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How to Change the World

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

I'm passionate about being a person who is capable of changing the world. My efforts - my business ideas, my ways of making money, I'm able to bring change that is sorely needed. I'm the most passionate about everything I touch. I bring it to my work. People read my articles because I'm interesting and I can't help be interesting. I have many ideas that just might make an impact. Take my nonprofit, which is a way to help abused people with chronic illness escape abusive families only because we do not have dedicated shelters for us.

A normal shelter could be hazardous only because of germs floating around in there. This idea could help a lot of people. I want to start a series of shelters in major cities all across the United States. Or better, a network of living situations that can help others move away from their parent's place if they are truly trapped. Many of us with chronic illness stay close to family only because we feel the need to be close to them. We are uncertain of how our chronic illness is survivable on our own. Many of us do not have support networks either.

Many times our family won't take care of us because there is Munchausen by Proxy, which is why I've devised this idea as a means of helping people escape. Our families torture us for no good reason. We all need an escape plan. The escape plan is our lifeline. I'm looking for help with this project since I'm contemplating announcing it on a Crowdfunding website so as to generate interest in my community. I feel nobody wants to help the chronically ill. We are trapped by our society's need to keep us under our parent's thumb. It is hard to wiggle our way out of the trap, but we want to. We want to make our own money.

How long will SSI stay functional? We don't know until the next Republican coup arises. They really want to gut SSI. They want to destroy our lifeline because Capitalism means that much to them. Why destroy a group of people who are indigent? Some of us can work while others flounder. Those of us who want to make real money and get off SSI should be allowed to look into it. We should be allowed to make the effort. It is not my internist's call to make if that's the case. It is my decision to make real money.

I want to learn about jewelry making as a way to be enterprising about what I can do to make money. Us low-income peoples need to make real money for ourselves eventually. I wish I had a mastermind group of like-minded individuals who are ready to fly. I want to start such a group. Some people don't have the SSI tether but they have the stimulus check, and only the stimulus check.

I'm passionate about helping people escape their families because they are kept under their families oppressive thumb. There is a way to escape my own family by making my own money. I'm trying to attract more abundance in my life. Keeping capitalism as it is now is resisting the impact change can bring. They are threatened by something like socialized healthcare for everybody. With capitalism, we pay for everything. Paying for healthcare out of pocket is a scary prospect for me as I stay low-income if only to make sure I don't over spend. I'm trying to remember not to overdo too much.

I get judged as lazy lately but this judgment was corrected. Someone said I got stuff done with my time. This makes me see red flags again if the person judging can't handle reality. I work hard, and my therapist feels I work too hard. So I know my own opinion from someone else's. I know myself. I know what I need. I feel that I'm doing well with my life, so if someone else doesn't understand that, then fine, they don't. I also have made a conscious choice not to deal with my family.

They can't take my reality. It is why I want to make a real concrete plan to make money happen. I want to make a realistic plan happen. I want to make real money here, and make stable, steady income happen. I mean I have like two books totally finished, and two more on the way. I'm going to start submitting them to literary agencies. I've got to figure out ways of making real money. You have two paths, the path of least resistance where you fail, or the path of success where you do or do not there is no try, as Yoda said. Success is something that happens over time. It is not over night, it is not instant. You have to try your darndest to make your dreams happen.

My dream is to make sure those who want to make money, can make money, make money. We have to change ourselves on the inside, to reflect what should be outside, and the system on the inside. I have hope I have many marketable skills. This is why when my doctor told me to maintain my benefits; I was floored by her lack of faith in me making money. My beefstake tomato plants are still alive but my zucchini is actually dead. I want to make my own Bach Floral remedies, and this requires a business plan. I work insanely long hours as a writer and entrepreneur. I'm trying to get somewhere with my life here. So if I'm doing something productive, then that means I'm going places. I'm working on making my dreams come true. I have a lot to get done daily, as a self-employed person, and I'm looking for a real job. I'm trying to figure out how to make more money. Eventually I'm going to find a job. My family and what they have to say about my capabilities is pretty much a non-issue. I'm going to ignore them, and keep going, and ignore my doctor, at least about making money, and I'm needing to keep going.


About the Creator

Iria Vasquez-Paez

I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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