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What Happened To Us Standing Together?

by Jason Morton 14 days ago in opinion

A Frank Look At America and Touching On Our Failures.

Even after an attack, could we stay together as one?

We aren't seeing "Frank" discussions about what happened to our country, and I don't think we ever will. Because these are just political talking points, when our leaders say, "we need to be having these discussions." They're statements meant to inflame and outrage, every time something unjust or unfair happens. Saying we need to have these discussions about our culture and our country don't solve problems. The only way to solve problems is, and you probably guessed it, to do the work. However, if there is one thing that we should have learned over the past couple of years, it's that the people who claimed to be our leaders, flooded our televisions screens, radio broadcasts, news feeds, and magazine covers, don't want to do the work. Sure, they'll say nice little phrases. Let's give Nancy Pelosi credit where it is due. She's good for positive sound bites from time to time. But where, Nancy, and the rest of you, is this people's work?

This may be an example of the one and only time I have ever agreed with AOC, but she has a point. I've wondered since Trump left office, where's the outrage by the democrats? They lead the charge to want to crucify President Trump over the policies. Where is their outrage as the number of kids being detained at the border has skyrocketed?

According to a March 29th, 2021 story by CNN, the number of migrant children in border facilities has reached its' highest number. Currently, there are over 5700 children being housed in what the election hopefuls called deplorable conditions. There are over 17,000 total migrant kids in US Government Custody.

AOC Still Is Not Happy With The Whitehouse

Lately, and yes, I blame a certain president for this, the people's work seems to be all about Twitter feuds and blasting their disagreements out over social media. Whether you're a republican or democrat, moderate or even, God help us, socialist, the ability to blast your hearts out over the Twittersphere isn't going to help us. Most of us want to use social media to be social. We want to see those puppy pictures, read a news story, see who in our family and friends is doing what, and for those brief few minutes of our day, when we are on social media, escape from the dreary reality that our country is a mess. The politics of our generation has taken away that innocence and that level of ignorance that made America a decent place to live. Long gone are the days you could say, I didn't know that, or it doesn't affect me. Because thanks to current day politics, we're trapped by smart devices, computers, and our growing addiction to following polarizing figures.

I wonder where, where was all the outrage, the hatred, the venomous bile spewing in 2013 when these buildings were being bought? Where were the hatred, the anger, and the shame-filled admonishments, when Obama and Biden opened them up? They were still kids, human beings, and being locked up. So why, was it a partisan issue, instead of such a humanitarian ideology, when they attacked the Whitehouse's policies before Biden got elected.

The Biden administration continues to struggle with the large numbers of unaccompanied children in its' care. They have the particular problem of being unable to move kids out of border facilities and into more appropriate care through Health and Human Services custody. By the way, does anyone remember the debates, when Joe Biden argued about kids coming across unaccompanied? Homeland Security, which is over immigration, reports record numbers of children coming across unaccompanied. Sorry, Mr. President, but you were sadly mistaken.

At 27:50 in the above Youtube video, Nancy Pelosi says the Biden administration has this under control. But, do they. It's expected that by September of this year, the administration will need as many as 34,100 beds to keep up with the projected number of unaccompanied kids arriving at the US-Mexico border. To put that into context, that's as many as 20% of the entire number of prisoners currently in federal custody in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

We've struggled through a virus and we have seen our cities and streets burn. What I remember, besides the obviously heartbreaking state of the country and how low we sunk as a society, was two sides bickering and squabbling, while the cities burned. Then, there was the second impeachment, over things that were said on January 6th. Yet, one side forgets, some said much worse.

The "Woke" movement caused cops to leave, by the masses, creating a situation that is unmanageable over the long term. Already, laws have been created, that will bring about the end to justice. Liberal politicians have caved to the demand of groups calling for the abolishment of police, defunding the police, and police reform, by doing what politicians typically do, going too far in the opposite direction. We've seen people's lives trampled by this already, and will no doubt see more lives trampled in the near future as the summer months approach.

In less than 20 years this country has gone from being one of resilience and fortitude, all standing as one, against our common enemy. In the 20 years since 911, we somehow forgot the bigger picture. We spent 20 years fighting, to lose ourselves to something that we didn't not want, a nation divided. We looked to leaders, who failed us. Our search for a different leader got us one we needed, but many didn't want him, because he wasn't an insider. People now tear apart the very country in the name of justice, the very country we all knew someone who fought for.

The world has spun out of control. It's as topsy turvy as it will ever get. At least, I can't imagine it getting any worse. But, as we all know, that's not the case. As shootings continue to be all the craze in the news, I can't help but wonder, where are our politicians as a 13-year-old with a gun is shot by Chicago Police. I feel nothing but sorrow for the mother losing a child, and I pray for the officer that shot the poor kid, unable to imagine what he's going through. Right or wrong in his actions, no officer I've ever met wants to go to work and take a life. Ending the life of a 13yr old must be especially hard to cope with. I'll pass no judgment on either side. That, in my opinion, is a job for the courts. Yet, we all know, in the court of public opinion, the officer will be deemed as wrong, looked at like the devil himself, and villainized for some time to come.

What it all comes down to, is not understanding the world or the insanity going on inside us all. But, unlike our politicians, we can all voice our questions, open our minds, and try to find it within ourselves to come together as one. We know Washington will never accomplish this task because let's face it, they're far too busy doing the "work of the people."

This year I've known victims and sinners. I wrote this because the times we live in leaves me questioning much. Anyone that wants to comment, or share views, can find me on Facebook in the creator's lounge, Twitter, and... Well, you get the idea.

Jason Morton
Jason Morton
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Jason Morton

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