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By Dr. WilliamsPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

It was a cool autumn day and for Henry Hughes the day started out auspiciously enough. But all that was about to change. Henry now scratching his already graying hair began remembering what he was supposed to do today. Last night the reception for Prince Alexander was the event that all New Yorkers had been anticipating. Then of course there was Regina, a Egyptian delegate, a most sultry women whose flowing emerald gown seemed to draw the attention of most of the men. The way she wore that dress was like a magnate that would hypnotize any man who was close enough to fall for her charms. Henry, though could not be seduced. Not on that night. As an undercover operative for the secret service where only the President and the Chief of Staff knew of his assignment the balance of world power was at stake. At the reception Henry had made arrangements with Count Drackol to meet at the top of Freedom Tower around 10 this morning. Count Drackol whose real identity was a KBG agent sent on behave of President Putin where the two would collaborate to ensure that the balance of power would remain stable after the escalating insurgency of ISIS in Syria which had spread through Turkey and now is on Israel's front door.

As Henry got dressed suddenly there was a loud knock. The Park Hyatt New York's newest 5 star hotel where rooms cost a fortune was the scene of last night's reception for all the United Nations delegates and their guests. Before Henry got to the door he quickly shut his laptop. A laptop for his eyes only. This was a prototype that would be used for all secret service agents. A keyboard fingerprint recognition where only Henry could use. Property of the U.S. secret service and military intelligence. Just as Henry was about to open the door, he realized his service revolver was missing, a Sig Sauer P229. Still in his luggage was the Smith & Wesson 38 he used to carry. "Detective Jones, Harry. Please open up." As Henry opened the door there stood Ed Jones. The two had gone to the same school back in the 80's. "I wish the circumstances were different but, Prince Alexander was killed early this morning leaving the United Nations after an after-reception party around 3 AM. He was shot. Ballistics have not confirmed the weapon, but we think is a Sig Sauer semi-automatic. Just as detective Jones finished Henry now realized his missing service revolver was the one used to kill Alexander. As Henry glanced at his watch "Ed since we have known each other over the years I have a hunch I need to follow up on. You know the press is going to eat this up That's why I am asking you to assist me." "Henry, you think this murder will set off a chain of events that will have international implications?" Yes, Ed, it already has."

As the two left the Hyatt Ed turned " Keep me informed." "Don't worry you will be the first person I call." As Henry was already stepping into a waiting cab. Destination Freedom Tower. Traffic was unusually heavy this Autumn morning. As the cab rolled out Henry turned to look out the back window and sure enough to his surprise was a black Rolls close behind. " Driver take the next left." "Alright but it is going to cost you more" "That's ok. Keeping making left turns till I tell you to stop." "Ok." For the next 7 left turns the Rolls was still behind. "Driver pull over I got to see who is tailing us." "I thought you'd never ask." Just as the cab pulled over the Rolls pulled alongside. Looking over as the rear window rolled down to Henry's astonishment was Regina already engaged in phone conversation. As she turned her head her silky black hair flowed over her dark shoulders " Please join me." Henry didn't waste a second handed a $50 to the cab driver and stepped into the most luxurious car imaginable. Even the President's motorcade isn't equipped the way this Rolls was. Top to bottom armor plating and 50 caliber proof windows. Safer than any military transport yet.

As the Rolls cruised along 5th Ave. Regina handed Henry the phone "President Assad wants to speak with you." " Assad the President of Syria you got to be kidding me." Here take it." Henry put the phone to his ear "I know who you are Henry Hughes and I know where you must be in exactly 15 minutes." How the hell did he know that, thought Henry. "The assassination of Prince Alexander was a planned execution carried out by an ISIS operative. We think it was a well-paid assassin going under the alias of Jasper Cunningham. You have to find him before he gets to his next target." "Next target, who could that be?" "Your President, Glover Smith." By now the Rolls was nearing Freedom Tower Assad continued," You see the American Press, your CIA, and notable governmental officials all have conspired making very false accusations and misinterpretations of my rule. It has been a closely guarded secret that your President and I have had a very unique understanding in which we both can defeat ISIS and other insurgencies that threaten both our countries and our own way of life. I am not the bad guy your country perceives me to be. On your computer type in operation cosmopolitan and you will find the proof of what I have just told you. Regina is at your disposal." As Henry handed the phone back to Regina the Rolls pulled up in front of Freedom Tower.

In the back of Henry's mind, he couldn't escape the fact that his own service revolver was stolen right out of his hotel room while he slept. A new Hotel where security was already tight. Shaken back to reality when Regina pointed, sure enough Count Drackol was standing next to the entrance smoking what else, a Cuban cigar. Another thought crossed Henry's mind. What if the media, our elected officials and even our intelligence agencies have been wrong all along about leaders like Assad, Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi? Could it be possible that the US willfully undertook military objectives at purposely undermining those countries societies? Military action when if fact they have done nothing really to antagonize the West. A blatant act of military aggression for the sole purpose to topple a leader who did not meet our approval but had the approval of the majority of their populations. That sobering question now haunts Henry. He has come to realize that those populations actually were better off with those leaders. This in spite of the fact that the US and our allies like Great Britain routinely played the dictatorship route and ignored the facts that under their regime their populations were in actually better off than they are now. The US has disposed of the leadership that worked which kept the threat of today's volatile climate at bay. What we did was like opening up Pandora's Box.

President Glover Smith now realized what was done in the past by his predecessors and now initiated steps where Henry and his Russian counterpart would be involved in undoing what the US and our Allies had done in the first and second Gulf War. The trail to find Prince Alexander's killers and end the onslaught of ISIS rests in the hand of Henry Hughes and operation Cosmopolitan.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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