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The Corona Virus

by Jim Andre 2 years ago in opinion
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A Pandemic or Plandemic?

The majority are asleep & compliant

During the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, which killed over 50 million worldwide, the only ones required to quarantine were those who were afflicted. Due to the current covid-19 virus, which is no more lethal than a strain of the common flu, the current implementation of isolation and social distancing on a global scale is the first of its kind in the history of man. Why?

The events we are experiencing are the systematic implementation of the fall of the Republic and the rise of totalitarianism of the United States. Every event is simply another rung in the ladder to achieve that goal, which is why there is a deliberate mixing of the wordplay.

For example, we should stop calling it quarantine, for quarantine has historically been designated for those who are verified sick, not for those who are not. This tactic could be viewed as house arrest mandated by the state. We should stop referring to it as social distancing because there is nothing social regarding forced isolation.

We should stop saying safer at home when millions of Americans don't have the basic necessities adequate to fit their needs. It assumes that everybody's home has the essential needs and is equally as safe as those who are making such statements.

We should stop saying that this is for the greater good because when you close the economy, killing millions of businesses that generations of families worked generations to establish, that is anything but good. Within a five month period, millions of jobs have been lost, with thousands of future evictions looming on the horizon.

We should stop saying that this is the new normal. To say that this is the new normal is blatant mind control drivel. There is nothing normal about forced isolation, treating your neighbor like they have the plague, breathing in your own bodily wastes wearing masks and living in fear of contamination. That's normal?

After all, if the virus is so deadly, why aren't the homeless, who don't practice social distancing, personal hygiene and without access to a sterile environment being more affected?

Last year, approximately 1.5 million died of tuberculosis. So why didn't we wear masks? Weren't we endangering the public health and safety of billions of others around the globe? I'll tell you why, because mainstream media didn't tell you to wear a mask and though 1.5 million people died from tuberculosis, there was no more a tuberculosis pandemic than there is a corona virus pandemic. The powers that be are instilling fear into the masses, using propaganda to see what percentage is compliant and what percentage isn't.

Now there are some ironies here. A society that kills millions of babies for convenience, has shut itself down to protect adults from dying. People who slaughter babies in the womb are now preaching to the masses about the sanctity of human life. It is double speak, double talk. It's a 2 doctrine policy, one for the initiated, one for the uninitiated. One for the inner-circle, one for the masses. It's like saying if I defy a stay-at-home order, I could be arrested while convicted criminals are being let out of prison so they don't get the corona virus.

You know when the governments shut down millions of small businesses, (while allowing huge corporations like Walmart to remain in operation) but does not layoff any government employees, it is not about the virus. When the state bans dentists from practicing but deems abortion clinics to stay open, it is not about your health. When the state prevents you from buying seeds for your garden while allowing you to continue buying lottery tickets, it's not about your health.

An institution possessing nuclear weaponry with the ability to destroy the entire world should not regulate personal self-defense. An institution caught trafficking drugs should not regulate plants. An institution which has racked up 23 trillion dollars in debt prior to the corona virus shouldn't be allowed to manage the retirement fund. An institution caught spreading STDs should not be running healthcare.

They are concerned about healthcare, but don't care if people eat garbage, drink poison, smoke cancer and take prescription drugs, while thinking that toilet paper, sanitizing and masking are going to protect them from the boogeyman corona virus.

The mandatory vaccination and personal identification chip injections are coming. The disarming of American citizens is coming. If we allow it, we deserve whatever else is coming down the pike. A quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Ask yourself this: Since when did you consent from you framing a government to serve you, to you becoming subservient to the government ruling over you?

It is time to awaken!!!


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