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What Traits Do Sith Lords and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Sith Lords and Donald Trump... perfect together.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Star Wars has a universe that really seems to be able to split people into two parties—the Jedi and the Sith. If you're a Star Wars fan, then you've already had moments where you have wondered where you'd land in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

The valiant, reasonable, and understanding ones of us would be Jedi or supporters of the Jedi Knights. Those of us who are evil, well, they'd be Sith. You probably already know that the sweet old lady who lives down the street would probably be baking cookies for the Jedis who fight for the Light Side.

Most of the people we know have the kindness that you'd expect to see in a Jedi or a Jedi supporter. Our president, though? We're thinking he'd be a Sith Lord or a Dark Jedi. We have good reason to think he'd probably be hanging out with Vader. Here's why Sith Lords and Donald Trump have a lot in common.

Both are kind of reddish in color.

Humans aren't usually that pink-orange color that Trump is, are they? We're pretty sure that if he plays too much golf at Mar-A-Largo, he'll probably end up with the same complexion as Darth Maul.

Like, everything about his body seems to be pink or orange. His hair is orange. His face is pink with a light hue of Day-Glo spray tan shellacked on top. It's almost like he's subtly giving a nod to his Sith overlords, right?

Actually, he's also a really big fan of the color red—just like Siths are.

Both Sith Lords and Donald Trump are really huge fans of both black and red. In fact, most of Donald Trump's campaign gear was bright red. Those bright red "MAGA" hats could be Republican in nature—but then again, there's a lot to be said about Republican policies that would be very Sith-friendly.

Even so, there's more red on him than we'd expect to see on a Jedi. Just saying.

Donald Trump has a backing that is known for violence and infighting.

Sith Lords and Donald Trump are both backed by groups known for infighting.

The Sith species as a whole is known for being very violent and prone to warring. In fact, there's actually a major rift between Sith-human hybrids and "pureblood Siths." This leads to a lot of conflict, much of which is race-related. The Sith also are known for just praising aggression as a whole, which can easily exacerbate things.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's Republican party has had a lot of infighting dealing with healthcare in America. His biggest backers, the alt-right, also happen to be known for their racist beliefs which involve white supremacy. Oddly enough, alt-right groups are also at odds with mainstream Republicans, too.

So, yes, both Sith Lords and Donald Trump are both known for infighting—and lots of it.

Both Sith Lords and Donald Trump draw their power from fear, hate, and aggression.

Donald Trump made an entire political platform involving promises that he'd "Make America Great Again" after "liberals destroyed it." He promised to build a wall to keep out innocent immigrants, and promised to crack down on the "terrorist menace."

Everything that he said was done to invoke fear and get people to hate one another. That grew his base, and it would end up getting him to office as president. He literally drew his power from hate, fear, and aggression.

Meanwhile, the Sith Lords out there literally draw their power from hate, anger, and aggression. They also are great at eliciting it and manipulating people into becoming that hateful being. However, the hate that drives them tends to be internal rather than external—and they tend to get cooler powers, too.

Sith Lords and Donald Trump both don't care about planetary health.

Darth Vader and the rest of the Dark Side blew up Alderaan. Trump rejected climate change and in turn, put the Earth at risk of frying itself. The acts are similar.

It's safe to say that neither Sith Lords nor The Donald seem to care at all about what happens to planets.

Both Sith Lords and Donald Trump tend to think that everyone's out to get them.

The Sith are a species that's known for being suspicious and paranoid. In fact, when Darth Vader (a human) ended up getting influenced by the same Dark Side influence that the Sith use, he became extremely paranoid. He even believed that the very Jedi Knights who took him in were trying to hurt him.

Donald Trump? Well, he's called the Paris climate talks "a conspiracy against the American economy." He's also accused the media of "fake news" as a way to slander him and make him look bad—despite all the evidence that he's at fault.

Yes, it seems like both Sith Lords and Donald Trump have similar ways of getting paranoid.

Oh, and according to psychologists, there really is a Dark Side.

Looks like Star Wars was onto something. According to an article from Inc, there is a "Dark Side" to people's personalities. Psychologists actually look out for these traits as a way to diagnose people with personality disorders.

The "Dark Triad," as it's called, include Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. Trump has a lot of Machiavellian traits, and it's been regularly said that he's a narcissist. To a point, the way he handled climate change suggests that he also may be a psychopath.

Assuming that the Dark Side looks fondly on this stuff, it seems like Sith Lords and Donald Trump both will have all three Dark Triad traits. Darth Vader would be proud!

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