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The Left Is Now the Right

by Michael Blair 5 years ago in controversies / history / politicians

Donald and Vladimir

In these unparalleled weird times, strange bedfellows are playing footsie with each other!

The so called communist Russia and the ultra right fascist groups in Europe, are closely linked, as is the closeness of President Donald Trump with President Vladimir Putin. Even some Republican politicians are backing Trump's stance on Russia.

This is unheard of in modern times, but is not a huge surprise to anyone who knows the history of dictatorship across the years. The main agendas of these groups are very similar. They all want control of their respective populations.

That has been true of communism since its take over of Russia in 1917. These people who wanted "equality" ruled their miserable begotten people with a fist of iron in a chain mail glove. Each subsequent leader was worse than his predecessor. Using family members to spy on their own families and friends. Always looking for incidents of dissent. This was also the way of the entire Eastern Bloc until the fall of the Berlin Wall. People who expected a different world must be very disappointed by the way things have gone in the last thirty years.

Many hundreds of thousands of people who had been "tried" for treason, were either executed or sent to the Gulag prison camps to serve a life sentence of hard labour. For most, being executed would have been prepared to the long lingering death sentence of the Gulag.

In the fascist state of Hitler's Germany, the same conditions applied. Family members spying on each other and people disappearing overnight. The attempt to annihilate an entire race, similar to the Russian treatment of the Cossacks. All dictatorships have to have an enemy to keep the population afraid!

Hitler and his insane beliefs are regarded as right wing. The Russian madness is regarded as left wing, but they are completely interchangeable.

The main desire is to wipe out any or all opposition to the state.

Modern politics has always been run on watered down versions of the mad left and right, but at the moment in America the whole political world has been turned upside down and inside out! Nothing is what it is supposed to be anymore, which has confused political commentators worldwide.

The so called rabid right Fox News must be totally confused, having to support a party which is now closely associated with Russia, of all countries. A rethink of everything they ever knew has had to take place. Rupert Murdoch, who is not fussy about where his money comes from, will not be bothered about the Russian connection, but the Republican politicians must feel as if they are in an alternative universe.

Imagine them waking up in the morning and instead of life being a clear run, insulting anyone who isn't them, they have to say nice things about their most bitter enemies. This must be a living nightmare!

The Democrats must be equally confused. But then, that is not something they aren't used to feeling.

The Russian influence over the so called right wing fascist political parties in Europe, is as weird as the American situation. Which proves that the extremes of all political groups are basically the same. Blood thirsty controlling bullies, who cannot accept any opposition, without lashing out at their detractors.

Control is everything to extremists. They will stop at nothing to stay in power. Whether they are in control in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the Far East, control is everything and life is cheap. And politicians being in general, spineless scumbags, will quickly adapt to whatever way the political wind is blowing, and continue to operate without any kind of moral compass. Everything changes but nothing stays the same! Makes no sense at all.


Michael Blair

I'm a medically retired grumpy Scotsman with a good sense of the ridiculous. I write some political satire and some more serious pieces. I'm here to wake people up!

On twitter I'm @mmjblair and email me at [email protected]

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Michael Blair
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