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Why Are You Ranking: Best Case for Medicine Free of Controls in the United States Listed from Healthy to Fit

by SKYLERIZED 2 years ago in opinion

Healthcare in the United States is teeter-tottering between freedom and controls. Discover the ways in which America can become a fully capitalistic system of medical care.

Why Are You Ranking: Best Case for Medicine Free of Controls in the United States Listed from Healthy to Fit
The doctor stands proudly.

To say that someone is “happy” to pay taxes on health care is like saying that someone enjoys having a pistol pressed to their temple. The money that is generated by Americans ought to belong to them. Each individual ought to be able to use his or her money at their discretion. With “Medicare for all” and “Obamacare for everyone” we tend to forget just from where those funds stem. Money has to be stolen from the United States citizens to pay for their neighbor’s tonsillectomy. Why should an individual use his smart earned dollars to see that their potential enemy has the “right” to an operation? Stealing is wrong in any context. No matter how many democratic votes that a committee receives, it still doesn’t change the fact that government run health care programs are evil. Health insurance to boot is in a dizzying tailspin. They are vicious because of the fact that the individual has no say in how his or her money is utilized. The beauty of the United States (as it was founded) are the principles that said that a life belongs to an individual to go about as he pleases and not infringe upon the rights of others—liberty holds that that person can go about without the gaze of tyranny holding him or her back—property, although it was omitted from the Declaration of Independence is not just stuff that someone owns, but their ability to dispose of such items, including their own body—and the pursuit of happiness means a man or woman going after their version of what brings them joy in this world. So, get your medical records for, Why Are You Ranking: Best Case for Medicine Free of Controls in the United States Listed from Healthy to Fit.

The Tools of the Medical Profession

That pocket better have a protector.

Pay doctors and other professionals more money through private means, only.

Most people, when they think of wealthy individuals, think of lawyers and of course doctors, or physicians to be more precise. They fail to realize that compared to CEO’s doctors are paupers. The six figures that physicians rank in every year pales in comparison to the millions that captains of industry earn. Instead of imposing senseless, wicked programs that gum up the process of patients being aided by physicians, why not pay doctors, nurses, and other medical staff more money so that they can enjoy the outcome of all of their smart work? What Obamacare and the other medical nightmares constrict is the flow of cash from one private citizen to another. With the government snooping its nose into the affairs of consenting individuals, this distorts the market and makes for a treacherous field of both parties experiencing a loss. The doctors and nurses are coerced into caring for people who don’t have the cash to receive a procedure. The person seeking the surgery is reliant upon the government to take up the bill. This is a brutal circumstance. In this scenario, America is robbing Peter to rob Paul. No one wins in this situation. The only way to ensure that you are receiving the best quality healthcare is to pay these men and women for their efforts. They worked for years to achieve the title of doctor or nurse. Some of them probably worked their way through school just so they can one day practice what they’ve dreamed of all of their lives. To steal from them the dollars that should go into research and development and the medical staff’s own pockets is an immorality of grand proportions.

Rank: Healthy

This doctor is ready to produce.

The gloves are a sign of sterility.

Allow for those people who want a universal single-payer or health care for all model to observe other countries who’ve adopted such practices

Places like Canada, Cuba, Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, and an extreme case, Venezuela, have basket case health care systems that fair far worse than the United States’ system. America boasts the best equipment and medical know-how on Earth. While claims of happiness arise from such backward States, the truth is that these countries are draining the citizens dry. By neglecting the fact that medical staff and equipment must be paid for, these nations just see them as a given. They view the human need over the rational idea that these people and things must be traded for in the market. Since “there is no such thing as a free lunch,” the people are putting up funds to pay for outrageous medical bills that don’t align with their own selfishness. These countries take in those funds based on altruistic ideas. They see that the least among them ought to experience the prime healthcare that is their “right.” Such entitlement stifles innovation, disrupts the exchange between medical staff and patient, and creates bitterness among all those involved. If someone cannot afford to get an operation on their broken arm, then private charity may step in to fix that problem. But to demand that relatively free people be forced to pay for another’s surgery is equivalent to breaking someone’s knees who won’t be able to afford their own injuries. Thus, another person has to step in and have the process continue. In places like Canada, especially, the wait times, gurneys of sick people lining the walls, and shortages of life-affirming pain medicine present a picture of corruption. And in the most horrific case, Venezuela, children die before they’re even born. Maladies mount up like the bills that the people must pay to an out-of-control socialist government. This may never happen to the United States as the Constitution would bar any of the tactics that those despots used to bring their country to its knees. However, with the current trend of “Democratic Socialism” in vogue and Republicans having no clue as to govern a country much less how to save it from destruction, the facts paint a scary portrait. Every step that the American government makes in line with the statist nations is an impending death knell to the freedoms that the individuals of America enjoy.

Rank: Vital

This is what American medicine ought to look like.

Preparing for surgery is an honorable task.

Get government out of the way.

Instead of the money flowing to pernicious programs like Medicare and Medicaid, why not have those funds be funneled into the CIA and FBI? Why can’t we pay our warriors, police, and judiciary the way that Medicare and Medicaid are paid for now? The ability to define our goals would be the most important aspect. If Americans say that the cessation of the menace of medicine paid for by the government is at hand, let that be. As a nation, Americans ought to shrug off the yoke that is encumbering their growth, their enjoyment. Once government is removed from the equation, a wellspring of talented, educated, and motivated individuals would arise and allow for the flow of monies to go back into the pocketbooks of smart working Americans. Politicians will say that healthcare is a “right” as if it grows on trees and can be plucked and eaten at leisure. Even in that scenario, a fruit tree belongs on someone’s property. So unless you own the orchard, you better be able to institute a concession with the land owner to eat from their trees. In medicine, currently, it is not like that. There is a gun (the government) which shakes down everyone who pays for governmental services that really shouldn’t be by the government. With the State cleared from the business of business, individuals would able to pursue their happiness unburdened by the coercive nature of government. If government actually had the funding to do its sole role of protecting individual rights, then maybe we wouldn’t have such a disastrous foreign policy or domestic one for that matter. If the trillions of dollars that are spent on Medicare and Medicaid and Obamacare went to the defense of this great nation, we wouldn’t have to worry about the advent of a future attack on Americans abroad or on the homeland. Consider the amount of money that these programs suck up from the private economy. Those monies could go to the dreams and hopes of Americans as they see fit.

Rank: Mindful

This doctor wants to be free to work (allegedly).

In order to work, she must be free from the State.

Phase out these government healthcare programs gradually.

No one is calling for these changes to be implemented over night. It would take decades maybe even a century for such changes to occur. To reverse the current course, however, Americans ought to fight for every program to cease, now. Generation by generation, the percentage of the amount of Medicare and Medicaid benefits would eventually erode. Over time, these programs would be a nightmare that once invaded the thoughts of semi-free citizens and lay the groundwork for freer citizens down the line. But Americans shouldn’t be concerned with future generations. The people have a right to demonstrate, to voice their minds, and to bring about social change through private means. If individuals can find an audience, they ought to put all of their energy into initiating the elimination of these programs to save their own lives and money, not their great, great, great grandchildren's. It is of chief importance that a nation built on the promise of individual rights ought to take them seriously. As the healthcare in this country continues to at once be robust and productive, it is being gutted by the glut of government imposition. So, to do it properly, the best option is to allow all of the people who are right now disabled or over sixty five to receive their “benefits.” Then, the next generation will experience a percentage drop in their coverage. By continuing on this path, the programs ought to be extinguished within about three or four generations. With the possibility for Americans to experience greater quality of life, higher living standards, and long lives, the preliminary actions for the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid ought to happen with haste.

Rank: Invigorated

A medical professional focuses on a task.

With medical staff free to do their jobs, the market would open.

Americans help themselves by eliminating evil healthcare policies.

By providing for themselves and their families, Americans would be enabled to take the money that would’ve funded their enemy’s foot surgery and put it to their own use. But say they had a honest neighbor who experienced brain cancer and the procedure and treatment would cripple his bank account and the cancer would kill him otherwise. Americans don’t have a claim on the lives of other Americans. They can found crowdsourcing events, hold other fundraisers, or dip into their savings. All of this is voluntary. With Medicare and Medicaid, the choices are eliminated. In the land of the free, shouldn’t Americans be able to choose whether or not they wish to engage in charitable acts? That is the nature of liberty and property. The people of the United States should have every right to organize campaigns to save the brain cancer stricken patient or not. If it is in their own self-interest, then they will help out, gladly. But if that person’s child has stage four melanoma, then that would take precedence over any efforts to try to save the neighbor. Not everyone will get cancer at the same time though, and this is an extreme example. In reality, there would be no conflict or question as to whether that person chooses to save his or her own child or a stranger. Americans ought to embrace their freedoms, not spout empty platitudes, stale bromides, and empty slogans about the “wonders” of government medicine. The chant “hands off of my Medicare” is ironic and rather sad. The chanter holds onto some fuzzy kind of logic saying that they paid into the system and they should be rewarded for that payment. However, this is a contradiction in terms. You can’t receive something that someone else had to work for and build without their permission. Just because you paid into it, does not make it a right. Yes, that person has “earned” his Medicare but at the expense of millions more. The money that he could have set aside for his his children’s college fund would’ve been better than to go into the pockets of bureaucracy, primarily, and the mixed economy of medicine.

Rank: Cured

A Healthy Specimen

The fit body of a human.

A world free of statist government would be a boon spiritually and physically.

Imagine a world where the doctors and medical staff were not chained by government restrictions and regulations. Imagine a world where the child and mother death rates at birth circled around zero and life expectancy skyrocketed and people could live to be in their mid one hundreds. Now, imagine what we have today. A collapsing healthcare system with very little room for people to function is what we have in modern times. But the future holds the promise that such programs would be squashed out like a cigarette. The future holds the idealism that every American would remember those four freedoms that left such an indelible mark on the American landscape. With those measures in place, we may see a brighter day for healthcare.

Rank: Fit

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