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Why Liberals are Tired of Playing Nice

by Jason Weiland 3 months ago in opinion

If You don't want to wear a mask or get the vaccine, you are welcome to die sooner than later

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I’m not going back to the US after all for a few reasons. After weighing the necessity, and figuring out that it would be safer for me to stay put for now, I realized it would also be selfish of me to leave the Philippines. Hell, I can’t even get the vaccine myself yet, so am I going to subject 200 other people to my unvaccinated ass?

What about my family? Should I be gambling my health by traveling right now with the Delta variant going around?

I care about somebody other than myself. See how that works?

Also, I just don’t want to mingle with a population in the US that thinks it’s okay to be unvaccinated and stupid.

I don’t trust any of you.

If I traveled 8500 miles without being vaccinated, even if I have avoided COVID-19 and the variants this long by wearing a mask and face shield, and washing my hands and social distancing, one of you anti-VAX, conservative, bullcarp conspiracy believers will end up sneezing on me and ruining my record and my life.

“Oh, but Jason. We need to be nice to the right-wing, Q-anon’s, and hopefully, with a little kind persuasion, they will see the light and do the right thing!”

The evil part of me without a filter wants to think that the fewer of you there are, the more we can count on people getting vaccinated and herd immunity kicking in. The less of you there are, the easier it will be to pass legislation that protects the people who are actively trying to save other people and doing the right thing.

The more we have to fight this virus, and try to make progress despite the push-back from the unwashed and unvaccinated, the more I think it would be better if there were fewer conservative conspiracy theorists, because there would also be fewer guns we have to worry about, and we could count on more rights for women, LGBTQ+ people, and Black and brown people. The fewer Mitch McConnells and Tucker Carlsons we have, the better chance we have to combat climate change and wealth inequality.

The less we have of the dross, the more good, kind, and compassionate people will thrive.

Too harsh? I thought so too and that is why I rewrote this essay so many times. This is hard for me to be a bastard, because underneath this gruff exterior, I am a teddy bear. I want good for everyone. But, I grow tired of half the population not caring about anything except their entitled asses and it starts to make me think it would be better if maybe that half of the population was gone.

Genocide is wrong, I know, but what if they all died of natural causes: their own ignorance? Unfortunately, these days stupidity is fatal and we can only hope they don’t take too many of the good ones with them when they go.

It Is Not Within Your Rights to Kill Me

Keep your entitled ass away from me and breathe in the other direction. I have a mom and dad who are vulnerable, and small children who pick up every bug and germ you carry.

You have no right to impose death on me and mine because you are stupid.

So, until you die, if you die, and end up in an ashcan somewhere. I am going to get the vaccine as soon as I can. I am going to wear two masks, and a face shield. I am going to wash my hands often, and use alcohol and hand sanitizer. If I feel ill or sneezy, I am going to quarantine myself until I can get tested.

I am going to try to live my life despite the danger, but am going to also disinfect every surface I come in contact with. The Lysol company’s stock is going to go through the roof! I am masking up and screw it, I might even wear PPE.

Just try to stop me.

The time for being pleasant is over with. We have been talking and debating until we are blue in the face, and these stupid mothertruckers still think the government is trying to microchip them or give them autism.

Is it time the stupid half of the world dies off quickly or is that going too far down a road we can’t return from? When they go they can take their automatic rifles and confederate flags. Take their racism and conspiracy theories. Take their misogyny and stop treading over the rights of women and LGBTQ+ people on the way to the great beyond.

Is it too harsh to wish that they would just give us a chance at a good life and die already! Is it going too far if they have been wishing the same thing on us for 100s of years? The smart Americans all hope you can find a universe where you can practice stupidity in peace and leave the rest of us alone.

The sad fact is that unvaccinated people make up 99% of the new COVID-19 cases in the US right now, and its only a matter of time. Are we evil if we wish it happens sooner than later?


Jason Weiland

Donut and travel enthusiast- sometimes I write, sometimes, I even write well!

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Jason Weiland
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