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To Heal A Nation

by Dr. Williams about a month ago in controversies
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The Rise Of Tyranny

After a weekend undisputed violence that rocked this nation there are concerning questions that need direct answers with solutions that will restore and heal the gaping holes in our society and our economy. It is in education that holds many of the answers. When we look back in the history of the United States, we find the roots of racial prejudice stemming from the way our politicians ransacked the reconstruction process following the Civil War.

Today we find ourselves emersed in a quandary of unparallel divisiveness that is tearing this nation apart. On one hand we are being torn apart by a political process that for decades has only managed to accelerate the growing divides. Accentuated by years of political maneuvering that has spun this nation around from economic dominance to one of economic reliance. Meanwhile the racial prejudices have been allowed to fester and are now being encouraged to upend the gains of equality. We must remember that hate and prejudice are not inherent but are taught empowered by the lack of education and a stable and nurturing environment. Which in the United States our politicians have managed to almost eradicate in so many parts of the country.

When there remains such a vast disproportion of economic, and financial opportunities encourages the fostering of splinter groups to challenge the status-quo. When so few have so much and so many have so few the balance of our nation is poised to send our whole society into chaos. And we can thank our politicians once again for such a wonderful job in dismantling our country.

  • To heal the wounds inflicted calls for massive reforms and restructuring of not only our political system but our government. From Supreme Court decisions to governmental bungling of their domestic and foreign policies from the past 45 years all have created the epidemic of hate, violence and oppression that have fueled the growing divides in our society and the rest of the world.

The internal conflicts that we face have to be resolved first by understanding the Original Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The interpretations from the Supreme Court are many of the sources of our failings in our educational system dating back as far as 1968. To many Generations have now been the recipients of an educational system that no longer is the best in the world. And when we fail in education, we subsequently fail at everything else.

In Plymouth Mass. there is an obelisk with these inscriptions dedicated to our democracy, Liberty, Education, Morality and Justice. The erosion of these four guiding principles have manufactured the many crises the US is facing today. And now when this nation faces so much inner turmoil, we have to recognize our failings and usher in the needed reforms that will restore our credibility through-out the world.

It was Thomas Jefferson who warned us what our government has turned into and our right and obligation to this nation to rid ourselves of self-serving beurocrats that continue to sidestep the rule of law. The recent furor over the continued debate of Roe vs Wade where the will of the majority seems to fall on deaf ears within the Republican party where are freedoms are no longer free and attainable paves the way for tyrannical rule.

In recent years the failings of government have created the environment that induces the violent reoccurrences of mayhem through their unwillingness to usher in a crime bill that address the mortality rate by automatic weapons and implementing the technology to prevent many from ever being able to not only acquire a weapon but to actually use that weapon. And until we foster real economic growth and prosperity, provide a nurturing of empathy and humanity in our educational process and restore the balance in our society this nation will soon implode.

Fulfilment of the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution is where the majority of a nation's population have enough disposable income to spend {stimulate economic growth}, save {10%}, pay down debt, and invest {again to stimulate economic growth} is the greatest deterrent to economic and financial calamity. A calamity that our nation is facing today. Implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Unification will serve as the catalyst in uniting this nation into one nation filled with equality and prosperity for all Americans.


About the author

Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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