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5 Reliable Resources for Trading Experts

you’ll find some trusted resources to learn more about trading!

By McKenzie JonesPublished about a year ago 4 min read

As a trading expert, you must have access to reliable resources that can help you make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with the latest market trends. With the sea of information available online, it may become overwhelming to determine which sources to trust. In this article, you’ll find some trusted resources to learn more about trading!

Resources for Trading Experts – Top 5 Picks

Physical equipment, such as the best computer for stock trading, is not the only thing you need to thrive as an expert trader. You need to invest both your time and money to retain the necessary knowledge and information.

Here are the top five reliable resources that can help you become a better trader:


Bloomberg is a leading provider of financial news and information, offering real-time data, news, and analysis for various asset classes, including stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. The platform also provides in-depth coverage of the world's financial markets, and a wealth of tools and analytics to help you make informed trading decisions.


Investopedia is a comprehensive online resource that offers a wealth of educational content on all aspects of investing and trading. The site offers a wide range of articles, tutorials, and videos on trading strategies, risk management, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourced platform that offers a range of financial news, analysis, and commentary from a community of investors and traders. In addition to its comprehensive financial market coverage, Seeking Alpha offers a range of educational resources, including articles and videos on trading strategies and investment best practices.

Stock Charts

Stock Charts is a powerful technical analysis platform that provides a range of charting tools and indicators to help you identify trading opportunities. The site offers real-time data for a variety of asset classes, as well as customizable charting options that allow you to create your own trading signals and indicators.


Reddit is a popular online community that offers a wealth of information and discussion on a variety of topics, including trading and investing. While Reddit is not a professional resource like Bloomberg or Investopedia, it can be a valuable source of information and a great way to connect with other traders and investors.

3 Must-Read Books for Traders

For traders, books are the most legit ways to learn new strategies, gain insights into the market, and get inspired by the experiences of successful traders. Here are three must-read books for traders:

"Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Edwin Lefevre

First published in 1923, "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" is a timeless classic that has been a favorite of traders for decades. The book covers a wide range of topics, including market psychology, risk management, and the importance of discipline and patience. It is certainly a must-read for any trader who wants to learn more about the market and the mindset required for successful trading.

"The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham

This one is a classic book on value investing written by one of the greatest investors of all time - Benjamin Graham. It emphasizes the importance of fundamental analysis and the need for a sideline of safety in any investment. It also covers topics such as diversification, risk management, and the importance of a long-term perspective.

"Market Wizards" by Jack D. Schwager

This fascinating book features interviews with some of the most successful traders of all time. The book covers a wide range of trading styles and strategies from trend following to contrarian investing. The interviews are packed with valuable insights and trading tips, providing a unique perspective on the world of trading.

Key Elements of a Trading Plan

Once you gather all of the necessary resources, it’s time to create a trading plan. It is a comprehensive strategy that outlines your approach to the market. A well-designed trading plan should include the following key elements:

Determine your Goals

The first step in developing a trading plan is to identify your goals. Your goals should be realistic, measurable, and specific. By setting precise goals, you can easily focus your efforts on achieving them rather than making impulsive trades.

Trading Strategy

Your trading strategy outlines the approach you will take to the market. This should include details about the types of assets you will trade, the timeframes you will trade on, and the indicators and signals you will use to make trading decisions.

Risk Management

Risk management is an analytical component of any trading plan. It involves identifying the risks associated with your trades and developing strategies to mitigate them. Your risk management plan should include details about your risk tolerance, position sizing, stop-loss orders, and other risk management tools you will use to protect your capital.

Review and Assessment

Finally, your trading plan should include a process for reviewing and assessing your performance. This should involve regular evaluation of your trading results against your trading goals, as well as a review of your trading strategy and risk management approach.


Having access to reliable resources is quite beneficial in the trading business. By leveraging these resources, you can properly understand the market and make better decisions to help you achieve your financial goals.


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