We will Never Forget

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America Stood together

We will Never Forget
9.11.01 Remembrance

It’s been 19 years since the fateful day of September 11, 2001. No one ever thought that America could Ever be Attacked but it happened and shook us to our core and at the same time brought us together. In a brief moment, everything was normal and then everything changed as that first plane hit the World Trade Center. Of course we thought it was an accident until tower two was hit and then we knew America had been attacked. Every Americans day and life changed in a split second. You’re going to work, school, starting your day then at 8:46am see a plane crash into the north tower. Probably think nothing much of it until the south tower is hit at 9:03 am. Then you realize something is really wrong. Try to make sense of it and you can’t as it’s all over the news and then you hear the president speak realizing we’ve been attacked.

Never Forget

I remember watching it unfold on TV and seeing when our president got the message, he immediately sprung into action. Unfortunately he couldn’t prevent it although some passengers on Flight 93 prevented the plane from crashing into the White House, despite the fact they lost their lives. Later that morning the Pentagon was hit. Our nation was hurting and several lives lost. Our first responders sprung into action no question without hesitation, some to the north tower and others to the south.

When America Stopped

Over a span of almost 2 hours America and the world changed forever. We knew that we would never be the same again. The towers collapsed not long after being hit 30 minutes to maybe an hour . First responders tried so hard to get everyone out of the towers prior to their collapse it was almost impossible. Including civilians, some first responders lost their lives on that fateful day. Those who were on the highest level of the towers that knew they wouldn’t survive were not alone. God was with them. So were others who didn’t survive, they helped each other get through those last moments.

Our First Responders

At ground zero when first responders United holding our flag, they worked tirelessly helping Americans and knew that they may not be coming home that night. For some it was their last call, the hardest but they answered the call no question. They walked into the towers without showing hesitation but knowing that there was a high likelihood that they may not make it out alive. Firefighters, police officers, clergymen despite their title or responsibility all came together for one purpose, to save lives. Clergymen sat with the dying and held their hand as they took their last breath. Some firefighters as well sat with those who didn’t make it out, some of which were there own. It was one of the hardest days for any American.

For the families, including firefighter brotherhood and police brotherhood, they knew that some of their family members or colleagues wouldn’t be coming home. Whether that be a husband, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, grandparent everyone was affected in some way. We respect their memory every year forward and we will continue to . It unfortunately led us to a war with another country but in time we succeeded. Let’s not forget the courage and bravery of those lost and those who faught for us on Flight 93, deterring the plane into a field. Let’s never forget the families, friends, first responders who were involved or affected by September 11,2001. We will never forget.

Every year forward from 9.11.01 the same question is asked even to this day- where were you? Reason, because if you were alive then you most likely remember, I know I do.

Abby Morton
Abby Morton
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