The Real "Inconvenient Truth"

by Razi'El Muntasir about a year ago in opinion

Worldwide chaos begins with your internal chaos.

The Real "Inconvenient Truth"

There was a video posted on this social networking site about folks who eat canines. Many were commenting about its absurdity and disgusting nature. Though I agree this is, in my opinion, "disgusting behavior," I would be remiss not to add the folly in the biased perspective of this populace, particularly in the U.S. and others like it. All intentional needless killing is "immoral" and if one feels one type of inessential demise is alright, then ALL are acceptable, according to this mindset, by that very same logic. This video showing folks consuming dogs (which I had no need to observe in its entirety) is no worse than individuals eating chicken, pig, fish, cow, crustaceans, turkey, frog, deer, lamb, eggs, etc. Americans seem to be on a self-righteous high-horse and do not appear to recognize the hypocrisy within its own convictions. Somehow, dogs and cats are deserving of our compassion… yet pigs are NOT?! The fact that it is in your culture or you have been doing this for a long time is far from a sound argument.

You want to know why there is such madness within the human psyche and displayed through behavior? It's because we actually condone it all. These concepts that we excuse mentally and emotionally, then carryout physically, are echoed through the universe and eventually find their way back to humans, in a very similar and, I must admit, at times, in well-deserved fashions. This is what some call Karma; "The roosters coming home..."

In other words, if you wish to see the end of senseless killing, mass killings (random or organized), destruction, rape, torture, kidnapping, enslavement, wrongful imprisonment, natural rights encroachments, and the other egregious violations, STOP CARRYING IT OUT! Stop voting for its continuation with your dollars! Stop working for such companies! Do not sit idly by while it happens, especially not in your presence! These things are what happen to the animals you eat prior to them even getting to your plate and it will continue to happen to you and your loved ones if it does not stop.

To add insult to injury, many folks claim to be "animal lovers," yet they still eat a different type of creature every day, more often, multiple times a day. It is "justified" by using phrases like "in moderation," "they are bred for this," “they want us to take their goods,” and one of the worst, “they are treated well, then killed in a very ‘humane’ way and we prayed over it”. That is to say, if I killed you “humanely” and prayed over your corpse, it would be alright with you. There are many more nonsensical or delusional phrases to mask reality than I just mentioned.

Well, seeing them—other animals—as "lesser beings"... this is what is/was thought and even said about humans as well. It has likely happened to most cultures and nations at one point in time. Ironically, this is also what is being said about YOU and your children right now. Things always come full circle. No, you say? Then explain to me what a soldier is, if not considered "expendable;" a "means to an end," by those who dispatch them frivolously, but would NEVER do the same with their own children. As for the citizens of such places, this is why you must "fight" for "rights" and "privileges" to/for the most basic things. To those watching, with the knowledge, wisdom, and OVERstanding... believe you have proven yourselves to be "unworthy" of natural and inalienable rights and even deserving of oppression, abuse, and death.

I know the cognitive-dissonance will prevent most from seeing this connection and even more from admitting it. Nonetheless, the facts are, on many levels, from the most meek to the wildest extrovert, the "average" to the most "strange" of you, if you carry out these actions, you are openly casting your vote for the continuation of said atrocities, even if you do not act out directly against humans, therefore, the universe will apply such things holistically within and throughout your lives. This is why so many have their lives in disarray in many aspects, and cannot figure out why.

This is not "just the way it goes" nor is it in any compacity the way it has to be. It is the way we make it. Don't get mad because your unhealthy diet drink has unhealthy ingredients! That's moronic. Don't get angry because your cheap food is cheaply made. It sound imbecilic. Corporations like Monsanto and the like exist because YOU have asked for them to. FDA misleads you because you find it too difficult to learn and research critically. Governments cover up the "truth" because you don't really want to know and even fight to remain ignorant. They fight senseless wars because you do. The systems are racist, sexist, etc. because YOU are! Things feel hopeless and helpless... because YOU feel that way. The world is crazy because YOU are crazy.

All of these things are a reflection of our collective condition. These so-called wicked individuals carrying out the most grotesque acts are your neighbors and loved ones or even you. Quite often, the worst things of all... are perfectly "legal." Disagree? Rewind to Nazi Germany, or right here, along with many other areas with the genocides and slavery, in addition to countless other groups, times, and places. History/OURstory/ HERstory, tell us that most of the worst things are done by the complacent "normal" folk and ALL atrocities can and will be "justified" to begin or commence desired acts, regardless of potential or obvious detrimental outcome(s). These days are no different. I would even go as far as to say they are worse. Keep in mind, every single one of the corrupt agents, government officials, executives, administrators, officers that operate and carry out these heinous deeds... are ALL chosen from amongst us.

Do not fret… there is hope… and it’s simple… though it may not be easy. Wake up, learn well, teach others, apply knowledge through wisdom, better self, and service others, do significant things, OR be wise and humble enough to not get in the way of those of us whom chose to excel and improve circumstances. There is no obtaining true peace or deep spirituality unless we exhibit peace through expressed compassion and respect for every spirit in the manner in which we wish to be respected.

Health & Harmony, 55

Razi'El Muntasir
Razi'El Muntasir
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