Will Dominic Cummings Break the UK?

Dominic Cummings Johnson’s top advisor, drove 260 miles during lockdown with Covid-19 symptoms . Was he exposed in order to split England and Scotland further, thus making independence more likely and ensure England broke lockdown.

Will Dominic Cummings Break the UK?
Johnson, Cummings and the Cabinet have confirmed this and effectively said they are above the law.

Westminster watching is almost as much fun as Kremlin during the Cold War, and about as likely to produce any understanding of what is going on that corresponds to reality. It’s even harder with the corkscrew straight brain of Boris Johnson and the contorted double helix that is the mind of the man who allegedly claimed the rich are rich because they have better genes.

The expression on Cummings face after the unelected technocrat gave a press conference in Prime Ministerial Rose Garden was interpreted as a smirk of triumph and led to speculation as to why the Prime Minister is protecting his advisor at the risk of a second wave of Covid-19, including that Cummings arranged all this to show he has the Prime Minister firmly by the genitals. Predictably, if irrationally this has become entangled with Brexit with Facebook page.EU already spinning calls for Cummings sacking as a Remainer plot to derail Brexit.

Is the whole affair smoke and mirrors created, leaned to the press and and stage managed in order to drive herd immunity by ensuring the serfs break lockdown and, as a bonus, increase the likelihood of Scottish Independence by driving the two nations apart.

People who worked with Boris Johnson claim he is very smart and highly productive. Others claim the bumbling idiot image he projects is purely an act. Everyone forgets he got an upper second in Classics from Cambridge, something those who criticise his intelligence could probably not do. But the elite have better genes.

Boris Johnson has an 80 seat majority. His current trajectory to a no deal Brexit has eliminated Nigel Farage and the Brexit party as serious threats and he may be calculating that the outrage over this affair will rapidly be forgotten, the electorate will remember only that he “Got Brexit Done” and the rabid right wing media will swing into action behind him.

Any swing against him may produce a hung parliament with the SNP holding the balance of power. It would be better to eliminate the SNP as a potential force in English politics. Scottish Independence would be the most elegant way to do this, and would pander to a slowly growing English demand for breaking up the UK

Is this why the tories need to lose Scotland, because they are proving a better opposition?

Dumping Scotland would make it harder, if not impossible, for the Tories to lose an English election, no matter what the government does. If England dissolves the Union their negotiating position will be weaker than if Scotland decides to declare independence with or without a referendum. And With Holyrood in a foreign country comparisons with Westminster could be dismissed as irrelevant. So Scottish Independence it is. But Scotland has to make the break.

The Westminster Tory establishment dubbed the solitary Scottish Tory MP who resigned from the government “Mr Nobody”. The leader of the Scottish Tories in Holyrood had to move from remaining silent to saying Cummings should consider his position, code for saying he should do what the Scottish Chief Medical Officer did and resign. Cummings has obviously considered his position and decided it is unassailable. But.. one law for the elite and another for the plebs, for the elite have better genes.

Scottish Tories are talking (again) about breaking completely from the Westminster Tories, which may be essential if used car salesman turned politician Jackson Carlaw is to remain a member of the Scottish Parliament after the next Holyrood election.

Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and the Westminster Tory party have collectively slapped the English electorate in the face and declared, by defending cummings, that are above the law. England is still reeling from the shock. Scotland shrugged their shoulders. They already knew the English Tories, Boris Johnson in particular have a contempt for Scotland second only to their contempt for anyone who is not a millionaire.

Boris Johnson’s actions have made independence more likely because he made the English electorate feel like fools and thus reduced his chances of an absolute majority at the next election.

Tory party view of Tory voters?

Scottish Independence would boost any majority by 47.

Hopefully the Independence movement can work on this, not sit waiting for Independence to fall into their laps.

Otherwise expect a referendum when Boris thinks there will be a resounding YES vote.

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