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Tory Golden Boy: Rishi Sunak.

Is The Tide Turning Against Wishy Washy?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Rishi Sunak told Sky News that people should judge him on what he did during the pandemic. This was a happy time for UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. Millions faced lockdown due to the COVID virus and were afraid of losing their jobs. Mr Sunak, provided the furlough scheme, which paid employees 80%, of their wages. This scheme saved thousands of jobs in the UK, in all sectors. Loans and grants were provided for businesses. Sunak brought out the 'eat out, to help out' scheme. Mr Sunak was even tipped to replace Boris Johnson, as Leader, of the Conservative party and Prime Minister. Such was his popularity at this time, that he was called, the 'People's Chancellor'. The BBC showed him as a cartoon figure dressed as Superman throwing money at the poor.

However, since then, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, for Mr Sunak. He is accused by many now of being out of touch with the reality of life for ordinary folks. Mr Sunak is the richest MP in parliament, he is married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire. Mr Sunak has more wealth than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr Sunak's Spring statement has been criticised for containing little help or no help to those on low incomes. The Spring statement is the Chancellors assessment and forecast for the UK's spending budget. This statement drawn up by Mr Sunak about what money is being spent and where.

Before the release of his Spring statement many wanted Mr Sunak to do more to help with rising energy costs. Mr Sunak has in his mind at least gone some way to alleviate the problem of the cost of living. Mr Sunak has provided a scheme where people will be given £150.00, a one off payment, to help with Council Tax. Mr Sunak is providing a £200.00 loan to energy users to help with the soaring costs of gas and electricity. However, this loan, has to be paid back over 3 years.

Sunak is coming under increasing pressure, however, to do a u-turn in his statement. To address the issue of energy costs and other rises in the cost of living that will hit the poorest harder.

Mr Sunak has conducted an interview with Sky News. In the interview, Mr Sunak, admitted he goes to bed "every night" knowing that he "cannot solve all the problems people want me to". Mr Sunak with this statement is defending his Spring statement. Mr Sunak continued, "no matter how many hours I work, I cannot even in this job, do all the things people would like me to do".

Labour's Rachel Reeves accused the Chancellor of not helping those in poverty in his spring statement. The Office for Budget Responsibility said we are seeing "the biggest fall in living standards in any year since records began in 1956 - 1957". The Office for Budget Responsibility advises the government with economic forecasts.

The Resolution Foundation has warned 1.3 million people including 500,000 children will fall into poverty. The Resolution Foundation said that Mr Sunak must do more to address the issues of the poor. And take steps, with immediate affect, so that the poorest do not fall in real poverty.

Meanwhile the British papers have given the Chancellor various nicknames. One name is 'Dishy Rishi', supposedly, because women find him very handsome. While others call him, 'Wishy Washy Rishi', because of his Mr Bean-like demeanour.

Its not just Mr Sunak, though, who has been in free fall. Boris, highly popular, during the 2019 general election because of Brexit, is also in free fall.

Elections come in May, the Conservatives, may take a thrashing in these elections. With this Conservative administration, we have seen 3 Prime Ministers, sleaze, cuts, etc. In fact, everything you would expect from a Tory government. The next general election is 2024 or even before. Let us hope, whenever that general election comes, Sir Keir Starmer and Labour, are ready to win and provide a much needed alternative.


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