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The Failure of Hashtags #prayfor, #justicefor, why don't they work?

by Wide Writer 2 months ago in opinion


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#prayfor, #justicefor, how many times have we seen this tag on social media platforms for the tragedies caused by extremists. The recent one is #JusticeforPriyantha which is now trending because a citizen of Sri Lanka(a country in Asia) got murdered by fanatics based on a blasphemy charge.

“If a human has to be murdered for tearing up a piece of paper, making such papers should be banned from humanity”

How many times did we pray, raise our voices for the tragedies like this, and what did we really achieve?. Almost every day, we hear atrocities committed by people belonging to many groups in the name of religion.

Religion is supposed to lay the foundation that helps people improve their lives and be more empathetic toward other humans. But why do we see so many heinous crimes committed in the name of religion?.

The sad thing is that every time there is an atrocity committed in the name of religion, the rest who follow the said religion will come and make excuses like “these are not real followers; they misunderstand the teachings of our religion.” Is your religion that hard to understand and misinterpret very inaccurately to kill fellow humans? Is it like quantum physics, where only the brightest mind can comprehend?

Don’t try to make excuses to protect your faith; Instead, do your duty as a human and speak against the fanatics who are using your religion to commit crimes. Voice your dislike against ridiculous laws like blasphemy, and if possible, try to help the people affected by such acts. Then the people will see that your religion is truly peaceful. You don’t have to protect a religion if it’s really all about preaching peace.

I know little about religions to comment on their basic principles. But if anyone thinks that their religion needs human protection to survive and should take away the lives of fellow humans to protect their religion. I think it’s not a religion but a death cult.

I remember hearing about a certain conversation,

An interviewer asked,

“What would you do, if someone took a holy book of your religion and flushed it down the toilet?”

And the answer was,

“Sir, if someone took a holy book and flushed it down my toilet, the first thing I would do is call a plumber”

Isn’t that the most logical choice a human should take in such a situation, or should we just hack the person who threw the book to death and say we did it to protect our religion?.

Ask yourself this question, where is your religion stored?. Is it in those books, holy places, or those statues, and can your religion be harmed by merely destroying those physical objects? If so, just think how weak your religion is?

A quote from an Indian movie called PK(a great movie that everyone should watch)

“You going to save God? You, a human living in this tiny planet, going to save the very God you believe who created this entire universe”

Just imagine how silly and barbaric it sounds, a human trying to protect religions, said to be started by deities and enlightened. And imposing laws like blasphemy to punish and kill fellow humans.

As long as people value religion and ideologies over human life, we will hear more about these barbaric acts. It’s high time we unite as humans to put an end to these fanatics and extremists.

So next time you hear someone from your religion did something barbaric to protect your religion, speak out against them and anyone who encourages such acts. Don’t just try to protect the religion by making silly excuses, because remember, if your religion didn’t exist, so won’t be the fanatics trying to defend it by killing fellow humans.

-[Wide Writer]-

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Wide Writer

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