claims it only takes up to 5 days to review applications. Once accepted, a task board is provided with job options. It is important to note that Topcontent pays in Euros. They pay out using Skrill or a bank transfer at the end of the month.


This is another site that will require you to have a lot of SEO knowledge. Textworkers’ application process is different that the others listed here as well. Rather than filling out an application online, you must email them your resume. So, you will want that resume to be spectacular as they do not accept everyone.

It takes 3 to 4 weeks to hear back from them and you only get a response if you are accepted. Textworkers does have a lot of work available, though, if you are able to get in. They also pay well!


Have some old articles hanging around doing nothing? Markercontent may be the place to go. This site allows you to post and sell your articles. The nice thing is that this allows you to write about anything you would like. The application process is simple, just submit a 300-word sample article.

Articles at Markercontent can be purchased multiple times, providing you with a passive income. They downside is that there seem to be more writers than buyers so it may take some time for your work to sell. Markercontent pays out with PayPal.


Scripted is a great place to go if you want to get paid poorly. The good thing is, it is active so there is a lot of work available. The application process can be slow but is simple enough. If you are looking for an active site as a freelance writer, this might be the site for you.

Even though the pay is low, there is enough work available for you to make some money. Scripted pays within 2 days of project completion and they pay out using PayPal.


iWriter is a fairly popular site that has been around for a while. Their application process is simple. You just fill out some basic information and provide 2, short, off-the-cuff writing samples. Once accepted, there is a lot of work available. Buyers can request work from specific writers they like and even leave tips!

They pay is low and $20 is required in order to pay out. iWriter pays out through PayPal, prepaid debit card, wire transfer, or direct deposit every Tuesday.

Finding a legitimate site that will pay you as a freelance writer can be a struggle. Use this guide to help you find the website that fits your needs and start getting paid as a freelance writer today.


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