The Cults of Brexit: Leave VS Remain - A Battle of the Antagonists

by Johnny Vedmore about a year ago in opinion

Both sides fight in the dirt as the civilized world collapses around us all.

The Cults of Brexit: Leave VS Remain - A Battle of the Antagonists

I am completely and utterly fed up with Brexit, you might be as well. But it seems as though the savage Leave and Remain armies, that do battle daily, have become stuck in a kind of ideological trench warfare, with neither side willing to budge an inch. None of the participants involved in the Brexit debate will submit to the will of the other, a massive democratic decision is being rolled back, and each side is looking more and more like fascist generals squaring off their infantrymen and preparing for death or glory.

People like James O’Brien, Jess Phillips, Tom Watson, Anna Soubry, Lord Adonis, and other Remainers are using the many opportunities Brexit offers them to appear as freedom fighters, whilst Jacob Rees-Mogg, Iain Duncan-Smith, Nigel Farage, and others, are left to lead the Leavers as though they are the persecuted innocent who are battling for liberty against the unjust Behemoth, which is the European Union. The two opposing forces have become as bad as each other in utilising underhand tactics to prove their righteousness. Where the leave side has been summoning the power of lies and false information, the remain side has also been deploying a variety of similar dirty tricks to have the 2016 Brexit vote overturned.

Over two years ago I would have declared myself as a Remainer, but now I am disgusted by both sides of this debacle. It’s clear that neither the leaders of the Leavers nor the Remainers have any enduring vision for our future. The Remain team wishes to keep the fragile status-quo, and many of the Brexiteers want to create a country where dodging tax is not only allowed, but honourable.

It seemed so obvious to me at the outset of the campaigns that the Remain team represented the forces of good and the Leave team was our truly evil nemesis. But in reality, there was never a light vs dark paradigm at play. Instead, all sides are guilty of using this fragile situation to make personal gains. Both Leavers and Remainers have been using vitriolic language and all the arguments have become vacuous and self serving. The debate has deteriorated to people being rude, pompous, self-righteous, and telling an abundance of lies on both sides. Maybe it was always like that.

The media is doing little to cool down the situation. Instead, all the major networks rhetoric has often been inflammatory and combative. Leaving aside the regular BBC bias, people like LBC’s James O’Brien have found incredibly intricate ways of enraging the Brexit supporters as a rotten substitute for good journalism. O’Brien also finished off 2018 with a book called How to be Right:... in a World Gone Wrong, which has a title that could cause any fair minded individual to be a little sick in their throat for a moment. The appalling arrogance of these major players in the Brexit arena has, and will continue, to cause deep friction within our society. We have already seen violence reemerge in Londonderry, shaking the delicate foundations of the Good Friday Agreement. And the many months of violent police crackdowns on protesters in France has led to more questions being asked about the stability of the EU.

The constant stoking of the Brexit embers will be likely to spark wider societal strife in the coming years. This will be the responsibility of the folks who are wielding the proverbial pokers, all of them, from either side.

We are now entering into a new technological era, which could be horrifically transparent for most people’s liking. A world where all of the actions taking place in public will be on the record and available for study by future generations. Many people do not appear to understand the implications of the near future technologies—which will be fueled by massive amounts of data—and how it will see us all held to account in the decades to come. For the first time in human history the future generations will have documented evidence from almost every person who has been involved in a political palaver such as Brexit.

While the public continues to idolise and worship these divisive figures, we will continue to be dominated by the Cult of Leave and the Cult of Remain, knocking seven shades of shit out of each other. None of it will lead to a better Britain. But it will help us see the true enemies of stability and peace. Those who are willing to throw anyone under the bus for personal gain. I’m not sure what will be written on the side of that bus. Hopefully, whatever its logo, it’ll finally be the truth.

Johnny Vedmore
Johnny Vedmore
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