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The Year 2020 A Year Of Extremes

by Dr. Williams about a year ago in new world order

Catch 22

What started out in January of 2020 half a world away is where we should have known the dangers that lay ahead. But, we were either ill informed or were denied the opportunity to acquire and safely implement the safety protocols that would have minimized the disasters we are facing today. The levels of incompetence of the Trump Administration in response to this Global Pandemic has led the United States into the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression. The medical community is at the breaking point due to lack of leadership to unify a national response to curb the steady growth of this very deadly virus.

The results we are seeing all across the country is a testament to the profound failure of leadership and the consequences of a public's lack of understanding just how dangerous this health crisis really is. This pandemic should never have been able to reach the magnitude and scope it has become. Questions need answers to why the United States has such a enormous task in trying to eradicate what is now a plague sweeping across the country.

There is a parable that fits this pandemics rise. The ever increasing rates of this disease reflects to how dense the population is relative to the intensity to the numbers of people in close proximity to each other. And, how dense the population is in terms of intellect. What underscores this is that for decades our education in our schools has been suffering a steady drop in intellectual capacities among our youth. Which by today we have generational declines from the past 40 years.

When we have had over 70 million voters go the the polls and cast their ballots in support of candidates who have shown their intellectual shortcomings they have fallen into the same bracket. For they too show their own intellectual shortcomings. It has happened before and it is still happening today. This is only part of a larger problem the United States is facing. We are not only fighting ignorance, a deadly virus, but we are up against the greatest income and wealth disparity gap in our history. The level of poverty has unleashed a torrent of misery that is only exasperating the ignorance, and this deadly virus.

Today, the number of people who are homeless or face unimaginable horrific living conditions has only accelerated. The sweeping changes needed to curb this pandemic coincides with a unilateral approach in turning the tide of ignorance and apathy toward those who find themselves trapped without the resources to avoid falling into a cycle of poverty in which it is impossible to climb back out. In every instance where there is acute poverty there has been little or no effort to eradicate the horrific living conditions that parallel worst than third world countries. And, this problem is only getting worse.

Even if this proposed vaccine manages to curb the rise of this dreaded disease still won't solve the nations imbalances that have and will continue to escalate the divisions that have prevented this nation from fulfilling the great promise to all Americans. Long before this Pandemic the United States was being ripped apart by factors that have accelerated the nations rise of poverty, sickness, greed, and apathy.

These underlying conditions have to be not only addressed but policies implemented to rectify the deplorable circumstances millions of Americans face each day. For far too long there has been a steady avoidance in addressing the issues that amplify the rising rates of poverty disease and substandard education. If we do not put in place the reforms that would decrease the rise of poverty, homelessness, disease, and substandard education this nation will continue to slide into obscurity.

This past election shows that we are a nation divided against itself. Until there is a national referendum the likes of which only National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation can bring the deep divides will only continue. The divisions in our nation can not produce the measured results that would bring this nation out of the major crisis that are the causes of our division. In other words "a catch 22 situation" we are faced with today. And, the only way to solve this is by realizing we have to educate ourselves on the merits of what National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation will do to pull this nation together.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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