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What It Means to Be a Trump Supporter...​

by Shiny 3 years ago in trump

Racist. Transphobic. Misogynist. These are terms often linked to Trump and his supporters. They are usually untrue. Why? I'll tell you.

As children, we grow up learning through our parents. We learn by seeing, experiencing and what we are taught. Depending on where you are from and what era your parents were from depends on your upbringing. I grew up in a middle-class household. My parents were taught to be responsible, active members of the community. My dad went to college, got his master's and taught middle school and high school band my entire life. My mom was an artist, art teacher and stay at home mom.

As a kid, I can tell you honestly, I benefited GREATLY from having my mom at home. It was a comfort knowing that when I got home from school my mom would be there. Or that on the weekends my mom would take us to the beach when my dad had a game or concert. (We mostly attended both, but on rare occasion missed a few). My mom didn't just spend her time at home cleaning and cooking though. She was and is a fabulous artist and when I was a kid she painted windows for stores, taught art classes at my school and painted banners for our church.

I was homeschooled when I entered fourth grade. That was our choice as kids. My parents gave us the option. When we moved we chose to continue homeschool instead of going to public school. Also our choice.

Why Being a Trump Supporter Isn't Bad

Being a writer is the best because whatever I write, there is no one there to interrupt me, bully me or assault me. For some reason, and I don't know who started this, people believe that Trump is racist. Let's define that term.

Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Let's talk about this definition. Calling Trump a racist means that he would have to say or feel that "White People" are better than Black people, Mexicans or anyone who isn't white. President Trump has actually done the opposite. He's hosted for Black History Month, hired more Black people and Women into his staff than any other president prior. More importantly, Trump has dated black women.

Now, how is it racist for President Trump to demand security at our border but it's not racist for the black community to have magazines dedicated to their skin color? Don't think there are magazines dedicated to a single skin color? Well, you'd be wrong.

  1. Essence: A Black Women's Lifestyle Guide, Black Love and Beauty Trends.
  2. Urban Belle: Online Magazine for Black Women. Founded due to a lack of more realistic publications for young and educated Black women. They have one vision: Make a dent in the media and are the rawest source for what's hot in Black culture.
  3. 1966: A magazine that speaks to all the beautiful Black women about fashion, beauty, hair, lifestyle, and travel. Meet Black business women too! Is their summary.
  4. Pride: Pride is described as the Lifestyle Bible for women of color for over two decades. Its claim is that it's unique and multicultural. Pride is a UK magazine.

The list goes on and on. There are magazines specifically on beauty, hair, and lifestyle and some are multicultural. On top of this, there are no other magazines for minorities in America other than Black ones.

If we published a white magazine people would go off their rockers. They'd be all, "That's racist!" but it isn't when it goes the other way? The argument that white people can't experience racism is a myth. Nowhere in the dictionary does it say "except white people." That is a fact.

The other issue that haunts a Trump supporter is disrespect towards women. For some reason, Democrats and Liberals think that all us Trump supporters are against women. I'd like to know where the logic goes when blaming that on a female Trump supporter.

Trump supporters aren't homophobic for the most part. A lot of us are Christians, some aren't and some just happen to be gay. While I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, I won't bully a gay couple for getting married. However, respect is a two-way street. If a gay baker, for instance, didn't want to bake a straight wedding cake, he'd be completely in his rights to decline. When a straight baker denies a gay wedding cake, it's homophobic. It's ridiculous.

It isn't a bad thing to have differing opinions. As a conservative, I've never voted to remove a constitutional right from the American people. Democrats and Liberals, on the other hand, have been voting to take guns away from innocent, hard-working Americans. Regulating my ownership of guns isn't up for debate. It's a constitutional right. The one thing I've held onto as a conservative is a fact that I fight for everyone's freedom. I don't agree with the gay lifestyle choice but I will fight to protect their freedom to choose to live the way they want. So long as they also, in turn, respect my choice of how I live.

I also have no problem with transgender people living their lives the way they want. However, I do think they should pay for their own surgeries. That is a personal choice and not funded by the government. Secondly, if you're transitioning to female but you still have male genitalia you don't belong in the women's restroom. Use the family restroom. This doesn't matter so much for single stall bathrooms with a lock. In bathrooms where there are several toilets in the women's, you have no place there if your genitalia doesn't match. I'm more concerned about protecting children than your comfort level.

I'm not even going to comment on misogynistic men because it has nothing to do with freedom in America. No man can force you to do anything, and no woman can force a man to do something. Trump loves women and praise him, he's honest. I'd rather have an honest man than a criminal in the white house.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants people to stop having children. You don't get to tell people how many children they can or cannot have, that is where you get into Dictator territory. That is why freedom exists.

I am also not super green, not vegan or vegetarian. I look at the laws of the Animal Kingdom. A lion doesn't care if a zebra feels pain. Most of the time a zebra is still alive when it's being eaten by a pride of lions. At the same time, I also don't believe in animal cruelty. Cows, chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep provide nutrition and materials. We need these things to live. The reason food is so high because we live in a time where someone else cooks food for you. That's the beauty of Capitalism. Business is booming. Burgers, Chinese food, Mexican food are just a few of the food places you'll find in large numbers. People who want to live green should consider moving away from the city and spreading out more. The country doesn't see the same issues cities do.

I'm an avid supporter of building a wall and getting our border under better security. As a Conservative, I want immigrants coming to America, but I want them to come legally. If they follow the law they will enjoy the same opportunities as other people.

Here's the breakdown against illegal immigration:

Hard working Americans (including legal Immigrants) work hard, make money and live in America.

Illegal Immigrants come and take government funds, don't file taxes, work for money under the table and take other jobs legal immigrants could take and then file taxes with; or not if they are under the bracket.

Illegal Immigrants don't work, they continue to have kids, get free food, free housing, free healthcare all the while hardworking Americans are struggling to find work, feed their families and are struggling because Illegal Immigrants are getting free help from the government AND working under the table. Because they aren't legal they can't file taxes, at least they couldn't up until 2019.

It's hard to thrive and get our debt down as a country when we're helping the entire world, plus illegal immigrants in our own country.

Secondly, in Mexico, if you are caught crossing the border illegally you serve time in prison. Let that sink in.

That is why there is nothing wrong, inhuman, indecent or horrible with being a Conservative Trump Supporter.

Why Is Bullying Okay When It's a Trump Supporter

This one really irks me. Why is it horrible and terrible to bully someone who is a liberal or democrat but it's totally fine and praised when it happens to a Trump Supporter? Just recently campus students on an unnamed campus in California were totally in agreement to put Trump Supporters in a camp and "reteach" them.

Republican Conservatives have never suggested that ever. Not when we had a Democratic president, and not when someone got elected that we didn't want.

Believe me... we could have treated Bill Clinton just like Liberals are treating President Trump. We didn't though.

I don't condone bullying against anyone. That doesn't include honesty, the truth or opinions. I consider bullying to be when someone says things to you that suggest you should kill yourself, end it, spare us, or just generally making someone question their existence.

There are going to be mean people in the world. You can't censor and block them all. Everyone has a right to their opinions, whether you like them or not.

What Matters Most

In all, what matters the most to me is that people stay free in America, immigrants come here legally, gun owners are taught proper gun handling but are not limited to gun ownership. The Black Market is shut down because that is where the bad guys get their guns, not legally.

A gun has a serial number on it. When you purchase a gun that serial number is registered to your name. When the weapon is used in a crime and is found, the serial number is traced back to the owner.

Most criminals buy their guns from back door dealers and black markets. No serial numbers. No registration. The gun could be passed back and forth several times. It could be used dozens of times and used to kill hundreds of people.

Instead of punishing innocent gun owners by taking away their guns, we need to instead go after HOW the Black Market is acquiring these guns, STOP them from being sold, and figure out a way to stop the illegal market altogether.

Human trafficking, children sold for sex, rare animals caught, killed and sold for their properties and the illegal gun trade are all things we need to eliminate in America.

A part of that is securing our borders. Not everything comes in by boats and storage containers. Some of it walks right across our border.

I'm an American, I was born here and I love our Flag. I love our troops, our President and I love our country. That is what makes me an American. My pride for the Red, White, and Blue.

Happy writing and may you walk the path less traveled.



I am a writer, author and painter. I have a Master's degree in Creative Writing and love writing about all kinds of topics.

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