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Trump Is Going To Win This Election

by Sigmund Carlson 2 years ago in opinion
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Be ready for another four years of Trump. Not necessarily bad news.

Image by Ralf Genge from - Trump is usually underestimated, but his charisma conquer voters from all classes.

Mainstream is telling us that Donald Trump will lose the election. Still, the hard truth is Trump has all a populist need: fear, an active social movement, and silent voters. The same motto of his "revolution" in 2016. Victory speech had all the ingredients as the called for action, or the country's unity, in the same way, that far-right populist talked along with History.

Pandemic is always debilitating for democratic governments; it doesn't matter the country or the party. Looking up the polls in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and in all cases, political opposition is scratching percentages here and there. Yet, it's not a guarantee of change.

Black Lives Matters is excellent news for social justice because it focuses on discrimination, not only for black people but also for the feminist movement and LGTBQ rights. Social justice is a mobilizer for leftist people, even for the indifferent. The problem is that this is something bidirectional. Medium-white-classes and worker class are always receptive to the fear-speech.

There is always an issue with violence (even the legitimate one) in two primary senses:

Worker class takes conscious of their exploitation and starts the movement; in this time, usually in a gentle way, but they are always hungry for an organization. The matter is which one is going to convince them and take the direction? The answer is clear.

Middle-class and small business owners, have a sense of security rooted in traditional authority: a vitalized police, an army, and a national guard. Trump identifies old values and exploits them. Black Lives Matters struck fear into their hearts.

For resolving this maze, it imperative to dive in History. A teacher for all of us. In the Weimar Republic, the Spartacist Uprising (1919) started with great success after World War I. These communist revolutionaries had all that they needed: a mass party, workers able to go until the last consequences, even the defeat of Germany benefited their fights. But the government (a socialist one) called the freikorps (a far-right paramilitary movement) and jobless soldiers to put down the movement. The result was appalling with the death of Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebnestch visible heads of the action. More than 200 workers were killed. Communists started to lose the support of their comrades, and workers join the nazi party. The faith of the Weimar Republic was sealed.

One could say, at least Biden is moderated contrary to Bernie. Well, that's the source of all troubles. A left-wing party, so politically correct, is going to reprime every riot (legitimates or not). Meanwhile, the silent movement, it growing, people who believe in conspiracy theories, mythologic ideas, America was great. White people feel humiliated.

Diagnose could sound outdated, but sometimes, the reality is hard. This is a question of class, neither race nor genre. Perhaps another four years of Donald are a necessary bad for the uprising and union of movements with poverty as their first line of actuation.

In conclusion, the only tool against bigotry is a strong union. Symbolism is also a clue, a fist against injustice.


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Sigmund Carlson

History is the tragedy of life; poetry the epitome.

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