The Forever Iconic Duo of Liberty and Justice

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When put together, these two ideals exemplify America.

The Forever Iconic Duo of Liberty and Justice

As we stood for the pledge every school day, some with hands over hearts, the last part of the Pledge of Allegiance is what sticks in the mind. “...Liberty and justice…” remain the two pieces that weave the fabric of this great nation together. Though long sought after and fought over, these two ideals continue to be the iconic duo that permeates through American culture.

Demonstrations and fighting in the street run rampant throughout this country at this very moment. Riots rage on in cities across the land. But all of this cannot put asunder the twin ideals of liberty and justice.

A child who just recites the pledge without knowing what he or she is saying, they just mouth it and take their seat. That’s if they even open their mouth. The truth is that liberty and justice are still a part of the ongoing experiment that is the United States of America.

The very ideals that bind this nation together express the grace and beauty of what it means to be an American. Liberty, or the freedom of thought and movement, and justice, or getting what you deserve form the cornerstone of this country.

This duo has been lied about, spat on, and mistreated yet they both still win. Liberty and justice permit individuals to pursue their purpose and for them to be protected by the law in their endeavors.

By applying this duo to their lives, Americans become emboldened to lead lives full of freedom and uprightness.

When horrific scenes like George Floyd surface, one might question: are liberty and justice really “for all”? The beauty of this duo defeats the ugliness of those images by saying that America is still under construction.

Liberty and justice aren’t just terms to toss about in political debates. They represent everything that is good about this country. They champion the migrant who seeks succor in this land of plenty. They represent the student who wants to earn that degree to advance her career in chemistry. Both of them put together demonstrate that this country is for the individual who can discover that liberty and justice go beyond just empty rhetoric. In fact, they are what Gil Scott Heron called “revolutionary code names.” They are names that thrust through the birth of this nation and quickly matured under the guidance of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Together, the two terms could stand on their own. The freedom to go about and to get just desserts separated could last but for a moment. It is the power of the two ideals put together that gives Americans the motivation to keep on with their lives.

Both words paint a portrait of a nation endowed by the creative powers to stand out as the way of all Americans. This duo has the power to change the viewpoint of the individual to appreciate the sweetness of both terms.

Liberty and justice live in the minds of every American who wants to achieve something. Those foggy hopes, those dreams, those aspirations come into clear view once these ideals receive recognition. The way that they both establish a sense that put together, they can make anyone unstoppable.

By acknowledging and cherishing liberty and justice, the true American way of life can be achieved and enjoyed. It is with this duo that the individuals who want to make their lives better have the best chance.

With their hands over their hearts and facing the flag, what will the children do when it is time for the Pledge of Allegiance whether at home or in school? Will they stand and face the flag on a Zoom screen and hold their hand over their heart? What will they say at the end? If the duo is uttered by at least one child, then liberty and justice will truly be for all.

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