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by Terraine Smith 12 days ago in opinion

The Village

Through self-examination, I have aborted. I consider myself an abortionist.

The New Oxford American Dictionary’s meaning of abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy: the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus. Under this meaning, I have never aborted! Nor have I done so according to the Biblical definition, and or religious meaning, and understanding of abortion, which is “Simple the killing of a baby inside a mother’s womb, and a violation of thou shall not murder.” However, I have aborted humans by my treatment of them. Some intentional, and some unintentional. Some knowing, some not knowing. In my dismissal of them, via my body language, facial expression, my disposition, and attitude, and yes, to sum it up, I have aborted by my thoughts, words, and deeds. I terminated many human beings and possible relationships after they came into this world. That is far more reaching than just the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus.

I found it interesting when aborting and abortions are spoken of, they are only spoken in terms of women terminating an unwanted pregnancy via vaginal expulsion. However, not all aborted pregnancies are unwanted pregnancies. In many cases, they may be performed to preserve the woman’s life due to health reasons, or there is a problem with the fetus and its survival. Therefore, we do not know the reasons why each, female abort a fetus and I don’t believe we can necessarily control each female in their decision to abort under our present human understandings. However, I do believe we can help these women in making wise decisions-in love-for their lives, so they will decide not to go that route of abortion.

The word “murder,” rolls so glibly off of tongues in terms of a woman aborting, even though abortions are legal. Our society, the village, can be quite judgmental in its condemnation of abortion. We penalize all parties associated with the act of aborting a fetus; The woman for her decision, the doctor for carrying out the act, and the nurses that assist. Judgment can come quite easily when we do not understand the whys for the acts. So in that, compassion is withheld. However, I do believe there is another kind of abortion, that we do not consider as abortion, that is ingrained and universal.

The literal Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, meaning of abort, is to induce, to terminate, to cancel, to abandon, which leads me to understand that all abortions are not vaginal because they all do not come through the vagina. For instants, all rapes, are not through penis to vagina-we rape the land. So under Webster’s meaning, it appears, not all females are doing these aborting and or all aborting are exclusive to the female gender.

Could the suggestion be, all humans, men, women, and children, have the stain of aborting? This includes our system and government laws abort in many ways.

I began this piece with stating, “I have aborted and not one of those abortions was vaginal.” My children were all aborted-all five-after coming into the world. They were aborted by me first, and then by others-family members, and society. As a result, they are great students and teachers of their learned abortions.

The characteristics of these abortions come via dehumanizing through verbal degrading, mind control, not allowed to exercise choice, and not allowed to exercise their birth-given rights and talents. Our society is very fluid and preverse in this act-slavery. Other characteristics of abortions are lies, theft, omission, denial, character assassination, and many other pernicious ways to “terminate” a person as human beings. Why are these not consider abortion? Is it because we are taught and conditioned to see abortion only in one way, which dismisses, and excuses each, and every other human being’s unconventional way of abortion?

So, now the woman brought the child(ren) into the word, for the world to abort her and the child(ren). With endangering another new living human being, mind, body, and soul.

I often wonder how many parents realizes they have aborted child(ren) after they where born into the world by the way they were raised, and how they treated them? There is a term our society uses when a child is born into the world, and not wanted, “ Throw Away Child”. So I ask, what is worse, aborting before the child come into the world, and we have not tainted the little mind, body, and souls? Or, after they come into the world, they are shown, how much they are not wanted or loved, which does affect, and effect their little minds, bodies, and souls? It is a fact, that we have so many foster children, in our society, needing a family, that we are over extended-especially African America Children. So many children, living on our dangerous streets in America.

Statistics shows the Caucasians, Hispanics, and other Nationalities, are preferred to African America children for adoption. We are in jeopardy of programming, and raising human beings with the same mindset, and behavior who believe that there are human beings who have no value, and are not valued especially if they have noticeable mental, physical, and or character flaws, and their status in life is sickly and or poor. I, too, am a victim of that mindset, and behavior, as I am also guilty of teaching that mindset and exhibiting that behavior. One can not take a clean cloth and clean water, and clean up a dirty surfaces, without that dirt, tainting the clean cloth and clean water.

Yes, I have aborted my children after they entered the world by my treatment of them. There were many times I refused to take time with them when I should have. I did not listen to them when they need me to listen. I was not much a supporter, very controlling, and not patient enough. Spoke profanity, instead of spoken words of encouragement and love. I did not exhibit acts of love. I was down right selfish in my feelings towards them as burdens. Treating them as if they were an inconvenience in my life, which was exhibited also through physical abuse. But I never considered those acts as an abortion, because I too was taught and conditioned to think of abortion in one way, and one way only-uterus vaginal abortion.

Fathers also aborted children-in many cases-by leaving the mother, after dropping their seed(s). And if they do stay with the mother, quality time was not spent with the mother and or child(ren), nor standing by their promises and more. Abortion may come in how they treat the mother, in a degrading manner. But again, we do not see these as abortion-abort. And we do not see men as an abortionist, except in a doctor's status, that performs abortions. All, Induced expulsion of their little human minds, feeling, and maybe expulsion of their souls. Have we hardened their hearts, by taking away some or all of their hopes and dreams? In changing minds, we changed hearts, and in changing hearts, we, change behaviors. Negative and or positive. It is a two-way street.

Families abort, through old traditions in stifling a child(ren) natural talent because of authoritarian rule and old outdated customs. There are many unconventional abortions.

I sometimes wonder why some women abort? Could it be because they too where aborted by thoughts, words, and deeds, by their parents and family first, and certainly by society, so to have that fear of not wanting to bring a child into the world? We have aborted many women, through negative labeling, ostracizing, marginalizing, isolating, all demeaning dispositions, and attitudes. Do we not see how we aborted them? . I think in all of these misunderstandings, and nonunderstanding of the person, and the word abortion we need a different approach, and a new understanding of the word, and what it truly means for individuals in their own lives.

The groups that take up the cause for and against abortion, I think, are one in many ways. First, the words Pro-Choices, and Pro-Life both begin with “Pro” meaning, favoring the legalization of abortion; Pro-Life meaning favoring life, and Pro-choice meaning favoring choice. There are many aspects that can come from those two Pro’s. However, I am going to come from the aspect of “Choices,” and from a line in a poem, “ Help me to understand, rather than to be understood.” I believe in our nonunderstanding or misunderstanding we heap guilt and fear more than understanding, and or forgiveness. I believe the gift of trying to understand others is a gift to understand who we are as human beings.

The choice was one of the many gifts of life, given to the first human being. In choice, there is no forced decision making. Force is control, not love. So, I ask, why do we try to force women not to have an abortion, by forced man laws, as opposed to gifts of choice, love, truth, and light in how we treat them. I truly believe we all have been giving the gift of choice. So, why do we not allow women that same precious gift of choice?

Yes we are to lovingly tell and lovingly direct, but not force-even though I, too, am guilty of this deed. I never did understand why, some abortion activists, kill other adults to stop the killing of babies. It just does not make much sense. How does that work?

The word Choice means the “right to choose.” For the right to choose, is one’s right. The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary states, “The act of choosing.”

I ask myself this question, what came first, life or choice? The answer came back to me, as life is choice, and choice is life. I never known a dead person making a choice. It also came back to me as “Love!” For life was a choice, and love allows choices. I believe the human race was created from love and choice. So maybe, just maybe, if we, meaning each, and every human being, would show more love than judgment, and allow choices, these women may want to choose life instead of abortion. For true love is a healer, it is LIFE, and it covers a multitude of sins on both sides. I am a murder. I am an abortionist.

On the merit of the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary words, to induce, to terminate, to cancel, to abandon, could it be said, we are all complicit in this abortion problem, in some way, shape, or form? We are all the village you know.

I know many will not agree with me on this but, I am not looking for agreement. I am hoping for a better and loving understanding towards these women that choose to abort. To change their hearts and minds, so as not to go that route of abortion. And in that, we are also changing our hearts, minds, and actions. It is a two-way street. We are the links and the chain. If anyone of the links in that chain is weakened or broken, the whole chain is weak and broken. WE ARE THE VILLAGE!

Terraine Smith
Terraine Smith
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Terraine Smith

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