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The Years Of Living Dangerously

Today's Violent World

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

The years of living dangerously are now upon the world today. Untold carnage has seeped into ever corner of society. When you look at practically every major city around the world from Chicago, Buenos Aires, to Damascus, violent carnage is an all too frequent reality. The sociological shift in our society has given birth to a totally different, more unconscionable, uncompassionate existence where the sanctity of life has been replaced by an epidemic of violent carnage against man, animal and nature. Never a second thought as so many willful perpetrators of death and destruction continue to carry out heinous acts of violent behavior that have transformed humanity's existence.

There are many attributing factors that have led to this so-called evolution, then again we just might as well call our sociological shift a deep descent down that slippery slope of moral decay. We have to remind ourselves that whenever a society succumbs to amoral behavior as the norm, society becomes fragmented to the point of no return. History has shown that when this happens as it did with Ancient Rome, where decadent behavior became so commonplace, Rome was doomed. We are witness to the same scenario today within not only the United States but in every country that has seen this sociological shift within their own society.

Today, the senseless killing of innocent human beings continues. Now, questions really have to be asked with concise answers that would minimize and even negate the travesties that have only continued more frequently all around the globe. Yet, too many times especially in the United States those in positions to effect change continue to be dumbfounded as to what course of action to take. Is it really that difficult to come up with solutions that would stop this senseless slaughter? Could it be that like everything else that would solve some of humanity's most pressing crisis, monetary constraints continue to thwart the implementation of those solutions? Many a time, proposals that would do just that end up nowhere because some legislature, politicians and public officials are all too busy greasing one another's palms.

In Great Britain following the Dunblane massacre, the government passed the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1 of 1997 and the Firearms (Amendment) Act 2 banning private possession of handguns, automatic weapons and other assaults weaponry. Since the late 1990's Great Britain has been the one country that has practically eradicated violent acts and deaths attributed by gun violence. Meanwhile, the United States and other countries around the world continue to be plagued by these types of needless deaths and injuries. The violent crime rate all across the US has only increased ever since the Brady Bill was passed–and that was decades ago. When people inside the so-called safety of their homes are no longer safe from a stray bullet, when TV reporters are gunned down on live television, when a policeman is gunned down while filling up his police car; these are all-too-frequent, senseless acts that should have been averted. And yet, these types of crimes have only escalated. The carnage continues.

When we talk of contributing factors that lead to violent acts we have to look inward. To date, the United States continues to be the world's largest consumer of illegal drugs: cocaine, heroine and meth lead the way. Then we have to look at all the budgetary cuts from the mid 1980's that have closed many a mental illness facility and hospital which has only led to more mentally challenged individuals left without proper meds, without proper care, and worse yet, left homeless. Then we have to realize what society itself has manifested into. No longer are we the innocent embodiment of good and virtue. Instead we have morphed into a society where the 'me' attitude has now prevailed. A selfishness, a love of money, and a void of morals has taken hold of society today. Then we have to really understand what has happened to too many American families. The demise of the family unit has set in motion a chain of contingencies that have led to many of today's problems. Everything from gangs and gang related violent behavior, to the continuing influx of illegal drugs and the increase of many children being subjected to harassment in school, have al contributed to many atrocities now being committed. The largest percentage of crimes committed are all done with weaponry that should have been unattainable in the first place. And yet every crime bill that has come out of Washington has failed. And, the carnage continues.

Yes, the years of living dangerously are here and continue to lie ahead if we don't effect policies that address the many urgent crises that our society faces. One can understand the reason why the Second Amendment was established. The right of American citizens to own and bear arms has served America well for over 200 years. But, that right has now become so intertwined with political expediency; anyone can obtain weapons that are designed for only one purpose which has led to too many instances where that right is not a right at all. This, the 21st century, is a far different reality than when the Second Amendment was passed. We have to first understand that once a right becomes not a right the only recourse, as what Great Britain did, is to do likewise. If we followed the precedent of Great Britain with our own version of their Firearms Act, with implementing changes within our own society the years of living dangerously could very well be behind us.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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