The Real Winner of the 2020 Election: Jeremy Boreing

The Daily Wire VS Hollywood & The MSM

The Real Winner of the 2020 Election: Jeremy Boreing

As of this writing, there still is no clear winner in the 2020 US Presidential election between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. In the time since Wednesday, we've seen several scandals unfold, causing both sides to cry afoul. While one man will eventually become President, they will do so in a way which will be contested in the eyes of their detractors. The process itself has lost credibility in the eyes of both the right and the left, meaning that whatever happens in the White House, our democratic republic clearly is not the winner in this election. It is hopefully a low point in American history which will be fixed for future elections in the courts, but hey, after 2020, not to mention 4 years of vehemently disgusting mainstream media lies, most of us don't have a lot of hope left for happy endings.

However, amongst all the smoke and fire and chaos, one man stands tall, clearly with a plan designed to win a long term war, and not just a battle or two along the way. A plan to strike back at the greatest tools the left has at its disposal, the mainstream news media and the entertainment industry. This man, as you've surmised from the title of this article, is The Daily Wire's COO and widely worshipped God-King, Jeremy Boreing, a Christian pastor and former film-maker who does not live up to his last name's pronunciation. In fact, anybody who has seen him being interviewed or participating in Daily Wire roundtable discussions knows he is about as far from boring as The Macho Man Randy Savage was, albeit in a much less screamey/punchey/elbow dropey sort of way.

I have said for a long time now, well, for as long as I've been red pilled anyway, that the right needs its own Hollywood consistent with its values and beliefs. Not only are they missing out on an important propaganda tool which the left fully utilizes, but conservative actors, stuntmen, directors, writers, hairdressers, makeup artists and the rest of the folks who help to create movie magic deserve a place to work where they don't have to live in fear of their political ideology being discovered. Ideally, I'd love to see a non-partisan version of Hollywood, a place where storytelling and film-making are put above pandering and woke virtue signaling. In that same vein, I would be much happier if people stopped killing each other, dog meat farms closed down worldwide and I had some talking penguins as pets. What's that they say about wishing in one hand and pooping in the other?

There were four major announcements from The Daily Wire's live election coverage that I think are going to be a major tipping point in the culture war we are all embroiled in right now. The first being investigative journalism. We all know Fox, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of 'em are about as corrupt as corrupt can be, yet, we all watch them, just because they have the reporters. Since they have people on the ground, we sift through their messages, trying to separate fact from hyperbole and outright lies, largely because it is what we are used to doing, and there aren't enough well financed alternatives. By adding three investigative journalists to their staff, The Daily Wire is going to be lessening the gap between the longstanding mainstream news media and the burgeoning conservative news media which has spawned as a result of the former's incompetence and dishonesty. While three investigative journalists is nothing compared to how many shills a major network employs, it is a start. Rome was not built in a day, and I wholeheartedly believe this big step forward in content offered by The Daily Wire will snowball into a much needed avalanche of honest reporting.

The second huge announcement involved Candy Owens, one of America's most brilliant young minds, and her upcoming show on The Daily Wire network. A program with a live audience, they didn't give away a lot of what Candace Owens' new show will be about, but knowing the two parties involved, one imagines big things. Hers is a voice that is largely responsible for distributing red pills to ethnic communities nationwide, as well as any white folks who will listen, which earns her the ire of racist leftists on the daily. Her current podcast is a bastion of intelligent talk and thought provoking guests, so whatever they have planned will undoubtedly be game changing for the right's ability to produce top dollar entertainment that speaks to the masses.

While much of The Daily Wire's content is free, there is a paywall for those who want to see everything the network has to offer. The value was good before, but with The Daily Wire's new partnership with one of America's most important organizations, Prager U, one's head practically explodes at how good of a deal is now being offered. The absolute wealth of knowledge provided by Prager U rivals the greatest libraries throughout history, and better yet, often enough in easily digestible video form! By adding such a strong educational element to their overall product, this partnership is going to do much to educate people and bring awareness to issues which the mainstream media prefers to rally against, or outright ignore. Knowledge is power, and the team of Prager U and The Daily Wire outshines even Arnold and Carl in Predator.

Watch out alien scum, there's some new hunters in the game.

Which brings me to the final announcement, and the one I am personally most excited about. Not content with just being a company which delivers entertaining takes on news stories, The Daily Wire is going to attempt to create a conservative Hollywood in Nashville. I mean, what could be better than a Hollywood with good BBQ and girls with southern accents, but I digress. Starting off with a full feature film, as well as a scripted show from the delightfully twisted mind of Andrew Klavan, The Daily Wire enters itself into the world of entertainment for entertainment's sake, and soon will no longer be just witty riffing on current events.

This is huge. This is revolutionary. This could literally change the face of this nation for generations to come. If The Daily Wire can maintain this momentum they have going and continue to add scripted content creators and investigative journalists to their family, Hollywood, which is bleeding money and facing major backlash for the wokeness which has spread through their land like a plague, they could solidify themselves as one of the most trusted names in not just news, but entertainment. Considering how many people just recently cancelled their Netflix due to the whole Cuties debacle, the time for a morally suitable replacement couldn't be better.

Like I said earlier, Rome wasn't built in a day, and The Daily Wire has a massive uphill battle on its hands over the next couple years to ensure the success of their new ventures. In my estimation, if any group of people can accomplish their goals in this endeavor, it is Walsh, Shaprio, Knowles, Klavan and Boreing, especially with the genius of Candace Owens and Dennis Prager backing them up. I know I'll be tuning in, will you?

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