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The Court Room is Dangerous

False Witness is Perjury in Court

By pootzygirlPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Marriage happens in many ways

I just saw an article about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Before I begin my analysis or defense of either of them, I'd like to say that I have been a fan of Depp since I was a teenager and as a woman I did understand the emotional dilemma that Amber found herself in. having that preface I want to address the topic of Amber's predicament as she faces Perjury charges.

You will see that in most cases deception or lies is not a crime. The only time it is considered a crime by a Courtroom Judge is in the Courtroom. Whether you believe in the Ten Commandments (written in stone) or not, it's a good guideline for staying away from the PoPo or the Courtroom. Some people like to challenge it and they go head to head. I hate the courtroom and I avoid it like the plague. The few times I had to be there were extremely uncomfortable for me, like a scene from My Cousin Vinny. I can't hand the judge a well-planned out essay if I'm sitting in a jail cell with no typewriter. I can't tell the Public Pretender what needs to be said, because I don't even know if I can trust that person who is paid by the same system that pays the judge. If you're in trouble, and you find yourself in that courtroom, it's like standing on a pebble in an ocean of hot lava.

If we lie in public, you might offend someone but it's not a crime. However, depending on what you believe about God or the afterlife, your maker might have some questions for you about choosing to lie. In the courtroom, if they can Prove that you committed false witness AGAINST someone, then you have committed a crime under Moses law and under Man's law. It's not a tennis court. There is no out of bounds or LOVE score. As a Christian, the prayer for the "criminal" would be that they survive whatever sentence the judge deems, and that the "criminal" will use that time to realize the error of his or her ways. As a Christian Attorney, pro bono, I would emphasis that False Witness, or perjury in a court of law, is only perjury if the LIES were AGAINST another person. For example, if I said that Johnny Depp was a millionaire and that was a lie, that's not really false witness. That is just an opinion that I may or may not be wrong about. But if I said Johnny Depp killed someone and he didn't, then I am committing false witness, unless I am too crazy to understand what KILLING is. Is Amber Heard crazy? According to Johnny Depp and some others, yes she is. Well, if she's crazy, then she wouldn't know the difference between the truth or false witness.

And if Amber Heard is "crazy" why was she allowed to be in the court room to begin with? Who's crazy? The so-called fake victim or the people who let "crazy" in the courtroom?

I also see that Trump is facing indictment and possible jail time for some accusations about bribes and sex or somethin like that. Perhaps off topic, but in my opinion, Trump's real crime was "Inciting a riot" although he may not have intended to do that. If he's not going to be punished for that, the other charges are pathetic and lame and waste of time and money for us tax payers who are sick of juries and judges so bored with their courtroom that they want to entertain themselves with people who didn't do anything.

If you want to play court, get a tennis ball and a racket and hit the courts. Besides that, give the real murderers and rapists and thieves to the judges and leave poor Amber and Donald alone. They are minor in comparison to the filth and disgusting lawbreakers that America has to contend with.


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