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When Queen Elizabeth II dies, what will happen?

by giridn 2 months ago in history

Ten fascinating things occurring after the demise of the Queen.

Since 1952, the Queen has been decorated with the Royal Throne, the longest reign ever held by any British monarch. She saw more than a dozen UK Premiers and over 20 Olympic summer games throughout her rule and more than a half dozen popes. It is the cornerstone of the Commonwealth and the guardian of over 600 organizations.

Her demise will lead to an enormous change in the UK, with ripples around the world since her lengthy rule means that many political accords and balances rely on her word. It is so essential that a unique code name was established to govern the days and weeks after the passage of the Queen, the Operation London Bridge.

What's really about Operation London Bridge?

The news, as stated in The Guardian investigation, will phone the Prime Minister and transmit the triste news using code words as soon as the press releases reach the Queen's Private Secretary (Edward young),

“London Bridge is down”

News is transmitted then through the British foreign office to the leaders of the States of the 15 governments where the Queen's monarchy extends and of the 36 countries that make up the Commonwealth.

Modern and old ways to share the terrible news

Because of its extremely lengthy reign and its position as possibly the most revered monarch of history, the whole world will know when that final light of the ancient order of life dies. A news statement is issued to media outlets, big and small, and a footman in a mourning costume traditionally puts a black note at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The tragic news will also be displayed on the website of the royal family. All these operations need to be conducted in conjunction with the dissemination of fake news, like when word of the death of Prince Philip, a royal association, went around the whole world like a wildfire, while he was actually alive, good, and was just retiring.

The world of breaking news

No secret, news outlets already have obituaries and news items ready for the deaths of all public people who spend their normal life so that very little time is spent and the media can really focus on reporting the activities around the castle and the burial. The crucial thing is that when the Queen Mother died one BBC newscaster was harshly accused of wearing a black crawl, not a black one.

The tolling of the bells

Oh, and what a sad sound they're going to make! In Britain, traditions are at stake. The flags will go halfway around the churches of the whole city of London, with clocks blowing. The bell of Westminster Abbey will also be rung, which will be muffled in accordance with the seriousness of the occasion only upon royal death.

The bell will also be gravely toll for St. Paul's Great Tom, as shops and theatres will conclude, and sports will be canceled to let everyone outside Buckingham Palace meet, as the nation enters a time of weeping 10 days before the Queen's funeral.

The Parliament will convene

As Prince Charles departs the earth the formal Head of State will assume King's post and all the parliamentarians shall confess their faithfulness to him as the next monarch as traditionally has been. It was done since the death of the royal sovereign and also after the death of King George VI in 1952.

Arrangements are necessary when the Queen is not in London

What is going to happen if the Queen goes to London is subject to numerous rules. A vehicle will transport its body to Buckingham castle if she dies somewhere else in England. The Queen's private property, Sandringham House in Norfolk, may be an example of this. The scenario will be quite different if the Queen died in Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where she spends her summers because the people of Scotch have customs to do this.

She will be brought to Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, then taken to St. Giles Cathedral via the city's Royal Mile, before being put on the Royal train to London, as the train will take her subjects on the train to flowers as a train goes by. Finally, if she dies overseas, the Royal Air Force will take her to London. Her body is set in the Buckingham Palace, where she is taken in by a vigil by four Grenadier Guards the night.

Prince Charles will become King

Prince Charles' consultant told the Guardian,

“There are really two things happening. There was the downfall of a monarch and then a king was created.”

According to the time plan, Charles will speak on the evening of the death of the Queen and he will swear the oath, called the declaration of accession, at 11 a.m. and he will become the new King. Heralds will declare the King across the whole town as the trumpets ring and the flag rises, with cannons booming to his majesty in a regal greeting. However, the actual coronation takes months to allow the mourners a sufficient period.

Charles Philip Arthur George is the full name of Prince Charles. He would want to be either King George VII or King Philip or King Arthur, rather than King Charles.

The possibility of William becoming King

It is also possible that because of his age and his son is the favorite of a mass, Charles may abandon the throne. The rumors grew since the chance of this event was also shown in a play in which his wife, Duchess Kate, is involved with the plot to bring her husband up to the thrones. But Charles is most likely to joyfully assume the throne because he was obviously the heir since he was a kid and had waited for LONGER to be a king than any previous royal.

The Queen shall rest in the state

A few days later once Charles returns to London the Queen's coffin will be taken to Westminster Hall in a sluggish and mournful march. In 2002, 1600 soldiers and ladies attended the burial of the Queen Mother accompanied by the royal gun greeting and the funeral march of Beethoven. A few days after they arrive in Westminster, the public will be able to pay their respects to the King.

The change in succession lines

When Charles wins the throne, William becomes the obvious heir and takes on the Prince of Wales the title of State Tradition. The Princess of Wales, which she may renounce as a gesture of respect for the former Princess of Wales, would also be called Kate. The death of the Queen would place the children of Will and Kate at the second position, George at the third position, and Louis at the fourth. Prince Harry was the last in the queue.



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