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7 Powerful Income Streams for Writers

Learn how to build multiple income streams and make money online on auto-pilot thanks to your writing skills and discipline.

By Rui CarreiraPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

Learn how to make money from your writing and get ready to deploy 7 easy but powerful income streams to earn you some side hustle income on auto-pilot.

Yes, to set them up you need to put some effort into it, but some of these make money forever with close to no maintenance.

Some others need constant maintenance, but pay you in the short term, so that’s a trade-off you need to consider.

No matter if you’re looking for short-term results or long-term income streams, you got to the right page as I’ll take you by the hand in setting these seven monsters up.

Ready to start?

Grab on to some extra motivation and pump yourself up — these aren’t going to set themselves up for you.

How to Make Money on Medium:

The first stream is easy, and you probably already have it partially or set up.

You can make a lot of money on Medium if you publish quality content every day.

However, you’re not going to do well in the long term if you fail to publish:

Evergreen content;

Content with at least 3 min read time;

Perfectly formatted content;

Content that Medium Partners want to read.

Throughout the years and with multiple Medium accounts, I have developed a great technique to get accounts up and running in no time…

…and while those viral gold mines are random, they make a lot of difference.

If you write evergreen content, it’s a numbers game, the more you post the bigger the chance of scoring viral hits.

However, even if you fail to get those hits, evergreen content will have you earn day in and day out — FOREVER!

Plus, let’s not forget you get paid for people buying the partners program under you — and it’s a pretty easy thing to promote as it is free and earns you money.

As I said, my Medium techniques are on point, and I wrote a 56+ pages book on them, allowing you to be spoonfed knowledge and secret techniques I took years to develop.

Here’s the link in case you want it: My Medium Methods

But now that the obvious one is out of the way, let’s take a look at the other 6 writing income streams.

Publishing to Make Money on Vocal:

If you’re looking for a good Medium alternative for writers, then look no more.

Vocal is the platform you’re looking for!

With Vocal, you can publish your Medium articles or fresh content and get paid for the number of reads you have — plus it also pays you cool bounties every now and then.

What’s more, it constantly hosts writing contests with pretty absurd prizes, ranging from hundreds to thousands of $USD.

You should probably check it out as it needs no maintenance.

Get articles up, forget them, and they keep on paying you money.

Earn Crypto Free by Writing on Read.Cash:

What if you could earn crypto by writing, and earning it consistently and in good amounts?

Well, look no further than Read.Cash

The truth is, with Read.Cash, you don’t get one of those “forever” income streams like the other two above, as you only get paid for 5–6 days after publishing an article…

…but you get short-term results and you’re pretty likely to start off with a respectable salary.

It’s not uncommon for newbies to be making $5 per day after 3–4 days.

But, how does it work?

Well, you get paid in Bitcoin Cash, and this platform exists to prop up Bitcoin Cash use.

There’s a Bitcoin Cash whale trying to get people in the network, so he has a bot running that tips every article $3–5 between 0–3 days after it is published.

This means that if you publish daily, you can get a pretty decent amount of BCH.

I said 3 to 4 days until you see the result because that’s the time the bot takes to analyze your profile and content quality to decide if it’s going to start tipping you or not.

Write 4min read time articles (~1000 words), and you’ll have no problems.

Bonus points if you meaningfully engage with the community.

A good entry for crypto lovers.

Get Some Free Ethereum on Publish0x:

This one is the one with the lowest payment, but if you’re looking to score some Ethereum-based tokens, you may like it.

Also, it’s great to link to other platforms and to farm referrals for crypto projects if you’re looking for that kind of stuff.

You can get paid in two ways — by writing and by reading.

You read that right, you can be paid for reading.

Basically, you read an article and you can decide how much the fund pays you and the writer in %.

If the article is good, you can give a bigger cut to the writer. If it sucks, you can give a bigger cut to yourself to compensate you for your lost time.

Your readers can do the same, so you’ll be getting a % cut that is decided by the reader.

Publish0x is most used by crypto adopters, but it can deliver some value for people outside web3 alike.

Sell Your Articles Online via Constant Content:

Ifyou’re looking for an income stream that won’t get your articles published but sold, well I got something for you.

Constant Content is a platform that connects website owners with articles through its marketplace, and the way it works is really simple:

You write an article;

You set its price;

The article gets listed on the marketplace;

When it gets bought, you get paid.

Easy peasy!

So, you can write a bunch of articles and list them on the marketplace for sale.

Then you go around your day-to-day life and when the articles get bought, you get paid.

It’s a pretty decent side hustle for freelance writers and content businesses.

I sell there myself.

Earn Passive Income With HubPages:

HubPages is a wonderful platform because it consistently pays even if you don’t maintain it.

Just to give you an idea, I wrote 100 articles and published them there 10 years ago.

I never wrote there again.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m still making ~$100 per month on HubPages with no work, promotion or maintenance put it.

Just set and forget!

You got yourself another income stream right here.

If your articles are really good, HubPages will even submit them to their network of sites earning you some extra free traffic.

The way it pays is it splits the ad revenue it gets on posts with the authors.

Give it a try!

Make Some Crypto and Residual Income on Hive and LeoFinance:

If you know STEEM or GOLOS, these are hard forks of it.

Hive and Leo are blogging platforms and social networks that pay users for the content they create.

Basically, you create content, post it, and then others users vote on it if it is good.

You get rewarded with crypto depending on the reputation the user who voted has in the blockchain.

It isn’t uncommon for 300 votes to net cents, but it isn’t uncommon for 1 vote to net $100 — it all depends on the person who is voting.

This means if you manage to put out valuable content and people with high reputations like it, you can make thousands with one article.

So, why Hive / Leo?

Hive is for general articles, and LEO is for finance articles.

So, choose whether you’d like to write finance posts or about general topics and launch it.

And that’s it!

Seven major income streams you can now start grinding on to get 7 trickles of money converging into the cash flow getting in your wallet.

Sounds bullish, doesn’t it?

Let’s gooooooo!

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