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What do Ukrainians say about this WAR

don't believe everything you see on Facebook

By Maria Ostasevici Published 2 years ago 3 min read

The Ukrainians are destroying themselves, without the involvement of the Russians.

For several weeks now, everyone has been talking about the war in Ukraine between the Russians and the Ukrainians. Admittedly, everyone blames Russia as the biggest killer in existence, but no one knows exactly what's going on there.

The biggest problem is that there is too much, too much false news on this subject. I saw 3-8 year old videos, and people post them with the title "Look at what the Russians are doing in Ukraine".

What is certain is that Putin attacked Ukraine. But he did not attack the citizens, only the military bases. He simply destroyed all the weapons their neighbors had. Why?

The real reason is that NATO wanted to accept Ukraine as a member, they provoked the Russians by violating the agreement which clearly stated "NATO does not increase its area towards Russia". However, they brought soldiers to Romania, Poland and Ukraine. America said that no matter what happened, it would help this small country bring down Putin, they would fight to the end and all NATO members would be by their side. But what of the promises did they fulfill? Nothing at all.

Now Zelenski is a hero, but he is alone and could have lost his life to America's whims. He was very naive in believing that everyone would defend him, he was stupid and now the people are suffering because of him. But no, at least now a whole globe knows him, literally, because for many this president did not even exist, let's be serious.

And what death would be more honorable than that? If I were to choose to die as a hero and go down in history or lead quietly but unknown, I would probably choose eternal life in books.

I am not saying that I support what Putin did and I support him, but let's be serious now, this leader is terrifying absolutely any country and if he wanted to, he has been occupying Ukraine for a long time and not only. He did not want that, his goal is the peace of his country.

Imagine that a thief wants to steal your animals from the yard. You agree with him to stay away from your yard and you won't kill him and he seems to agree. But one day you see him looking at your fortune through the fence. What are you doing then? Do you invite them to tea or do u jump to fight? I would beat him and drive him away immediately. Putin did the same, he does not want the Americans with his state, he will not feel safe with them close. Yes, he acted cruelly by attacking, but what else to do?

I have friends in Ukraine, and from their words, a few days before, Vladimir Putin called Zelensky for days on end to discuss "what NATO is looking for in Ukraine." But Zelensky ignored him, he didn't want to hear about it. I repeat, that's what the Ukrainian soldiers are saying, not the Russians. If not out of fear, at least out of respect for being such a strong leader, he had to answer, to start talking.

Now gather what he sowed, that's it.

Thousands of Ukrainian citizens have fled their country to Moldova. Thousands of Moldovans came out to meet them at customs with everything necessary to support them in these moments. I do not deny, there are people who really suffer, mothers and children for whom your heart breaks. But there are many who do not value this help.

Ukrainian citizens in Chisinau make fun of Moldovans and their kindness. He screams and throws garbage in restaurants, he talks badly to waiters and ordinary people, he screams through the city, he parks illegally wherever they want and he doesn't respect the country that received them to help them at all.

We have many friends there, relatives. What they say is completely different from what they look like. Ukrainians kill each other, are cruel and without thinking shoot all in a row. A video was posted for a few minutes, in which the citizens of Ukraine put a Russian soldier on the cross, I fixed him like Jesus and set him on fire.

This video was viewed by many people and posted immediately. That is their nature, they are full of hatred now and they are taking revenge on everyone around them. In Hungary they are forbidden to enter, why? Because they did not behave properly, they were making fun of the country and all the people, and now all the Ukrainian people are suffering because of some senseless people.

I do not support Putin's attack on Ukraine, but why do some not understand that there are no innocents in this war, at least not among leaders.


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

Instagram profile: maria.ostasevici;

mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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    Maria Ostasevici Written by Maria Ostasevici

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