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Yvette Cooper: New Home Secretary.

Scrap Rwanda Plan for Border Security Command.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 11 days ago 3 min read
Home Secretary: Yvette Cooper.

Yvette Cooper is the new Home Secretary under the government of Sir Keir Starmer. Yvette Cooper is the wife of former Labour Minister Ed Balls. She has been Shadow Home Secretary consistently under Sir Keir Starmer. Unlike her Tory counterparts, Ms. Cooper outlasted them all, from Priti Patel to James Cleverly.

Labour won a massive landslide putting Sir Keir in 10 Downing Street. Rishi Sunak will stay as Tory leader until his replacement is in place. The former government of Sunak was massively defeated. Well-known Tory ministers lost their seats en masse like Grant Shapps. The Tories are now reduced to a rump party of 121 MPs. Big wigs in the Tory party, the remaining MPs, and, the members, will be soul-searching and naval-gazing. Asking the BIG QUESTION, "How do we come back from this? And who is the person who will replace Sunak"? The Tories came back from their defeat from Tony Blair in 2010. Can they pull off yet another resurrection with a new leader and vision? Well, dear reader, time, as they say, will tell!

Sunak's mantra of 'Stop The Boats' and sending illegal migrants to Rwanda will now never come about. Had Sunak won the election, planes flying for Rwanda, would have been happening. Would it put off migrants taking to their dinghies to cross the channel from France? Would it have deterred the criminal gangs who exploit these unfortunates? We will never know. Sunak's time has come to an end. Like the asteroid that brought an end to the time of the dinosaurs, so this election defeat for the Tories has brought their time to an end.

Maybe, Sunak and the Tories have won in a parallel dimension with planes flying to Rwanda. Maybe, the migrants and the gangs that exploit them have been deterred. However, back to life, back to reality, as a famous song once said, Sunak and His government are no more.

Sir Keir Starmer wasted no time in appointing ministers to His cabinet. They are the ministers that were in His shadow cabinet. In the shadow cabinet, they had no power. Now, as the cabinet, they have the future of the nation in their hands!

With the appointment of Yvette Cooper as the new Home Secretary her intray will keep her busy. The Rwanda plan and Sunak's mantra of 'Stopping The Boats' has been scrapped. Labour will divert the money that was earmarked for the Rwanda plan to set up a new command. This 'Border Security Command (BSC) will tackle the migrants and tackle the gangs who exploit them. Ms. Cooper says she will look into ways of recouping the money sent to Rwanda. This bribe, sorry money, would have helped them to house these people sent from the UK (allegedly). The Rwandans will wonder what will happen now that the Rwanda plan is scrapped. Certainly, they will not be receiving any more money from the UK.

Yvette will be meeting her European counterparts, to discuss how best to tackle illegal migrants and the criminals, that exploit them. Asked when the numbers of migrants will come down and the criminal gangs brought to justice, Ms. Cooper replied we "want to make progress as rapidly as possible". Ms. Cooper admitted that Labour had inherited a real problem from the former Tory administration.

The new Border Security Command will work in tandem with existing agencies. Like the National Crime Agency, Immigration Enforcement, and Border Force. etc.

Yvette Cooper added, "That is my key priority as incoming home secretary to strengthen Britain's border security, where I think we have been let down for too long". I wish Yvette, all the best, because whether we like it or not, people crossing the channel en masse, is a big worry for many.



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