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Why Is There Still A U.S. Embargo On Cuba

The embargo on Cuba just hurts the People

By Dave WettlauferPublished 3 years ago 7 min read

Why is there a U.S. embargo on Cuba after all these years? But why is there still an embargo on Cuba after all these years? I believe there could be a deeper reason that the U.S still has an embargo on Cuba, and it could date back to Kennedy’s Demise, but that’s a conspiracy theory left for another day.

This is a long shot! But it could be as simple as the U.S. President saying; I don't want to leave a legacy behind that I was the guy that lifted the Cuban embargo. What will history think!

The story starts from the memory of a nine-year-old and the island of Cuba, and it goes like this.

The year was 1957. The district sales manager cornered my Dad at the office watering hole and asked him if he wanted to go to their annual spring product convention in Cuba and stay at this fine National Hotel and Casino in Havana. “With all-expenses-paid.”

Being the top salesman of the year, my Dad excitedly said, "Well if I Must." The manager explained that he could proudly show off their company products to a multitude of international buyers. He stressed, "You're the right man for the job."

A month later, he was on an old (noisy) Vanguard Turbo Prop airplane and went down to Cuba.

Why is there still a U.S. embargo on Cuba, you ask? Read on!

As I remember from the fancy brochures of Cuba, it was a destination of choice for all to go. I never knew then they were mainly operated by American mob money. What was the mob anyway to a 9-year-old?

After a successful event with all the Americans, Canadian and European business people, he comes back with all these stories of high rollers at these Casinos. He's never seen a place like that before, and he couldn't believe all that money was floating around at those crap tables.

A few years after his successful business venture, and fond memories of Cuba's, we heard over the CBC National News of a coo, on that once friendly island.

A Cuban rebel named Fidel Castro overthrew the exciting government. The first order of business that day for Castro was to; throw all foreigners out of the country. The reason was, he didn't like outsiders running and influencing his beloved country.

Question is “Why Is There Still A US Embargo On Cuba?” This is how a 9- -year-old remembers it.

That was fascinating news for young people, and, that's how I Remember Cuba and Fidel Castro back then.

Now the newly elected U.S. President JFK decided to organize the "Bay of Pigs." An invasion of their own on Cuban! They wanted Castro gone! The U.S. financed a bunch of Cuban exiles to do the dirty work and do what they do.

At the very last minute, Kennedy decided not to participate in the overthrow of the Cuban government. He left the mercenaries to fight on their own against Castro without the promised U.S. military backing.

This story went down as the (Bay of Pigs) found at any library in the History Section.

Remember, this is still from the memory of a 9-year-old boy but now it's starting to be true events.

After the US-sponsored rebels were rounded up and jailed or maybe worse in some cases, rounded up and shot. Well, then you have to give it a thought!

If Castro didn't like the yanks before, now after the U.S. orchestrated a botched takeover of his new government, he really had a hate-on for the United States.

So, this is how I remember those times with Cuba and US Kennedy, eventually leading up to the stand-off with Russia and the cold war that followed.

Russian missiles were placed in Cuba and aimed at the United States. World War Three was just around the corner. Building supply stores turned all basements in North America into bunkers.

Drills at school, place your hand over your head. Kiss your ass goodbye and dive under the first desk you can find, believing that would help save your sorry ass from a nuclear attack.

Of course, we all know that it would not have helped.

U.S. President Kennedy put an embargo around the island of Cuba and for that self-evident reason.

But that's my point; the embargo has not been removed after all these years.

The crisis has come and gone, and the U.S. embargo still stands. So, why, you ask?

That was back in 1962, and today is 2021. This has been the longest Embargo in the U.S. American History.

So it's no wonder the present hostility between the U.S. and Cuba has stayed soured all these years. Nobody on either side wants to blink.

Today, Canadians still flock to the communist country to get some Cuban sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, and still see all the friendly faces. And let's not forget the fine cigars! Since that time, there have been many exciting stories come out of Cuba.

The once run U.S. Casino that filled the central part of the landscape is still sitting empty. One tourist remarked, it almost looks like they all left the country the day before.

I was researching the U.S. and the Cuban government partnership before the stand-off in the '60s. Cuba had an elected U.S - backed reshime in place. According to some circles of people, the island of Cuba was used for their personal playground for all rich and famous.

Why Is There Still A US Embargo On Cuba

Things could happen here in Cuba that were not allowed in the Continental United States. Launder money by the bad guys, dirty dealing, and prohibition in the U.S. never affected the island of Cuba. A place where people can do as they please, when they please and how they pleased.

Cuba As I remembered it as a kid

Today the Cuban government does not want to go back to the old ways of before the revolution. I believe they like their independent static, and their (government) must fear that it could slide back into U.S. control and back to the way it was.

As the Cuban people increasingly get upset with their interim government and the embargo placed on them by the U.S. The Cuban people at least expect their government to bring them into the 21 century.

And, you can't blame them for wanting that.

But what I would say to the Cuban people is, "You have to watch what you wish for." You might get it!

The U.S. embargo after 60 years has affected the citizens of Cuba the most in commodities like food, medicine and their overall general way of life.

We all know an embargo on any country, whether it's Cuba, North Korea or Iran, never affects the lavish lifestyle of the dictator in charge. It only affects the poor people that just makes them poorer.

But maybe that's the point of the embargo, have the Cuban people discontent enough and, do what Cigar smoken Castro did originally. Then after it's all said and done, we can unwind the clock and go back 60 years and start over where we left off.

• Did you know when visiting Cuba as a tourist, the best way to show appreciation to the people is to bring perfumes, soaps, aspirin, simple things that you and I take for granted? It will be well received.


My first impression of Cuba and its current situation hasn't changed much from my younger days. After doing research, I couldn't believe how observant I was at that age. This article started from the memory of a kid up to today’s thinking. Research shows I was more right than wrong.

The Cuban people back then or, maybe it was just Fidel Castro, wanted better things for their country. You can't blame them for that! Castro saw firsthand how his country was destroyed by outsiders and wanted change. Is Cuba any better off today? Who knows! Like all of us, the Cuban people want more; change is good and, different is better.

Control over your own destiny … yeah for sure!

This is how a nine-year-old remembers Cuba and the Why question "Why Is There Still a U.S. Embargo on Cuba?" You be the judge. Eh!

One remark made by Fidel Castro was; I can assure you that my first and foremost interest is my country.

Author David Allan Wiles

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