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The Failure Of Leadership

The Fall Of America

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

The dystopian condition that much of the world today the plight of humanity continues to languish in desperation praying for better times ahead. And it can't be more evident than right here in the United States. While the media continues to focus on the immediate troubles of Trump and his Russian ties lies a juggernaut of calamity ready to pounce on an unsuspecting public. The untold carnage that the Republicans and the Trump Administration are getting away with will decimate the entire foundation of America. The main stream media is playing right into the hands of these infamous Republicans. The greed and selfishness of too many of our elected officials have categorically dismantled the basic rights of mankind.

Never before in the history of the United States has a President and his surrounding counterparts, aka the Republican party, deceived and beguiled the public into thinking that they are doing the public's good. History does repeat for we have seen many times in the past especially when President Nixon was the target of the media with his cover up of Watergate. The American public was blindsided by the oil crisis that soon overtook this nation. An energy crisis that ensued was a direct result of the failure of both the media and our elected officials to do the public's good. Today, the situation is far worse than that first energy crisis some 40 years ago. With not so tactful posturing by these Republicans, the Trump Cabinet have already instituted policy directives aimed at the very core of Americana.

Ever since Trump took office, the public has been conveniently distracted from what is really happening. While the media continues to focus on the terrible things Team Trump did during the campaign, the public continues to be in the dark about all the maneuvers this Administration is pulling off.

This administration is repealing consumer and environmental protections faster than a speeding bullet. The Education Department under Trump's Education Secretary is making it easier for for-profit colleges to defraud students. The long range goal is to eliminate all public school systems replaced by charter and for profit private schools. The Environmental Protection Agency has been stripped of most of its funding and has delayed an air pollution rule that the agency had already determined would likely prevent the poisoning of children.

This is just some of the devious and dastardly policy positions that the Trump Administration has already pulled off or is in the process of. We have to realize that along with these blatant directives that Trump has authorized this Presidency is ripe with former lobbyists and others who have conflicts of interest. It is quite apparent that Trump and his whole family are reaping huge monetary dividends from his role as President.

While the media is fussing over Trump Jr.'s role in the Russiagate controversy and Trump Sr.'s role in other Russia ties financially and otherwise, the fact of the matter is that the Republicans are attempting to remake a large part of the American economy. In secret meetings behind closed doors, they have assembled a health care bill that is more aptly described as a death care. This bill if it is passed will strip over 23 million Americas from having access to any health care whatsoever. In this attempt of revamping and overturn the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans have been busy making changes that the majority of Americas do not accept. And that is only with some of the information leaked out from these closed meetings.

The Republicans have purposely kept the Congressional Budget Office in the dark. The secrecy, the collusion, and the deceptive posturing of this legislation have one purpose only. This so called health care reform is really all about money. It has nothing to do with the quality and accessibility for millions to have health care. The entire point of the Republican attack on the Affordable Health Care Act is to pave the way for tax cuts. The Republicans have, ever since Obama passed the AHC act in 2010, been hell bent on its repeal. Now, they are having a field day by slashing Medicaid and other vital programs. All for the direct purpose to offset the costs of repealing taxes on rich people imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

With little fanfare by the media, this Republican Congress has only continued to institute major tax cuts for major corporations and the 1%. All the while the media continues to focus on the troubles of Trump and Russia, with some coverage of North Korea a far more insidious scheme is afoot. This Administration in collusion with the Republicans are putting in place efforts to systematically undermine core democratic values and institutions. There has been some mention of the Election Integrity Commission foray into state voter data. Which by the way was purposely and deliberately botched to distract the public from the real reason the Republicans goal of dismantling the National Voter Registration Act.

The failure of leadership is very apparent with Trump and his cronies running the country. For over six months this Presidency has deceived and lied to the American public, failed miserably at keeping America's leadership role in world affairs, and has failed in the leadership that the office of the President is supposed to uphold. Not to mention there still remains vacancies in crucial diplomatic and national security positions, like Ambassador to South Korea and Assistant Secretary of State.

Instead of getting into serious discussions about global warming, our national debt, or any other most serious crisis, the Trump tweeter feed is designed to distract the American public from what is actually happening to our way of life, our future and our sovereignty. The failure of leadership from this President and this Congress is quite evident with each tweet and every behind closed door meeting by Congress. The American public must take action before all our liberties and freedoms are washed away by the greed and indifference of this Administration and a Republican led congress.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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