When Will The System Stop Failing Our Children

Abuse fatalities happen often and it seems as though social services and others who could stop the madness just don’t care. The negligence and the irresponsibility these thoughtless people displayed is absolutely putrid. They have one simple job to protect our little ones. If they can’t do it, who will?

When Will The System Stop Failing Our Children

Look at this commercial. The inevitably sad truth is, grievously that that's all it is. A commercial. A fraudulent method to sway you into doing the right thing, being a precious baby's voice, just as you should be. All of these vulnerable children represent the millions of children that are irrevocably bound to rampant poverty, unbearable pain, and immoral neglect.

Each child pleas with you to give them one more shot to have the life they deserve. They desperately plea for you to be their voice, adequately protect them, and make sure that justice will release them. You simply being you means that you will do all of these things.

You’ll call, give as much information as you can and feel stupid when you just outright don’t know something. You’ll lose sleep and hours of your time with the tear-jerking question, “What’s going to happen to that child?” You sit and think to yourself that Child Protective Services does amazing work. Child Line was a beautiful invention. This child is going to be okay. But are they?

CYA has solemnly sworn to this charming beauty of allegedly saving children from horrible people. While mandated reporters and good people alike do all they can to ensure the safety and protection of these children, CYS has other ideas. They have been actively failing the children of our nation for years. Each year countless negligent human beings are hired into this line of work. Some of them pray for the chance to help these babies, and some of them are in it for their check. The latter keeps these kids in more harm by the way they choose to handle these cases.

Things that may seem irrelevant at the forefront could cost a helpless baby their life. All these cases should be picked apart and looked over with a fine-toothcomb. No child should ever be released back to their own prison before thorough investigation. It is irresponsible. Can you even begin to imagine how exhausting it must be to a child’s soul to think “I’m finally free.” to only be placed back into the hands of their abuser.

This beautiful little boy deserved the world.

Gabriel Fernandez didn’t get to choose. He reluctantly asked many times if it was normal to be severely beaten by your parents. He spoke for himself. He asked for help and nobody listened. His teacher called the hotline like she’s mandated to and I’m sure as she would have done anyway. The abuse he endured was so intense that there was absolutely no way it should have gone unnoticed.

Gabriel Fernandez was a beautiful little boy who passed away by the violent hands of his cruel mother and her boyfriend when he was 8 years old. They would force him to eat cat litter scoured with cat poop. He was forced to sleep bound and gagged in a tiny cupboard as if he were some type of hideous monster. Pearl, his mother, would brutally put many of her cigarette out on his little body. They would shoot him in the face with a BB gun and take turns in general just beating poor Gabriel. Regardless of Gabriel’s abuse, he wrote to his mother expressing his love for her and how all he really wanted was to be a “good boy.” It’s sick.

A concerned teacher as well as a security guard had reported the horrific abuse. Nothing was done and as a result it only intensified. Two supervisors and social workers in their department were fired for their criminal negligence. Despite their questioned blind involvement, none of them were found legally responsible. Sheriff’s had even gone to the house after countless times of Gabriel claiming he was being abused. Gabriel was indignantly told by these same sheriff’s that if he lied about his bruises again, they would throw him in jail.

They merely added onto Pearl and Isauro’s manipulation. The system failed him.

This beautiful little girl deserved the world.

Four-year-old Leiliana Wright also had her fate chosen by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. At just four years old, this little girl’s life was forcefully taken after several CYS calls were made and grisly photos were sent by her own grandparents. Her mother and Charles would string her up in a closet. Both of them would savagely beat her until they left bruises. It was chaos and emotional trauma that nobody should have to go through.

Grueling hours before her violent death she was beaten with and belt and a bamboo stick simply because she drank her brother’s juice. After they had finished beating her, she was thrown against the wall where her tiny body left an imprint. Jeri and Charlies (mother and boyfriend) stayed in the house for three hours with Lily’s unconscious body. When police arrived, she wasn’t breathing and her battered body was riddled with bruises. Her mother and her mother’s boyfriend claimed that Lily had fallen in the shower and hurt herself.

After her grandparents had voiced their urgent concerns and sent the pictures only one home visit was done. Everything came back unfounded. A social worker, supervisor, and investigator were fired. No legal action was taken against them.

There was an opportunity to save this princess. The system failed her.

I share this picture to show the pure cruelty they served Adrian. This beautiful little boy deserved the world.

A little boy named Adrian Jones suffered the same fate when he was 7 years old. Adrian spent many of his years being cruelly tortured by his father and his stepmother Heather and Michael Jones. Adrian’s unacceptable abuse started with him being forced to stand in his back yard with his tiny hands in the air for hours. They would taser him and forcibly restrain him. They would strap him to a table, blindfold him, and cracked him over the face with a broomstick. Adrian’s “room” was a boarded-up shower where they would strip him down and throw him in. They forced him to stand in neck deep waters over night at times. On the tragic day of his death little Adrian died alone in a shower from brutal years of being beaten, starved, and treated liked dirt. Adrian’s negligent parents then bought and starved pigs for weeks and then fed Adrian’s frail body to them.

Adrian himself informed social services his parents had been locking him up two years prior to his gruesome death. Nothing happened, no one cared. He also had also informed them that he was being physically and mentally abused. Other’s had called social services closer to Adrian’s death and still nothing had been done to save this little boy from these cowards.

He could have received help two years before his death. The system failed him.

Take This With You

As sad as it is to admit, these are just three deceased children out of millions whose stories and overwhelming pain were swept under the rug until it was too late. Abuse fatalities happen often and it seems as though social services and others who could stop the madness just don’t care. The negligence and the irresponsibility these thoughtless people displayed is absolutely putrid. They have one simple job to protect our little ones.

If they can’t do it, who will?

Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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