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The dragon slaying boy eventually became a dragon.

by Derasom 2 months ago in humanity
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Can this situation be broken?

First, what is a person?

Man is an animal.

The long evolutionary history is destined that humans have countless instincts that cannot be violated, because humans are animals. Freud believed that all human behavior is for sex, or more deeply, for gene transmission. His theory has far-reaching influence, although he has influenced most of the literary and art circles, and created a large number of artists and great writers, using this theory to liberate waves, this is a digression. Around 1960, his theory was shown to be incomplete, only partially correct. In addition to the instinct of gene transmission, people also have many instincts such as laziness, convergence, coughing, venting emotions and so on. Human behavior, including culture, economics, and sociology, is ultimately animal behavior.

For example, what is a ghost? The concept of ghosts or spirits is almost everywhere in the world. This is a unified, inevitable result. In the long evolutionary history of our ancestors, a terrifying natural enemy, the terrifying cat and the false saber-toothed tiger, appeared.

This terrifying big cat is almost exclusively against primitive humans. It lives in the forest, is good at climbing trees, and likes to sneak attacks from behind. It has an unparalleled bite force and sharp teeth that can bite through tough skulls. All in all, this big cat is almost exactly the nemesis of primitive people.

After a long time, the ancestors were chased and hunted by the fear cat or more feline units, and gradually formed such an instinct: in the dark and complex jungle environment, people will become extremely sensitive and suspicious, and pay great attention to the back. , I always feel that something is stalking me behind my back. What is this tracking yourself? Nothing - it's just your brain's stress response, it's an adaptor, monkeys without this instinct are eaten by cats. And people interpret this reminder from genes, this instinct from the status of "food", as ghosts, ghosts, demons, or all similar messes.

The night is terrifying, the darkness is terrifying, you have to look back, boy—says your ancestral chromosome full of great power.

This is the origin of ghosts, the truth of ghosts, ghosts are a large category of human hunters. We can also say this: ghosts still exist, and the existing ghosts are tigers and lions, which is the embodiment of human animal nature. Humans are driven by animal nature. People are afraid of death. People don’t like cold-colored food. When people feel pain, they will cry out.

Yes, people are bitten and killed—well, people die. But before dying, the wounded will cry. Why do people cry when they are hurt? Isn't this futile? Wouldn't this make it easier for them to be discovered by predators and cause death? When people are injured and scream, it is the instinct of group animals in the final analysis. The cluster survival strategy leads people to dedicate themselves at some point to seek more benefits for the group.

When a dog is dying, there is a high probability that he will start a journey of no return. When a person is sick, he will find a hidden place to rest. No one will be seen, and he will enjoy quiet solitude alone. Many group animals have a self-isolation instinct. Your loneliness is just instinct, and the old dog is not afraid of depression when you see it die.

Children like to hide and seek, how interesting such a game is, and how it reminds you of that summer afternoon, which is one of the few experiences you have had with girls in your life... Then, Let's ask a boring and uninteresting question: why did you like such a game at the time?

This is the cub's hiding instinct, hide well and you'll be safe, and hide well and you'll be rewarded by the release of certain compounds in your brain. For a long time, the monkey cubs who didn't like to hide and seek were eaten.

Children's shoes who are interested in this can go to evolutionary psychology.

Then, people—animal people, people driven by instinct, people who survive collectively, for an individual, innate, natural, and extremely smooth, have the habit of fighting for power and the instinct to fight for leadership. And people are born to accept the leadership of others.

People are also inherently dissatisfied with the leadership of others. Chimpanzees fight for dominance, and the dominant chimpanzees swagger as they walk to make them look more majestic. The best measure of a chimpanzee's dominance is the obedient greeting it receives from other chimpanzees. The obedient greeting is a series of short mumbles accompanied by a leaning motion, so obedient chimpanzees usually look up at the dominant chimpanzee. In addition, lean-over movements are often accompanied by a series of rapid deep bows.

Humans would fight and fight for the throne, and emperors would swagger as they walked, making them look even more majestic. The best indicator of whether a person is an emperor is to see whether the others will give him a big gift. The grand ceremony is a series of shouts of long live the emperor, accompanied by the action of leaning over, so the courtiers usually look up at the emperor. In addition, the stooping motion is often accompanied by a series of rapid deep bows and kowtows. –––– nonsense

Monkey, greedy, lazy, cruel, cowardly, lustful.

People, greedy, lazy, cruel, cowardly, lustful.

Humans are monkeys with wisdom.

To stop brutality when it can be released is to violate human instinct. Become a dragon, plunder riches, imprison princesses, and countless people crawl and tremble at your feet. How heartwarming the brutality is, the blood doesn't make you feel sick at all at this time. Be reckless and shameless, until another brave man stabs the sword into your heart.

Look, that monkey became the monkey king.

Look, another monkey is the new monkey king.

Only those who truly have thought, thinking, soul, perseverance and will can go against their own instincts. Such people are real people, pure people, advanced people. He no longer lives for his genes, he is no longer limited by his body, and he no longer obeys the instructions left over from the ancient times in his body. He is detached, sublimated, and free.

Such people can be called saints.

After all, saints are limited.

become a dragon

Or be the Monkey King


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