We Are ALL Wonder Women

International Women's Day About Women Who Inspire, Every Day, Everywhere

We Are ALL Wonder Women

On International Women's Day, it's easy to think of the women with celebrity status who have been held up for us to admire.

God knows, there's a range of them: Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize winner who continues to advocate for education for women everywhere after very nearly losing her life for doing so; Emma Watson, who is trying to encourage women to be feminists and be unafraid of the labels that sometimes come with such a role; little Bana Alabed, the young girl who was able to hit Twitter and show us the war in Syria from the eyes of our most innocent, and at a very young age is drawing upon untold strength that will serve her well when she's a grown woman.

But there are incredible numbers of women in our neighborhoods who are demonstrating untold courage daily. The EA who, in spite of flare ups of debilitating Meniere's disease, still comes to work daily with a smile on her face and plans to hit her SUP board later or do a 10 to 20 km run. The nurse who is taking oral chemotherapy to battle metastatic breast cancer while still taking university courses and going for daily walks with her dogs. The teacher, battling anxiety or depression, depending on the day, and fighting the urge to hide in bed where it somehow seems safer. The mom spending every day with her frightened child during his hospital stay, trying to be strong enough for both of them.

These are all strong women; these are women that are more than aware that love is louder than any anxieties or fear. These are women who have learned to find the strength within, to abandon the negative thought processes, and to embrace their personal power.

These are the women for whom so many have fought to achieve rights. International Women's Day isn't about having the women in your life head out for a day of shopping and hanging out at the spa; this is a day where it's important to realize just what little women would really have were it not for those who fought for rights before us.

Reproductive rights.

The right to an education.

The right to vote.

The right to breastfeed in public.

There are countless other rights that women have fought for, and these are rights that we wouldn't likely think of on a daily basis. Things like having the right to pursue careers beyond the traditionally female norms, or even being able to wear pants without fear of being forced to wear a dress. You see, it's International Women's Rights Day, technically; it is, however, easier to say International Women's Day rather than International Women's Rights Day. That technically means that we need to honor not just women, but the fact that they have had a range of rights conferred upon them.

So honor the rights the women and girls in your life have had conferred upon them. Let the women in your life know that they are supported and cared for.

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Christina St-Jean
Christina St-Jean
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