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The Price of Human Life

by CD Turner 11 months ago in opinion

Should be priceless. Should be.

How long must we weep at the altar of logic and reason before the world makes sense again? As a purveyor and lover of dystopian fiction and weird obsession with tyrannical governments of history, I can't help but feel this is the catalyst to the apocalyptic fallout looming over the horizon. Economic turmoil, civil unrest, groups of people wrongfully blaming other groups of people for the nation's problems, systematic maiming and murdering of political dissentors, a plague wreaking havoc faster than research can be conducted for a vaccine...the checklist has more checks than empty boxes.

This is usually the part of the dystopian thriller flashback of how things went wrong when either a) a militant organization stages a coup over the government b) the plague devastates the country to catastrophic levels c) a war breaks out over resources d) nukes decimate the entire planet. If the US government actually had smart villains running the country instead of evil, layabout idiots, Scenario A would have seemed likely. Though counting in the resilience of American revolutionaries taking to the streets now for Black Lives Matter, they would most definitely fail without drastic measures. That's the only hopeful light in the darkness, seeing all of these people fighting back against systematic racism.

But there's still a big problem. A big orange problem. An actual orange would be doing better than Trump at being president. You'd think his fanbase would have dried up faster than his wife when he takes his suit off, but alas, stupid will follow stupid until the end of the Earth. I've already seen a TV ad for Trump-Pence 2020, a thought that makes me want the sweet, sweet release of death, full of the usual grandiose overstatements, outright lies, and masturbatory descriptions of himself. Yet, his fans lap it up like pigs in a trough.

Now, if you voted for Trump before in 2016 because your conscience couldn't justify voting for Clinton, I don't blame you. There are some rational Republicans, believe it or not. But if you are still voting for Trump in 2020, you are purposefully ignoring the outstandingly long list of damages beseeched onto America because of his so-called "leadership". Reading the entirety of all of his rollbacks ( in terms of civil rights is like reading an apocalyptic log before the implementation of a fascist government. He has villified Muslim communities, LGBTQIA organizations, African-American communities, immigrants seeking asylum, women, low-income populations, veterans, and American persons dependent on healthcare insurance.

If you are voting for Trump in 2020, I am going to assume that you are a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic citizen that wants to "make America great again." No, I don't care if you refute any of the those terms. Because if you are going to vote for the man who has alienated minority demographics since his inauguration, I cannot respect you. You can vote for him. That's your right. But you don't have any right to my respect. If you going to support an Us versus Them society, you need to prepare to become Them. Basic human rights shouldn't be a matter of who votes for who, but it is.

Life in the US has become a struggle for basic survival. Of course, you rich white Republicans don't know what it's like. White privilege is a thing. I am very aware of my privilege as a Caucasian woman. I'm less likely to be pulled over by the police, followed by employees in a store, and I'm more likely to get a job. I went to a fundamentalist Christian school that only had maybe 8 Black students and teachers out of 90. The curriculum was extremely racist, teaching us that African apartheid was a good thing because "Black people are lazy".

You'll probably be like, "Well, you don't have to worry about these issues, you're white. So, why are you complaining?"

Because I think Black people are human beings like you and me and don't deserve to be assaulted just for being Black. Because I think transgender people should be able to go out in public without fear of being raped and otherwise assaulted. Because LGBTQIA people deserve protection against discrimation in their workplace. Because Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Christians, and Buddhits are people and deserve to be treated equally regardless of what they believe.

Human life is not refundable, nor is it disposable. The color of your skin shouldn't define what you're worth. Life is worth living, not spent in the dark with a hateful soul.

CD Turner
CD Turner
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