UK Troops in Yemen: A History of Violence

by Johnny Vedmore 8 months ago in opinion

We can't keep supporting foreign wars with our continued silence.

UK Troops in Yemen: A History of Violence

Our country is weak. Our citizens are disillusioned, and susceptible to promises, which can never be achieved. Our previous generations had warned us constantly that we should never let this happen again. The many angry people of these British Isles, who feel voiceless and persecuted, are crying out for an authoritarian figure, who can unite them under another crooked and murderous ideology. We are on a path to civil war and death camps, and if you think I am exaggerating then you are incredibly naive.

Tens of millions have been murdered for us to get where we are today, what makes you think that will all stop now? Everyday your tax payer money is knowingly spent on murdering people in other countries. Our population seems fine with the knowledge that we have troops on the ground in the Yemen, involved in an illegal conflict. None of our elected representatives voted in our name to help murder innocent Yemeni children, but that’s exactly what is happening. Even the soldiers based in Yemen apparently laugh and joke about their presence being illegal under international law.

We are making the same mistakes over and over. Foreign policy decisions, such as having a secret occupying force in Yemen, are responsible for the recruitment of Jihadi soldiers globally. The BBC and the so-called “free press” are meant to hold our government to account on occasions such as these. But on issues surrounding the United Kingdom’s military occupying territory on foreign soil, the various media outlets are suspiciously quiet. The mainstream UK media have played their role in hiding the stories, which the official powers want to keep from the public. The BBC actively collude with our government to create a more acceptable narrative for the pleb-like population of the United Kingdom.

How do we stop this cycle of collusion and war? The answer; we have a revolution and we hold the people who have worked together to deceive the British taxpayer legally responsible for their crimes. We should introduce retroactive legal measures, which will severely punish those who conspired to hide the illegal wars from the people. That includes punishments for the members of the press who know that the UK have invaded countries illegally and conspired to hide it from the population.

I understand that the idea of holding the powerful to account with retrospective legal powers will leave a bad taste on the palette of many. But we need to show the world that we do not find this kind of behavior acceptable.

British colonial history has left our nation with an erroneous belief that we can gain and retain ownership over territories located thousands of miles away from our own country. But this is just an absurd assertion. How can we claim any moral authority within the modern global community when they all know us as cheaters, crooks, and murderers? Well, we can’t. The truth is that the whole world is aware of our consistent lack of morals and dignity. Our integrity as a nation is now solely based on using the BBC’s worldwide news network to spread pro-British propaganda to the people of this lonely planet.

The current paradigm has already helped to achieve global mass murder this century in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Our post-millennial governments have helped in the murder of around two million foreign nationals. Not one of the United Kingdoms military interventions have been honest, and all have caused power vacuums in the affected countries. Our actions in Afghanistan and Iraq created the Islamic State movement, our intervention in Libya has led to an official failed state, our actions in Syria have led to a global proxy war between world superpowers, and our troops coordinating airstrikes in Yemen have killed more civilians than soldiers. Who are we? We’re not liberators and we’re not saviors, but rather we are global bullies. Great Britain hides behind the strength of the USA to murder the weak and the poor.

And what does it say for our soldiers? We call them heroes and we send them to kill the disenfranchised citizens in countries bereft of any opportunity, let alone any hope. We need action to stop the murder of innocent men, women, and children by our out of control military industrial complex, and that action will not come from our government or our media. It will come from our population standing up against the murderers who hide behind political office in our own country. It will come from direct action. It will come from revolution.

Johnny Vedmore
Johnny Vedmore
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