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By 🕊Published 2 years ago 7 min read
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Meghan McCain, I too have been told that I have inflammatory wit, thankfully. It’s important to remember that in our Quick Mart of media, we should cherish her expressions on The View and be less inclined to believe that production wants us to feel otherwise.

It’s beyond a different opinion. It’s McCain’s active commitment to expanding what it means to be a conservative, White woman in America. I know that many would tell me not to, but I do have sympathy for her, she’s an affirmation that “it” can be done, we can love America for its definite benefits and be hyper-critical. I don’t want to get into her apparent mishaps (humanness), which I’ve learned from some in The View vlogging community may be scripted disasters, if you’d like to find something, anything, you can, multiple versions of it at that.

And, yes, I too have tried to pin down Ben Domenech’s beliefs based on some of his Twitter choices. I’ve tried to rationalize some of the confusing snafus at The Federalist. Nevertheless, it’d be wrong to reduce any woman to her husband’s actions, regardless of industry or status. Besides, I prefer data. Also, I follow her sister-in-law, Emily Domenech, on Twitter, and she has a casual commentary that I enjoy, she seems nice. I also know who Doug Domenech is, I’m honestly not politically-savvy enough to comment further.

Meghan clings to objectivity in a way that has been lost by her age group, the fringe millennials and younger. I’m glad I know this isn’t the truth, but the belief that the most patriotic individuals are the most divisive has reigned supreme for too long. Her bouts with Whoopi (the most painful for me), Ana, and Sunny (love her), forced me to start digging deeper into conservative media, not just sites, but old Tweets, old clips of many of the people she follows, of many of the people who’s tweets she favorites. I spend quite a bit of time seeing who favorites what because it’s like it’s more private and personal than a Retweet, which is weird, but it’s a little treat basket of what people privately believe, to me, truth-lite.

There’s nothing more racist than omitting facts, especially as it relates to fatalities. Regardless of how or who is saying facts that may be hard to hear or may need more context, altogether rejecting a reality based on this is dangerous and already too far gone in many ways. Yes, cancel-culture isn’t a thing unless it’s something horrible. Still, contrast is enriching. We’re asking people to understand nuances and calling them racist, sexist, and idiots on their way there. If they don’t use the proper words in an indifferent way on the journey towards the ever-changing, nuanced understanding we command, it’s a lose-lose. Do we want people to be honest when we have the hard talks, or do we just want them to listen? If you wish for listeners and nothing else, there are many ways to do that, but when you “clap-back” (respond) to something that’s in the open, the fight, the conversation, should get sharper as it ensues and the only way to do that is with research. More importantly, if it’s honest, it’s not going to be a clean smile the whole way.

I have the grounds to say that LGBTQIA people and Blacks do not do enough research. As James Baldwin’s observations suggest, enough study of Black history, since we’re the distressed group that profitably trends the most, will put you in such a plateaued “constant” rage state, you may be so angry that you won’t get mad, react at stale cycles or lies. And you’ll be able to measure the actual danger of exaggeration and, hopefully, learn how much agency we still have as individuals when it comes to fixing, saving, and advancing. I’m not talking about euphemizing experience, no “Pull yourself up by the bootstrap” beliefs here. Still, much of the reactionary behavior from Americans we’ve seen comes from the lack of hard digits tied to the suspicions presented on TV abusively. We’ve all been encouraged to suppress media abuse, compounds of emotional injuries, with work and materials, or even simulated experiences, happy terms.

The way the hosts of The View fight and return the next day is indicative of conflicts people have with their families and friends all over the country, collisions that have increased since the 2016 election, which shouldn’t have taken that to be the case. Regardless of your political affiliations, and their importance to you, the push to learn more about government functions and purveyors as a result of Trump’s win is a great thing. The heightened accountability of journalism was coming anyway, the acceleration of such presents great opportunity even though it’s a bit messy at the moment, scientifically too much. One of my favorite constants is that everyone with a platform isn’t a journalist, and sometimes our behavior supports the opposite, I’m certainly guilty of that.

Some people will never agree on specific topics, and that’s called boundaries, it’s what makes America so vibrant, it’s television. Some people will take much longer to understand the need for discussion of some topics, that’s free maturation testing for at least one of the debaters involved. Some people, which I can get on board with, will always be skeptical. Meghan comes from a family with step-kids, Black in-laws, an adopted sister from Bangledesh, and, frankly, none of that information should negate or certify the compelling points she’s made each week. More importantly, none of that should excuse or explain her delivery of those points, our responses after that. Many liberals simply don’t know how to mind their business, something I learned the hard way (culprit and victim). We often claim to want this equal society, well, you’ve got to be devil’s advocate to keep that up because the competition isn’t dwindling, everyone’s got a motive and blind spot. We need people like Meghan, who is passionate about sovereignty, pro-life, fiscally reserved, campaign-experienced and skeptical, who want the best for America, to be on our screens speaking for the person that many of us went to high school with and know. To her credit, she’s far more intelligent than plenty of folks who are superficially Republican to hide ignorance. She’s not just a blonde, daddy’s girl, and furthermore, aren’t we tired of that being synonymous with racism?

There are literal hate groups in every state, Virginia having the most (look it up), don’t dilute the word “racist” because we cannot afford to lose our table guests, and we can’t afford to ruin the bloody history that led to this nation’s progress. Too many people aren’t themselves out of fear, I wouldn’t want that for myself, we shouldn’t want that for anyone, it’s dangerous. And as it relates to privilege, why on earth would we want the alleged hosts of such damning privilege pushed out of the necessary conversations?

Andrew Yang, my dream VP pick, tweeted last week that we’re too “argument-heavy and data-shy.” Yes. Why do we not learn of the unarmed Hispanic men that have been killed by police (16%)? Why do we not talk about the 13% of Blacks employed by our nation’s police force, making excellent salaries that they might not have gotten otherwise? Why do we not discuss the actual crime increases that come with less surveillance? I believe the answer for most is that our feelings are hurt, that’s not illegitimate, but if the data’s out there, we should make the news stations give it to us straight, we might react in more productive ways. We might be calmer, and we might better understand why 10% of Blacks are ready to vote for Trump again. Note, I’m not one of those people, I’m just saying.

I think Meghan lives a reality that is objectively helpful for American lives that have been wholly blue-state, blue-city, and nothing else; this includes many trans-experienced people like myself. There’s Kat Timpf, S.E. Cupp, Janice Dean, Inez Stepman, but Meghan is TV and nobody serves it liker her. Even as we question motives, fair, let’s not let the learned information become a catalyst for dismissal only. Try everything, I want every last crunch of the heated buffet, and I hate buffets. 26, though it might be 27 by tomorrow, Black trans women have been murdered in 2020. We barely know or use the victim’s names, and we don’t know their murderers, it almost seems like nobody cares. No one is above critique. A lot of us are trying to do better. Sometimes, even though it’s literally daytime TV, Meghan has, like, really hurt my feelings, assuredly why she needs to return and stay.


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