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The Great Divide

by Lisa L Proffitt 2 months ago in opinion · updated 2 months ago

Falling into the abyss

What?!? Infrastructure?? What?

We have people hungry with no homes to live in (the number keeps growing) and they are worried about roads, bridges, and trains? People have lost loved ones due to the Opioid Epidemic, Severe Storms, Fires, and COVID 19 and are trying to make one income stretch across generations. The homeless total not only affects the low income anymore; but the middle class. The greater the divide from the rich to the poor is getting larger and larger. This is while we wait for Pharmaceutical companies to come out with new diagnoses so they can sell us on the next miracle drug. More people today than ever are on Food Stamps. We are way past the point of not going back to work because PUA has made us all rich (Ha!Ha!). We are frustrated that after a lifetime of busting our asses and now needing resources (even though we paid taxes), they are not there for us. The rules to get a job where you are underpaid, undervalued, overworked, require a background check, criminal check, vaccination proof, credit report, and are closing in on us. The loss of time with our loved ones to make someone else rich. We are tired of seeing record-breaking bonuses for the CEOs when their employees are barely making more than the national average for poverty. During the pandemic, families have done what all of us "in the hood" do all year long....side hustles. We've realized that even though employers weren't there for us we survived. Side hustles were maintained, worked (our own hours), made more profits, and had non of the bureaucratic request of Corporations hiring policies. We have financed the government through taxes and see how enslaved we've all become to the banks. Our eyes are open and we can not swallow the injustices of the "American Way". In addition to the fact that paying taxes is unconstitutional after all. No, we won't go on in blind comfortless knowing the politicians are not representing our votes. The Democrats had a blank check to right wrongs with majority votes. They could have made epic lasting changes and policies and we got more of the same politics. Murder rates are through the roof and the jails are packed without justice reform. Why are we putting sick people in cages and then letting them out expecting them to be better? How about the agencies and commissions which are supposed to watch and protect us from financial improprieties and environmental disasters that are always a day late and a dollar short? Who do they work for? We are tired of the media being one-sided instead of objectionable to both sides. The overdose rate in the United States from Opioids has reached over 100,000 people and is only a side mention. More people are dying of overdoses than car accidents, heart disease, and the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. The water has been tainted by PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, and the measurement that is safe to ingest has gone down after each newspaper article. We need to hold the businesses that created these toxic substances accountable. The pollution to the earth and its people are astounding! The landfills are full with no plan on sight. Our oceans are over polluted with toxic trash. Oil companies are spilling oil again and again. We can stop this insanity. There are more affected by the degradation than by the unresponsive political machine that is outdated and oversold. It's time American's marched in unison and made epic changes. We can.


Lisa L Proffitt

I am a lover of humanity and Gaia "mother earth".

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