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Why Would Anyone Make Sunak Prime Minister?

by Nicholas Bishop about a month ago in controversies
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Wishy Washy Rish As Sneaky As They Come!

As the next round of internal Tory voting gathers pace one candidate seems miles ahead. That is former Chancellor Rishi Sunak a man who has been both demonized and praised.

Praised in the days of lockdown with the furlough scheme and the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme. Demonized, however, when it was discovered he was just as guilty as Boris for breaking lockdown rules. Mr. Sunak was accused of being out of touch for being married to Akshata Murthy. Ms. Murthy is the daughter of the founder of the high-tech company Infosys. This company is worth billions and Ms. Murthy has shares in it. Ms. Murthy was not paying any tax in the UK and she is not a full British citizen. All this at a time when most ordinary mortals are facing huge financial problems.

Sunak is also a wealthy man in his own right. The former hedge fund banker is the son of a doctor and a pharmacist. The former JP Morgan employee went to private school and went to Winchester College. The man along with his wife owns properties in California and in the UK. Sunak is the richest MP in parliament and it's fair to say a career politician. As soon as Boris accepted he could no longer be Prime Minister out came Sunak's campaign video. A slick video entitled 'Ready for Rishi' is a slick piece extolling why he should be Prime Minister. Sunak has a very smart team campaigning for him and it is near perfect. As you would expect from a man with his connections in the slick world of advertising.

Sunak has made many enemies in the Conservative party. Many like Jacob-Rees Mogg see Sunak as stabbing Boris in the back as a betrayer. So no doubt, they will be voting for Sunak's opponents like Liz Truss, Penny Mordaunt, Tom Tugendhat, etc. So far so good for Sunak's campaign, however, an upset could be in the offing. Pretty boy Sunak could find out today that his sprint to the finish line has been slowed.

Two internal votes have taken place and so far Sunak has done well. We will see today whether Sunak is still in the lead or has been knocked out. If Sunak survives he and another candidate will then face the votes of Conservative members. 150,000 Tory members mostly old people will choose the next leader and Prime Minister of this country. Sunak's Achilles heel is his inability to relate to ordinary folk. Some Tories will realize this and vote for another candidate.

Will the UK population want the first British-Indian to be Prime Minister? A person of faith yes but not a Christian a practicing Hindu? Some may overlook his ethnic or religious origin and vote for the man based on his character, policies, etc. Some may vote purely because we live in an age where looks are everything. Am I suggesting that people might just vote for Rishi because of his looks? Yes, because some people today are that shallow. Not everyone, however, thinks he is 'Dishy Rishi' some liken him to Mr. Bean, some call him 'Wishy Washy Rishi', or he has been likened to a rat. Not only is Sunak trying to distance himself from the Johnson regime but so are the other candidates. They are all hypocrites and are just as guilty as Boris.

Finally, if Rishi does become Prime Minister I hope voters will vote against him. Vote against him because of his inability to understand the ordinary working class. Yes, he can throw money and it does help but he will never understand the struggles of ordinary folk.

Whoever becomes the next Prime Minister should call for a general election. However, if the Tories remain behind Labour significantly they will not call a general election. We will probably have to wait until 2024 and that is the sad fact.


About the author

Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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