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What's to be Done with Donald and His Friends?

by Cathe Pearson about a year ago in opinion

Prison? Work Program? Seizure of Assets?

Unknown Paths by Cathe Pearson

You know who I'm talking about. The Mad King and all his enablers; Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Grahm, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Kellyanne Conway, Jim Jordan, Richard Spencer, Rand Paul, Daniel Ratcliff, and so many, many, many more.

In my opinion, these people are responsible for the intentional dismantling of US government organizations and services in an effort to defraud the American people, hold onto dictatorial power, and get rich.

You do know, that if they go to prison, it will be a white-collar, plush prison that allows them many, many amenities; more Club Med than prison, that WE, taxpayers, pay for (yes, prisoners do pay for extra food, phone calls, and other ‘extras’). I also don't believe they will actually learn anything in prison. Once they get out, they would go right back to their corrupt, illegal ways. And plan new schemes. It's really all they know. If they do go to prison they need to foot the entire bill, and they need to go to the worst prisons in the nation. Put them in prisons that are full of people of color serving time for minor drug charges (especially marijuana), those that were falsely accused and falsely imprisoned, those who need to receive mental health care, OR with rapists and murderers (because in my option, they are both!). Then they can complain all they want and receive no sympathy in return.

Remember, as stated above, federal prisons are paid for by us, taxpayers. There are other options. Judges have some leeway as to what sentence they impose. They can go with the highest time suggested by law. They can impose restitution, probation, community service, and time in prison. Restitution means the charged guilty party needs to pay back the victims of their crimes. In my opinion, the American people are the victims of tRump’s crimes and the crimes of his enablers. I’d rather they pay restitution. Not by cleaning up the highways, although that is an appealing thought. I’d like them to understand, first hand, what the people they have harmed experience. And quite frankly, I want MY MONEY BACK!! Here’s my plan:

As soon as Biden whips tRump’s ass in the election, investigations (including the ones that are already in process) need to be expedited. While these investigations are being conducted, any person from the tRump administration that is under investigation needs to be indited and put under house arrest immediately, with no warning, so they can’t leave the country. All of their assets are frozen (they can stay in one house, where they are under arrest). They cannot sell any assets, cannot rent out any assets, cannot trade any assets. They cannot travel. They will be under constant surveillance, which will be paid for from their assets. They could all be housed at Jeffery Epstein’s Herber N Strauss House. It has been used to house multiple people when it was a hospital, they could bunk up. They will be allowed one electronic internet-connected device, but NOT allowed to post on any social media sites. Any attempts to post will be immediately deleted and their accounts blocked. They will not be allowed to publish any writings of any kind, will not be allowed to give TV interviews or appear on any TV shows, including news. They will relieve any ‘staff’ who work for them and they will prepare their own meals and do their own laundry and house cleaning. If they attempt to contact anyone else who is under house arrest or any past ‘cronies’, all contact with the outside world will be denied.

They will be given $1200 (from their own assets) for the first 10 weeks they are on house arrest, for their needs. This includes food, utilities, medical care, clothing, toiletries. After ten weeks, if the investigations are still ongoing, a committee will decide if they are really worthy of any more financial assistance, based on how well they managed the first $1200. They will be ineligible for any social services (this means no food stamps, no welfare payments, no WIC, no unemployment, no nothin'😉).

Once any investigation is finished and any person is found guilty of ANY crime (including violating the Hatch Act ) involving stealing from the American people, obstruction of justice, campaign finance fraud, tax evasion, etc. that person’s frozen assets will be seized. All property will be sold; all jewelry, furs, planes, boats, helicopters, cars, houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, ALL assets will be sold and the money put into the US treasury to pay off all they have stolen (cuz, I’m pretty sure they have grifted hundreds of millions of dollars from us, the taxpayers. They can continue to live in their house arrest house, but it will be sold.

A judge will deliver a sentence, just like in any trial, but that sentence will be served in a different manner – no prison time. The sentenced person will go back out into society and get a job, on their own merit. There will be stipulations, however. They cannot work in a bank or for a charity, they cannot be a manager or boss of any kind. They cannot work in any government at any level. They cannot handle any money, other than their own paycheck. They cannot be paid more than the lowest minimum wage in the nation (currently the national minimum wage is $7.25), so they couldn’t work in a state with a higher minimum wage, like California - $13, Washington DC - $15, Massachusetts - $12.75, New Jersey - $11.00, New York - $11.80, Oregon - $13.50, Washington State - $13.50. They should go to Georgia or Wyoming with a minimum wage of $5.15 (other than businesses who are subject to Fair Labor Standards Act, must pay $7.25, Payco). There are also states who pay wait staff less than $5.15, rationalizing they will make so many tips they could easily go out and buy a Mercedes. Some examples of states that pay less than $5.15 an hour and have no stipulation that the total of wage and tips must reach the federal minimum wage: Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. These states pay their waitstaff as little as $2.13 an hour. The tRump gang can go get waitress and waiter jobs in these states.

They must fill out their own job applications, write their own HONEST resumes and cover letters that can be backed up with documentation, and work a REAL JOB for a while. You know, become ‘essential’ to the country, like a sanitation worker, a fruit picker, a truck driver, a hotel maid. The length of time on this job (or another they might get after being fired for not doing the first job correctly) will be equivalent to their sentence; so, a three-year prison sentence will be changed to a three-year work requirement at Burger King or Kmart in Georgia or Kentucky. They MUST maintain an 8-hour a day job throughout their sentence. So if they get fired, they need to get right out there and pull up them bootstraps to find another. You might think, ‘these people don’t have any real skills, who will hire them?' That is a good question, so in that event, because I want them working, I have some suggestions:

Donald Trump can work as a forest raker. It really requires very little skill that can be learned on the job. He should really appreciate this job because he seems to be really concerned about the forests not being raked. He should also take to it quickly; I mean how different is raking than swinging a golf club? You need a certain stance, you need to hold the rake just so, and you need to measure your swing so you don’t throw the debris further into the forest.

Mike Pence needs to be hired as a janitor in a Planned Parenthood Clinic. He doesn’t get to talk to anybody, in fact, he should work at night, after everybody else has gone home. OR he could work in a LGBTQ+ equal rights campaign with many, many gay, trans, bi people. He can talk to them – or rather, they can knock some sense into him.

Bill Barr can do shopping mall security! He would look real cute in a mall security officer outfit! He would be unarmed and would have to deal with issues of shoplifting, Slurpee throwing, lost children (Ooops, maybe he should leave saving kids to someone else!).

Mike Pompeo can be Secretary of Sanitation by collecting garbage and then sorting the recycling out of said garbage. He should feel right at home in this environment.

Ivanka can be shipped off to China and work in a sweatshop. Not her own, mind you, they would all be closed down and ownership given to the workers, who can keep them running themselves or they can sell and split the profits. But I’m sure there are plenty of other sweatshops that need people. She could NOT be a manager or floor supervisor, no, not Ivanka. I’d like to see her in the fabric dying room or being a clean-up person (I’m sure she has golfing skills equal to her old man).

Jared should be remanded to one of his slum lord apartment buildings. He can live in one of the units and work as the building Handy-Man, fixing burst pipes, plugged toilets, backed up sinks. He can clean up the playground and repair broken playground equipment (again, not when children are around. I don’t trust any of these people around children).

Don Jr can go to work in a meatpacking plant because of his love of killing things. He might get a different view of it from that side. Again, on the line, not in a managerial position.

Eric might be the dumb one, however, once he is found guilty of tax evasion or money laundering (which is bound to happen) he can go to work cleaning up that same meatpacking plant that Don Jr is working in.

Lindsey Graham needs to figure out exactly who he is, first. Then, he can go to work flipping burgers at Mickey D’s. He can’t take orders, or take money, just flip burgers. That will give him plenty of time to think about how he screwed over his country.

Mitch McConnell will be right at home in a horse barn, as a shit shoveler. I’m sure he has plenty of experience at this from his childhood and his time in the Senate. He sure shoveled a lot of shit in his 38 years in office.

Betsy Devos will work as the lunch lady in a school that is housed in a very poor district and has a lot of children who receive free or reduced meals. She will be required to learn about nutrition and some of her assets will be put directly into public schools; especially mental health, food services, improving technology, and transportation.

Eric Prince, brother of Betsy, can work for a gun reclamation organization, like Humanium Metal Initiative, where they melt down guns to create useful items, such as pots, motorcycles helmets, jewelry, watches, etc. ( This particular company operates in countries like El Salvador and Guatemala; soon to expand into Honduras and Columbia. He’d have to learn Spanish. This company gives its proceeds to victims of gun violence.

Once Jim Jordan is finally sentenced for all the abuse he ignored when he was working as an assistant coach for Ohio State University and his compliancy over all of tRumps corruption, can work again at Ohio State University as a ball boy. I was going to have him work in the locker room, but he can't be trusted. Ball washing of another kind for you, Jimmy.

Ted Cruz needs to be a waiter. He can't spit in anyone's food, no matter how mean they are to him. He will definitely need to work in one of those $2.15 an hour states. Also, no resorts or golf clubs for him. He's going to work in a coastal town's fish shack during the summer rush. Maybe AOC could give him a few pointers so he can be successful.

Matt Gatez, Devin Nunes, Kellyann Conway, Kailey McEnany, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and many, many more individuals also need to be tried as accomplices in this debacle and sentenced accordingly.

I think there are at least 100 individuals who should be tried for being complacent during this ‘presidency’. Senators and Congresspeople on the Republican side, who have ignored, encouraged, incited, were involved in the chaos of the tRump administration. If there are Democrats who have stayed silent or were involved, they need to be held accountable, too. They all need to be held accountable. ALL. None of them can ever be eligible for an elected seat in any city, county, state or nation ever again. Or an appointed one. NO work in government at any level for any of them.

Then, we need to change the laws so being a lawmaker is an honor and not a bee-line to being a millionaire and sneaking in tax breaks for the ultra-rich and policy for huge corporations, for the benefit of one's campaign or pocket. Maybe if lawmakers were paid the same as teachers, things would change. Flip that and I’ll go back to teaching!

The seized assets will also pay for the security that will be required to keep these corrupt people on track. They will need to be surveilled day and night, with shockable ankle monitors. They will also need to attend regular counseling sessions to become deprogrammed, if possible. We can also use those assets to compensate all the families who lost loved ones to Covid-19. There is never enough money to pay for a life, but these families deserve some relief. The families of Covid fatalities cannot be asked to pay any of the medical or funeral bills that accumulated because of this government’s failure to halt this virus in its tracks. tRump and his cronies are responsible for ALL of it.

“What about their children?” you may ask. I’ve thought of that, too. Based on my research, tRump has 10 grandchildren – five for Don Jr, two for Ivanka, and three for Eric, plus Barron. These kids didn’t ask to be born into this family and hopefully, they can be saved. The oldest is about 13 years old. I’d hate to see these kids ripped from their loving family (???), but I fear they will carry on their parent’s and grandfather’s evil. So, I suggest the Aunt, Mary Trump, take legal and educational control of the Trump children. She seems level headed. They can all live in one of the homes (they won’t own it, but they can live there) and keep a couple of nannies (you can bet they all have at least one). They can also keep one or two of their current tutors, provided they can be trusted to teach them to be honest, reasonable, compassionate people who know the difference between right and wrong and not to carry on the family’s heritage of greed, grift, and grotesqueness. They will need to be taught truth and science. They will all need counseling. The assets of their parents can continue to pay for their needs, but their needs need to become much more realistic (they should get a modest income that is level with an average American family living in the Mid-West) and they need to understand they will all be getting jobs and working for a living. Not in the banking industry or in government!

Once the adult's sentences have been served and the individual has met all the requirements, they can be released. Of course, they weren’t incarcerated, but they can move on. They can have their ankle bracelets removed. They won’t get any compensation, they will have to continue to work for a living, they will need to continue counseling. Any time they commit another crime, are in contact with another criminal, or are involved in the planning of another crime, their sentence is reinstated and they lose anything they gained and go to prison, since they obviously learned nothing by being a human being. They will no longer be surveilled 24/7, but will need to check in with a parole officer for the rest of their lives. They will need to file taxes every year, through an authorized, trusted tax agent. They will need to figure out how to pay for child support because their kids will still need to be supported. They can have their kids back, but the kids also need to continue counseling and get jobs when they turn 18. They have to pay for their own college and be admitted on their own merit.

These people need to understand how millions of Americans live every day. They need to actually contribute to society instead of stealing from it. After they have been found guilty, sentenced, and served their time; all their assets having been sold, they will need a little help. They will be given another $1200 (from their remaining assets) to get back on their feet. They can keep their job, or maybe they have learned some marketable skills and find a better one. Then they can find a place to live outside their house arrest home, because it will have been sold along with everything else. They can rent. They can all live together (that would make a GREAT reality show! Has Jeffery Epstein's island been sold?) By this time, we would have figured out just how much money they stole from the American people and their remaining assets can pay off that debt. When their assets run out, they will be billed monthly to continue to pay off their debt.

Donald Trump will NOT get a presidential library, a presidential portrait hung in the White House, a retirement package, a medical plan, or respect. The name Trump will be synonymous with greed, lies, racism, misogyny, bigotry, lust, and avarice.

Those who die while under house arrest or during their ‘sentence’ time will need to have their funeral expenses paid through any assets that remain. If there are no assets by this time, they will be cremated at the expense of the rest of their family and their ashes dumped in a landfill. Or made into lockets that must be worn by the rest of the family as a constant reminder of their foulness.

While all this is going on, the laws of this country need to be changed and updated to protect the American people from this kind of corruption going forward. Presidential candidates MUST release 10 years of taxes to be on any ballot. Congress and Senate seats will be required to live on their Senate/Congressional salary, including the option for 'Outside Earned Income' ( Their medical insurance package will be equal with the worst packages offered to the American people, and they will pay out of pocket, from their salary, for any additional care or coverage. We need stricter campaign finance regulations and limits. And they need to actually work. More oversight for these people, including the President. We are not a monachary. Our leaders are not above the law.

Just a few thoughts!


Cathe Pearson

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