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United we NEED to stand

An earnest cry to the American People

By Melanie RosePublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Drawing by Melanie Rose

Our entire country has gone through a sea of emotions this past year and has been divided in more ways than one.

Every generation has their struggle to thrive in the face of adversity, and now is our time.

COVID-19 has flipped us all upside down and spun us around like a roller coaster flying through the sky minus the track to guide us.

It breaks my heart to see how our nation has reacted and what we are becoming as a result.

I am terrified to see how our choices now in this turmoil will affect my children and yours.

I have watched people tear each other down viciously and violently with their words and with their actions.

Families are unraveling over politics. Cities and towns have been torn apart because of actions from law enforcement and hatred of another race or group of people.

Many people are afraid to leave their homes for fear of disease and the violence that has taken over our streets.

When did cruelty and brutality become so common?

How did the thought of kindness and respect become foreign?

What has happened to our America?

We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world.

The home of the brave and the land of the free!

The place where people dream of coming to build a life they could not have in their home country.

This week is, no doubt, a pivotal one for our nation.

We have cast our votes, and the decision will be made who will lead us out of this pandemonium we find ourselves in or dig our hole even deeper.

You may disagree with the person who becomes the next decision-maker for our country, but you are the decision-maker for your life.

YOU are in control of your words and your actions towards the people around you.

Your life is the sum of YOUR choices!

If YOU choose anger, you will get anger in return.

If YOU choose to hate, you will get hate in return.

If YOU choose violence, you will get violence in return.

If YOU choose cruelty, you will get cruelty in return.

Why are we surprised when awful things happen to us when all we have spread around in this world are these harsh words and negative actions to someone who doesn’t think like we do or act like we do or LOOK like we do!

How about instead… We choose to show kindness to every person we come in contact with.

Kindness to the person in line in front of us at the grocery store.

Kindness to the people in traffic around us.

Kindness to our neighbors walking down the street.

Kindness to our FAMILY and FRIENDS!

Kindness to the person who may be struggling beyond what you can understand.

That act of kindness or word of encouragement or even a smile could be the one thing they needed to have a little hope in such dark times.

Let kindness become a part of your fabric. Make it common in your daily life. Let it become second nature to you.

Everyone has had to struggle in 2020 in one way or another. There is not one person on this planet, INCLUDING the decision-makers of our country, that COVID-19 AND this election hasn’t affected.

I have struggled…

I have struggled to educate my children from home.

I have struggled to hold onto a roof over their heads.

I have struggled to provide a paycheck coming into my home.

I have struggled to keep a smile on my face.

And I have struggled to be kind.

We have ALL fallen apart and be broken at the seams. We have ALL had to adapt.

If we continue to fight each other over our differences and tear each other down because we don’t agree or have a different color skin or have a different experience in life, then how will we ever move past all the things that have been put in front of us to overcome.

A single person can not make the changes we need to see in our country and our world. It will take EVERY single person TOGETHER to create a future for our children and the generations to follow.


About the Creator

Melanie Rose

Writing can free your soul. At least it does for me. I am an artist and a mother first, but writing gives me an outlet to let my brain wander and create stories to expand my artwork in a whole new way! Follow me @melanierosecreates

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    Melanie RoseWritten by Melanie Rose

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