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What’s Happening In The Circus Of Politics?

Being a politician is the hardest job of all, but the mouth-watering perk is irresistible to many

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Image by Дмитрий Бирюков from Pixabay

What does it take to be a successful politician?

First thing first — you must be a damn good actor

Because you need to fight against your urge to show your real thinking

Second, lying must be your second nature

Because you need to achieve your hidden agenda often

This needs some tweaking or twisting of the facts

If you cannot do any of these two

You might as well forget about being a politician

Otherwise, you’ll be swimming against the upstream

Or you’ll be the lone wolf among them

Unless you don’t mind being one

As the saying goes — ‘If you can’t beat them, join them!’

If after the waves of setbacks and frustrations

Your initial righteousness still stands firm

Wanting to serve the people and bring about change

Then you may continue your political battle

But be prepared for the enormous challenges ahead

* * *

It’s such a stressful 24/7 job

You meet your job more than meeting your family

You need to be a saint and be flawless

In all your conduct and speeches

Either in public or private life

Ensure you have done nothing wrong or shameful

Or you are extremely skillful in wiping off

Your evidence of wrongdoing and leave no trace of it

To be used by your enemy to put a dagger against your throat

To make you do the things against your will

Otherwise, you will have to retreat in disgrace

Vanish from this big political playground for good

Just like the defeated boxer that was knocked out

From the boxing ring down to the ground

* * *

Oh yeah! Make sure your family behaves themselves

To ensure they are not being used against you

Or they do not taint your name

Reputation is everything, you must guard it all time

Your nerves are on standby all the time

Just in case any unforeseen attack surprises you

You need to always wear your armor to protect yourself

Make sure you are bulletproof from the verbal attack

* * *

Oh, another thing… you need to be thick skin

It can serve as a protective shield

From all those criticisms and scoldings

Out of your silly mistakes or poor leadership

You must be damn good at reading people

Every ‘body language’ signals something to you

You must know all the rules of the political game

This includes those unspoken ones

So that you can swim swiftly

Along with all the sharks and crocodiles

* * *

Connections override credentials

‘You can always learn it, experience can be garnered.’ Your boss said

No wonder you are always so busy

As you need to learn about your new job

And to lead at the same time, within such a short time

‘Can this produce sound judgment and good decision?’

Sometimes you wonder

You took the offer nevertheless

As it’s a once of a lifetime chance for fortune

* * *

‘What’s the perk for me?’ is your utmost concern

How do we share the ‘cake’ is the hottest topic

When people raise their eyebrows at your such an attitude

You said ‘Of course I deserve it! I’m married to this job!’

‘Or else what do you think I’m taking all this stress for?’

‘For the people? You must be kidding me?!’

‘You just born yesterday?’ You asked

You quickly polish up your skill on how to hide your wealth

Ensure your name is not on the list of Pandora Papers*

These are just some observations

In the ridiculous circus of politics

From the eyes of a commoner like me

* * *

* More info on Pandora Papers:

* * *

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